Jimmy Kimmel is Being Called Out

Thursday, October 12th

Does Jimmy Kimmel deserve to be called out for some of the things he said and did in his past, especially while hosting "The Man Show"? 


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How many showers you take yesterday in response to the Harvey Weinstein on you know it my Guile and Cory I I I agree with a lot of people who said that. It was important here Nadia I think it was important for us to listen to you and can realize. What he's crappy. At this time lake. I still feel HE my Camry skins wrong you are from not enough lotions are worlds to make us feel that there telling it was based insurer and a and it's hard. But here's what usually happens in these these situations in something like this breaks this is this is huge missed the big thing in this is of course. Again speaks and even bigger. But every once in this bespeaks you'd just men in power who take advantage of that power and use that manipulate women right look. But this this always happens. We always go a little bit too far. With. The which the witch hunt patents. You see we as a Lexus I music men and yet because we actually do it hit Omaha they go to they are two parts here running around Carolina and I. But we are a pitchfork society now right. We. Share this day. I mean where we have learned. Opportunity he's just. Eke out that we day and yeah that's your I don't think that's figures were pitchforks despite the little bit not cool little digs into one of these things pops up homicide and. Yeah did you get everybody let's get everybody and there are and there are many. Need to be gotten. There are many who need to be gotten but. Sometimes. It's people who are caught in the crossfire and I believe one of those people. Is Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy. Food. Cries yeah. We had kids we currently kitten margin you know yes the at a particular point seventeen but if you think back. You may remember Jimmy Kimble late ninety's and early two thousands. When he was the co host. On the show called the man she. Without a car I mean it's bad years a lot of I forgot about dash out about that yes there was a comedy show and it was like oh that's it was so. So sex very funny way it. Again we also need to put time and place this was back in a Whitman to 1999 to 2003. I think I would never fly you know they would not I would. Right now and and and who knows if it would even be something he would want to do anymore right that's your. Mining community cries all the times. As a sensitive sensitive guys who find newer owners that don't cry shame that's not cool I I'm I have my period once a month. My own game fine expect and I think. Not that. But there are people now who say Jimmy Kimmel needs to be called out. For what did the club. Hit and and not just kind of a broad general because you're right it was a very stereotypical man shell like one of the trademark things with women jumping on trampoline that. Dealer in. Vietnam and it was obviously a comedy show. And was tongue in cheek. But there was one bit that someone called network they remembered they're now calling amount on this trying to paint him. Some kind of like Harvey Weinstein ask monster so the big it was Jimmy Kimmel and on the street. And and these he had winning guess what was in his pants. So it's like a steal it dead animals on sale street. And he told one wall man maybe be easier if you put your mouth on. On a tone of the when you're gonna make a fine wife of the under the skin it was revealed in his pants was a zucchini. With a rubber band around a bit that stupid Federline gets mad we mad about the bidding company. Put isn't in context this is again years ago. Any was it what it based on knees hands yeah he now I. Part icy hot sands on what are we got everything held against us when we ran our twentieth like a Mike I'm seriously wolf there there's panic. Think when you bring up the pass for a lot of people and by the way there's a huge difference between the thing like that. And Harvey Weinstein who lets be honest you commit to run Friday had to commit crimes there's a huge difference between those two things. But this is my point of people get caught in the crossfire that should it. Look like it's stupid to even focus on this I hate the fact they've got to bring this to save its duty. Think it's eating it'd be like gee how he address since. Not yet that's why mole mean you shouldn't. Do you shouldn't have to but it's out there and again. Consent pitchfork society people get a little company. Torches and edits and get everybody how did your past and and it gets trapped and act you're touching especially now like this can happen any of us at any time but social media and the arc Smartphones camera phones. It anything we do you today can be brought up twenty years or. It happens politically all the time yet so if anything like it's. We also have an understanding like this is not the same person. That last one years who is missing person they were one years ago yes silly but I. I think there are a lot of people out there that. Bed to see oh you did this you're a monster and they see and it's that's the simplest terms because there's people we are far more complex than because yes we learned. We change. Now we knew goal from the guy that. Asks women to guess it's in his pants and got it cries and Stevie shall all the time like I. They I think we should be giving him more crowd. He's on. Eight I'm totally ready to hold the 100% query soul lies just just be careful when your promised pitchfork surrounds Ruth ornament we just like hold to hands. And demands much effort.