To Kilt or Not to Kilt

Monday, March 12th

Should Corey James continue his St. Patrick's Day tradition of wearing a kilt even though he's getting push back from his girlfriend? 


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Need your help with the Saint Patrick's Day parade day dilemma Eckstein PX lie I'm not negate it's not there's certain people like I'm sure you know someone like this. Think Patrick's day. It's their Super Bowl they get really into it for me that's what this gap the once comedy here with it being really pale. Red hair plays in my favor that's great so I always look it up but I had a tradition. I heard this years now this is probably going on ten plus years on him. You knew that every single. Since Patrick staying at least the big Saturday so your Rochester that's our parade then you this year and I'd also visit Patrick say this year. I Wear. A kilt. Not every year I really tried every time you talked about it I trying to collapse. That's always turn out to laugh and even last year even Lester think back remember how cold it was yeah it was like negative degrees. No locked it wasn't everybody's power was knocked out lash it was. For the Winstar yeah. Ashley and knows about not a lot of people showed up for the parade but I was there you kill it might kill. Nice breeze can write gone up your legs yeah but now well not mean oh my life has changed a little kitten. And I'm in a different place from. And as we learn much killed. Psychiatrist that. Does not thrills yeah I can imagine it. Put it this way like I have relinquished my fashion to her like I've given up that that right up in because honestly. And all the guys that should follow my must footsteps if they're like me and realize they have a fashion sense. She knows better I feeling I mean I've only met sink Courtney once but I get the feeling. The act she does know about it Dustin now and I get that and I thought at that you know that when it comes to relationships relationships are always a constant negotiation. And I really only kind of day again when it's something that at the really passionate about is that this. Well now I'm am towards a tank I'm torn because this is how passionately. She does not want to be the Celtic. You're talking about it again yes today. Jets offered. I mean AC Patrick's day schemes suits. Soon Wear green say I agree it's a full green suit. And it has the chair rocks on it. Black holes suit events and to Wear that into. Dad what would you be like going as a leper con I guess kind of issue have Blake and electric content of the year here yeah Nevada red hair and come. So that is that is my dilemma so should chlorine give up. His ten year long tradition of wearing it Hilton on sink tactics they give us attacks as 69 GA TT okay. Actually put in if you wanna texting you can Texan with a keyword kilts. If you are for the celts up repeat texting the keyword suits. This is the way to go up because like I did a poll on FaceBook Whitney one of sites like bulls 1077%. Of the people voting. Voting for killed and I told them to Michael stick it. It was like it's why you look stupid I. All. Ballots are re a favorite but I will send I personally like I'm not I. Isn't I'm not trying to be offensive but like you know I'm not I I. Guidance skirts. That's where the details okay it doesn't it doesn't turn me on it doesn't do it for me but I will say. Are you going to Wear kilts to you because you do get you do run down and you're confident and it and that's what really Matt. There's you don't get the thing that and here's a lot on the fence about this and and that's why I need your help again Texan club excessive tax point six sunny to two celts or suits alleged wire then. And that's about this because back in my single days. That was an attention grabber. Alone it comes out conversation piece exactly. Companies kill the yeah. Get dinner and now that's long tunnel. And it really neat because I don't I'm not I don't need that excited anymore I write much but. Nobody gets like linesman it's in your prediction. He stick to your guy of that blood. Okay here's my question I wonder and and I'm part of this so I'm I'm kind of on McCartney's side with this season I don't. I don't find it particularly attractive but why that is because I I feel like I'm very progressive when it comes to like nano are just this. Kelly gender constructs and all of that stuff I feel like you know you should Wear I don't think that fashion should be. Divided by gender anything that if you want to where you unaware right. But that being said if you're a heterosexual man. And you're trying to attracts a woman. It's maybe just not I don't know it doesn't do it for me it doesn't I wonder why that is what is the psychology. Today's negative this text them in Durham again club the explicit text on six NET two of people spent minutes kilts are super hot. I thought I think I think the attractiveness and if you wanna talk about the psychology of at the end I think it's being comfortable. In your own skin yeah. It comes down to him also shows that you are. Of the you know he's like a different culture it's like your kind of exile. Yeah some I. Got a great I've never heard about before and now let them know your four and for a day. I got on relating foam and can add the collects except now we only and you can you do an all. No I cannot run bridge it was managed to say hello my lady. I never do that again. And I told him not to ask now it's not that he'll just happened.