The Last Minute V-Day Gift Update

Thursday, February 15th

Yesterday Matt sent a frantic Facebook message asking for advice about last minute Valentine's Day gifts after his wife sprung on him that even though they'd agreed on not getting each other anything, she thought he'd still get her "a little something". What did he get her? How did she like it? Find out! 


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See the end line and murdered marine and he needs lines wearing jeans Whitney young and yesterday we were tasked. With saving. Valentine's Day that's right and got a frantic FaceBook message from the man who I was under the impression that Tina's life had agreed. Not give gifts for each other because there are planning a trip to Disney for February break next meet the kids obviously very expensive wanted to save some money. That was until yesterday morning when his life poked her head and bath their mitts had here. What are we gonna exchange guess that's not. Allow a frantic moment indeed and that's got to bring this man on the photos right now we've got Mac in the predicament. Good morning guys Daria I've verdugo go to college more importantly how are you cool. Yeah. The idea of a frantic day yesterday. Like I can't acted to deal. What you wrote that FaceBook message. That you're your freaking out yeah I was it. Oh yeah at all. Oh is completely different outlook at panic attack. I don't that don't you gotta Valentine's that'll I get a man like Valentine's Day a lot of pressure for us guys. Out yet is the ultimate credit but luckily you guys. By the people audience. Ask you reach back out to us and we can we wanted to get this update of of what did you end up doing. What I. They. Those are O que me and it. I'm not. That one yeah because you got to go to Disney so. You know they didn't fitting. Yeah attitude that it would be a group is. Yes or number that policy we have some very wise listeners Whitney as. As we are there's a lot of wisdom godly it is different colors of Pollard go over did you love it. Out of all act at a low. La. On that's awesome game will look at that they've Valentine's Day save Lindsay gets like. Matt what about what is she for you. Well whether there is to have called you guys. In the evening. What else. Did this. Well it's because you guys had agreed not to get into the bigs didn't you were on fire up the hook and that's not a bad in the bad habits that hey when exchanging gifts. I bet you she did did you like oh my god. I'll what got my life there have been right there. Did you met me at. They outlawed in every day. Yeah. Is pure. Evil that men he likes it kind of person like live your life do studio on. So uneasy about it then yeah it must have been surprised nearly oh yeah I did get something. It's something thoughtful and beautiful. Yeah yeah. Well you what. Where. Well. He is nearly as. And I don't. I'm just not shocked Max limit you Obama. It yet act. Get in dollar purses and. I thought well OK okay I I I got you so you run. You've got guys Hamas. National treatment. He had no matter people in the act. Well that's right no matter what you would. Today I'm over the semi annual.