Kevin Hines - Suicide Prevention Advocate

Monday, October 23rd

Award winning author of "Cracked, Not Broken: Surviving and Thriving After a Suicide Attempt" and documentary filmmaker Kevin Hines stopped by #TeamPXY to talk about how his own suicide attempt led him down a path to preventing others from doing it. 


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Yes sly with Carter and Corey and Audi PX lion back in September. Is this was big we we got behind this it was suicide prevention month. And though weak and for suicide prevention day Entercom radio habits are special like when you know your part. It was called I'm listening and it was in it was a way to let everybody know that that no one is alone when it comes to us I think that's one of the big factors about suicide that needs week. Talked about it. You're having suicidal thoughts and you're not the only person who's gone through this and there is ways overcome and that's what artists studio your rosters as actually all out. Yes L a Kevin Heinz talk about the way award winning author of the book cracked and broken surviving and thriving after suicide attempts. Also a documentary filmmaker and you're in town for a bunch of speaking engagements yes quickly if you don't even have me. I'll be traveling throughout the area. Sharing my story. I found open. So can you put those that are are up from Larry because your attempt actually garnered national tension and I know it's it's a I'm sure it's tough to go back there but you're very open about this can you share with those who maybe are familiar. Absolutely. In the in the year 1998 I do the old bipolar disorder. The very same brain disease both my biological parents had to form him adopted. It I nineteen I attempted to take my life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. It was absolutely the single most regrettable. Dangerous and frightening actually I never taken but it wasn't because I wanted to die. It was because I thought I had to. And I have I had voices in my head telling me to go do it. One of the most powerful things ever rafter watching your video I'm keeping featured all the different upsets fashionable and have you one of the things I remember after watching your video is used saint. The sacking your feet left the platform. You regretted your deception. He had the the military in my hands up there on my legs clearly it was an instant regret my action. The keys that don't. Is that of the 36 Golden Gate Bridge jump survivors or 2000 died 99% of the people who jumped up and going and rich are no longer you are the 1% that managed to survive let's start pride and of those 36 or 26 or so of us alive today. Nineteen come forward this and it all had an exact same insert that is so important for people understand the thoughts of suicide do not have to become your actions. Is bipolar disorder or something that you develop over time or is it something that you are born. So there's a lot of I ideas on this my biological parents both had been diagnosed with manic depression what we call bipolar disorder today. So I was truly twice genetically predispose that disease. Some of my doctors say it was lying dormant in my system until I was taken out at let medications that also treatment orders. A lot of people say that about mental health issues a lot of it is hereditary and genetic and and because our our parents. How does open up a conversation and dialogue as we did in our family I'm sometimes we don't know and especially coming from an adoptive family you would have no idea so. When this started to perk up in your system when this started said. Said react with how you were living. How did you get a grasp on what was happening. I didn't I was in on a rocky road from seventeen to nineteen and a promise of that bridge. Paranoid delusions leaving I had done my suicide so loses his rocky road but here's the problem I kept it to myself. I hid it from my family I told my doctors I was fine I told them I was taking the medication wasn't. Accurately anyway. I was in Macs. Until I went into right. So now that you've you've survived this incredible. Story at this immediate can be 1% of people who survived. Attempting to take your like from the Golden Gate Bridge when you hit that water is that you when you knew your life was gonna be different. No matter really rough road after you know going from in the hospital I broke my back I shattered my key to all well and two. I went from the replacing a titanium. In a wheelchair to a walker back brace back racing came right to lifers say court. I would be in seven site where stays in the next eleven years it's been a rough time but I'll tell you that I learn how to manage my mental illness with routine. Exercise eating healthy educating myself as to bipolar disorder using coping strategies like art therapy in music there be doing everything I possibly can. To better my brain health. And that's what I'm gonna teach every everywhere these days here Rochester is how to manage maintain. And better your brain well being so when you're struggling mentally you don't ever attempt to take your life. We're talking with Kevin Hines be award winning author of cracked not broken surviving and thriving after a suicide attempt why haven't you decide that you were gonna tour the country and speak out you're the only. Only people that I see who survived such such an event and is alternately speaking about and talking about it to make a difference. I was in the hospital. At the psych ward at Franciscan friar brother George Terry comes in says he can what he in for. Putting and I backed Grayson down as McCain right next to me. And I said brother writes about the long bridge and this can this be is a three and on the Pope. I think we all. As you know what the pats would have it that's why all this and he is also a site lets pray they. Have. I think what can they say president birds are. Yeah I didn't grab black robot comes over we pray and his kid when you get better you talk about this and looked at mice in about what to who went to church. Weeks later with my father after iron out problem when Mike came back rates priest comes out. Confirming his kid marry me later on. My wife and piece of us is kept how does not come and talk or seventy gay kids about undeterred about your experience absent father and the speech I would know what to say by 61 to catch a few forces took the I experiment what do you do as we know you have this week floated back to the match I closure I need to go lay down and yeah. Until we go to directory ons to meet these seven acres I think who is this going to help. Yeah 120 letters back from 120 kids several of them were actively suicidal we got them help and never missed. That is incredible expert you know cheering that that it. Do you think that's part of why you're doing so well today is sharing that story and talking about. No this is the most is starting thing I've ever done in my life there's hard times and telling your story BL I have closure. I'm doing this because it's helping people people from all over the world thousands of people in the last seventeen years have written to me and said this story save their life and our own that. I just know that we can get these kids to understand that they do not have to die just because they're having those dots they need to say I need help now. That would be Kevin Hines I was gonna ask what our question for you before we let you go on the morning and thank you again for coming in with us would you recommend that's the first step that anyone take that needs help who's feeling suicidal was feeling down was contemplating. Ending their life what is that first step they. Each step is to never silence your pain. Your pain is value in Israel and you payments because you do. If you talk about your pain to someone who cares who empathize as they can eventually get used safety sometimes all we need. Is time between himself thoughts. And ability to realize we do not have to take into. You know it's amazing you know even SATA inhabitants regret when when you do what you did then and you talked to so many parents and pinion is Satan. No they regret that only think back to their kid or their Loveland Holley times a year herdsman said that that. They they had over read that. I've heard so many times to a saying they wish they tolls on some mental element this pain. You know it's part of what is covered in my dock producers had a ripple effect coming up next year. It's a film about hope it's a film about future it's a Thelma recognizing that just because suicide is tragic it does mean you have to end up in that situation. And it's gonna show people. It's really show people that may be hope is not an action plan but it's a damn good start if you can be hope you can have purpose and you can stay. Your story is be definition of culture has Kevin Hines I award winning author Kevin Hines story dot com is arrogant I'm repellents is at the ripple effect on how about your audio. Perry. Yet and that this week you're gonna be all over the Rochester area so odd Smart he'll be at the a wing county suicide prevention coalition conference. And these are our for our free event that is the free events do as well so the Wednesday he'll be at how much high school and that's at 7 o'clock and then Thursday at anfield ice clear. To be a busy man this cat yeah you know what come out. Come join me. And learn this story so you can find that hope. And recognize that if you have a Stanley loved one with nets unless you are welcome to come and share your story with me personally after the events and why wanna hear from you. And if you're a family that's lost someone to suicide. Please come to these events because we wanna reaching too. Kevin Hines thank you so much for top.