Justin Timberlake Halftime Show Collaborations

Monday, October 23rd

#TeamPXY shared who they think should join Justin Timberlake on stage during the halftime show of the big game! Who would you like to see? 


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Seemed excited Carter and gore is on Matty gets liking you guessed he's going to be playing in this year's Super Bowl halftime shelf life this excuse. Needs do you have the time out as you should you have I do you have the time you do have done my due to patent. We'll have to hide you have to you do have to do have to have bedrooms there. Plans for his imagery valid until it has shut up I'm for 45 minute. Going to be playing is your Super Bowl halftime show whispers that we've figured out why can't we heard here tonight we are different rumors that now it just breaks open the potential. A little holes is gonna be that guests are. I mean bat. I'm confident multiple Megan. There can be multiple guest stars he forgot how many collaboration throughout his career Justin Timberlake has been involved. Every year likes have to just do it alone there somebody's gonna pop up and yes of course we'll probably meet BC and cements. There's are gonna be with Suzanne -- TI or something yeah night I don't know it's Super Bowl some should be on sale hopman and and and Janet. Moment I don't. I didn't know you know Jenks and ignorance and still too soon so it's easier there ain't but I don't know Corey are you looking forward to seeing it's it's potentially a dream. So just how differently collaboration loan Super Bowl halftime show. One of the guys and he needs to credit that gave him and me I I feel he's almost obligated to bring this man out with him because he kind of helped him get his start. Mega super producer Timbaland is always an. So for example I. Yeah that's what. That the second car now be awesome if he's just getting all that. Let let's not Jay-Z and buffalo. It was just likes it oh yeah and Q is that there's that it now makes sense to me absolutely built built to beat back there I saw him do consulates like that or zero calls creating it. Onto a house on personal and you know ray it's tuck your dreams informal collaboration with Justin Timberlake is gonna be performing share yen and a few tidbits about Michael. I mean began on a my heads an old school for whatever reason and the dollar in the bank. Mean you got to throw back Black Eyed Peas out my yeah maybe make an appearance. But just not neon. Use nationalize. Its. I mean hundreds of XE six fertile Kennedy solo album you know we'll talk of them try to get back together Soledad. Maybe that's still the re launch of of the Black Eyed Peas it's possible. You decked out for equity in the what do you make him sacked he didn't name like that line. And only like his best collaborator Acker now. Mole we don't say instinct it it's not that wasn't his best leverage right now let me ladies leaks and back again just in general eggs grits collaborator. One of two. Jay-Z. Yeah. Yeah so well yeah Justin Timberlake he got fifty student and I so much I don't I think. My mind. Is not remembering it now did you also when she didn't. You know now due to be mad. Not definitively they're fighting yeah that's a lot made it three they love that's easy now in the loss column that would make sense to me I could actually see that happening. I think just to its greatest operational time of Matt and JC better than jays. Edit and sank dare I say it better than Black Eyed Peas better than two. Who. I mean his greatest song at her. Encore I don't know what can this be some let's think let's think back. To the days. Or just generally made besides timers club. A little Knoll. This can be like posts post holiday. Pictured stage. Lowly islands. But now. There's nothing. And then he didn't turn out acts yeah. Inferno Super Bowl. I'm really did you Janet Jackson opportunity right that's so get to that extent it does not.