It's Not Cheap to Ask for Others to Pay for Your Wedding

Thursday, September 21st

Some people may find this "business model" approach to paying for your wedding tacky, but they're wrong.


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Like you dream about as a growing up creating interest boards before you're even a relationship shot. I wasn't looking I was looking I guess you. The blood. Now with the fact that weddings are still insists painfully expensive. Are you beginning to second guess having that dream wedding in maybe strengthening a little smaller. I'm honestly. A little late now. With that in him I get the mud. And I wedding becomes C literally physically and find a oak. So for you just quick little trip to the courthouse. Our biggest. OK yeah it. Eldest my cut that's my 'cause I think that's rather invited handful of violating ought there in a little feature out of. Knicks are sensing needs it save that money to buy something that you're gonna invest in in your future whether it's a house there it's like college fund for your kids it yet it doesn't make sense a region on that clinical dream wedding for a day. Yeah this is all gone. It is so much money and and mega with this and I feel torn. Because the cheap side of me is it's agreeing with you 100%. But then there's the other side of me who had seen. My friends get married. In the Jolie on their face and the fact they have got to have their first stance and that that they after the speeches and got to go through the whole deal all the traditions. And and and you feel she's sensitive and there's nothing Bart. Number five in the last coming into the may have been tears. To admit that no big deal so is also on and on that side of the sentimental side of when I think back about my life. Is this going to be something that I would kick myself for not doing if I went the route like you're cynical just go get it done so expect. There's a way. To do all. Be financially responsible with the wedding. And also had your moment tell me the crash there's a couple. Or unable to before their dream wedding there in the there in England. And they had asked their guests. To contribute. Bomb essentially is like around a cover I guess he gets. So they are charging each. Person they're inviting to their wedding. The equivalent of about 300 US dollars. Under their business model devised by the groom. So he's bigger and says this when he's gonna be kind of like an all inclusive vacations all the food's going to be involved all of the drinks are gonna be involved. Opt for those people that are attending and it at this. Nice venue has a pool a spot. He denies saying that he's being cheap. But some people are thing in this kind of tacky. Insists. That it's probably guess recant it bail sign on board so there obviously on that but people on the outs that are are saying it's the tacky tacky. What's the difference between this and asking your friends to go I'm like an island getaway LO wedding but destination on Mondays on different cents cheaper to me. If from the Presley and the price tag on it but the people who are against this and upset with this. Are the people that are not telling. After a yes and be the ones that they when they get a gift for someone for their wedding. There's some sentimental value to it the fact that your. Helping them start their lives together by giving them this Lander or whenever she's right and and and the latest deal like this is straight up cash transaction. This commentary. Yeah I mean for May be skeptical. I know that's why I'm always the woman she. So for me that's what it is an evening but there are a lot of people out there who would say that they would want to have a lot of thought in the gift and they wanna. Kind of help mop and start their lives so it is to give them. And over that that checker and over that cash for this book business model he makes it much of a transaction. Do you think this is tacky in any way I want yeah. Felt like destiny's wedding cheaper Lena. Tacky when it's happening again I think there's there's a bet that their wedding day. There ceremony in their perception is that important to them they would go and devised. And at. Make it happen and that's got. Weird to me I mean. Felix focus should be more on other things and time. I'm just focused be only the marriage out at me. This is important to them this there is is their big day is some really wanna be able to look back on and handle their photos and elegant stuff. To reminisce about I can understand that that's that's part of the guess getting out of this let's see so there's going to be open bar that's going to be involved with cash song was everything's pretty much paid for you just have to kind of put it fortieth in the beginning seed. I thought you might be against. Actually. Said Steve me you know it it is like I I. I'm curious about it at the same time I couples do we know you get married and have this big registry and I'm like you president lifting to get her. App per year all right let me most of my friends have the shaft out before they got married nothing that everyone's. You know dance hey you're insane if you don't put your. Decent round. But at the same time I meet a lot of sad you acquires or up top and all the blenders in the flatware and add to the China lines and just like. The typical wedding gift stuff. That's force outlook did gifts are you going to be giving a very elect a nicer blender. Is that a slap Haiti nicer his and her talents and I would rather take you ninety nights or China got this baby. But this is the reason why I thought that you might be against us because all that makes sense right now right for Armenians and if you disagree about the way of course text and copy excessive tax slant six NET TO. I thought this might be a bit of a snack Freel. Because this would ruin your wedding gift giving plans. The one year plan yet you wouldn't be able to wait one year to give them something you'd have to pay up front. And yet that would on the out system that got divorced and rightly so well. Well again how hot you know the reason that you have that that status of that is because how many of your friends have gotten married and they seemed amazing before and then. For whatever reason the wheels fell off and the marriage happens ended up in divorce and then there you are. Feel like you're like the best vacation yeah. If they get to blacks I I delegate this better electrical and Georgia to Disneyland than that adapt. And they better be the best couple ever Syria there's zero doubt in your mind they're going to Reno. Even the right not like as long as I mean you can get divorced next week I don't care as long as I have the best damn I. Our goods and I don't know I don't they've got money you don't work that I'm gonna Tommy. It was a 150 pounds and to think equipment for the US like 300 books which money is currently. But more but when you think about the hotel stays involved and it's analyst for naked on the cheek aunts were actually I mean I gotta be honest it. I think it's probably the only way that I'd be able to pull out just fine. A big wedding like that. Probably there but isn't that important is it that important to look. Like and even raised the point of looking techie. It turns to veterans some people this will be missed some would mortified their parents you what you wanna do what I. I'd our anyone charged up Culpepper you're why are you would sing and my parents and tonight. That's right. Somebody somebody taker yeah and yeah I get into that yet to drop our play us.