Interview with Jack Antonoff

Thursday, October 12th

Jack Antonoff of Bleachers and Fun hung out with #TeamPXY earlier this week before his show in Rochester and talked about a slew of different topics. 


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Although we end notes oh let's exciting that's fine. We just have a four hour show and it's all thought good nor is we're aired Harvey Weinstein audio that kind of guide. Either god how depressing is now my cats you listened to that idea they did isn't messed up. I think it's I think certain things hitting her toward like I didn't. Watch all the videos from Vegas like that didn't feel important for some reason the hard riady or that felt like summing it should here. Yeah it was something that it made me feel icky but I think it's important to recognize like OK I've heard that this has happened to me or I recognized that people haven't yet we are seeing that you kind of have to suffer through and listen to see you Egypt and it is it's so it's and it's a label on both sides because there's how many guys this that like. Okay crap I've said some. Things may not that degree but something closer like it makes you realize you need to step back in those is really horrible to the it's guitar all the way people get treated when they come out. It's just crazy and then like it's it's it's it's funny that we live in a culture where when you come out as a victim. Everyone's reactions it's like just to tear apart and find a way the year there's always something I was just like an end in statistically assist its people don't really make that stuff up. Not a lot of upside now I like your tweet that anyone who has a problem with how and when should seriously EST yeah yeah. I know why we have in this discourse about how people come out and who has an insight let's let's put energy towards the man that abused his. An excellent time limit they yeah yeah not only get judging winner house when it comes out oh no matter what is another excuse for people to stay site is it a very late like Hillary's emails it to look like an island and that for me and you have to break that speed at which he sees the DMM freestyle. My favorite piece of anti trump card since he was elected and it really like not as on TV but just some so deeply puts into perspective what art is like he takes. The things that we've all been saying they just. Puts it together in this perfect way and it's not cheesy and it's not. So consumers a reason a lot of other times when people working in the music I was you agree with all of them like I've heard that before like there's a fatigue it was so like new. This trash you could tell that he is wheels were turning and he was coming up to bat like off the top of the head without any of the production value kind of ticking away from. And I have to feel like I grew up with a Eminem whose music not numbers from hello. Our boys hanging out ads feature that. So TD twelve I. Crap out of a lot of kick ass. With the definitive a lot of you know and I are indeed twelve alternate tells. Is the twelve engine. Job they do is Jesse Buddhist is a fan of his I feel like he needed this bill and in the White House like. I I love him and it is past few albums haven't done writing. And now I've I watched that I was like oh he's on fire angst and. Anger and get into I've I've seen how the response that for those that support from me they're comparing now what Eminem rapped about. And they're using that skirt to compared to kind of stared down what he said in trying to take away that point I attempt to develop like if you are comparing. What are rapper said to what our president sat there is already lost your argument right. Look at the comparison between the chicken singing he did say several homophobic and ends you know things aren't out. Violence against women human being buried shock value especially in his record it's how do you defend something like that. Why wouldn't defend it but I would say that that he's grown and changed and I think you have to look at culture at a different time. So for example people like. Hillary was extremely homophobic back in the day with the that we she voted cycle that's true but that was also only a decade after the US government telling us that. Being able to be too he was a disease. So you have to let people change and grow right think about if you grew up in 1910 you might have. Certain views on race and religion and homophobia that you learn in in and shift. So I think it unless someone does something like. I've never personally heard of Ammon and doing anything. Besides just saying a lot of confidence but I think he's growing in and changed I think that's really impressive and and it is not really about defending units vesting were summoned is in understanding the time in which they were saying certain thing. Seeing their growth like Sylvia to hold them accountable but at the same time realizing that over time everybody's friend everybody's values I mean I I I. Days I used. Joke about stuff when I was in sixth grade that would be offensive now because at that time we didn't know any better. You know in and week and eighties things shift and you either. But that's the the talk about trump in people's reaction you're either someone who adapts and changes are some and it's really. Stressed out by changing world you go backwards and NN we sealed piracy on Twitter so much you know today I I try to. Country in the trees are at a charity actually be really thoughtful. I don't I don't know I don't know a lot of hollers and foot. Abuse violence against rallying there's that but I do dust in my whole life traveling the country. I'm not one of these like New York LA types it. There's no doubt feel like I've. Pumped on my gas bought commerce damages so when trump was elected it's a very personal like and all you really athletic questions from people like. When every time he doesn't polls and Mike Hayes and still supports him. And I just noticed that people don't wanna feel content. And Uggla got kind. And it's crazy feeling for people do you think they still feel I think they do I think I think there's a lot of you right now that. Are realizing that they got conned by this guy. And it's make him go so far the other direction because I know Sony people out there it's like. I'm on the stuff the comes out of his mouth what's the state politics this out of his his piece of crap yeah emphasis coordinates them. If deck I was dating your daughter your prejudice based ever Harvey Weinstein you be all over the. And third. But it is crazy and just talk in an ad I liked the Eminem that line in the sand without those powerful. All realized that wise Mitt let's do a little actually does a terrific transition askew got Alec coalition. And how things are going with that. More important than ever had. It you know the try to think grow local because you know that you have great organizations like intercede in terror project England the legal. So would do it my charity like to be real focused on. Specific stuff so we usually raise money for. Almost all the BTQ center in New York. Because they ought to help one of those kids end up on the street. Not because there be you know doing bad stuff but because getting kicked out of their homes. Dad's team. So what's something that we can do to help out. Without Michael action. You can go to our our will. Any time he you come no one of my show's over his local organizations there. But but all that information is though he's on our website and raptors is that too far from New York City because simply isn't six hours more than it is that might might might benefits going to be. In junior and announce an answer and face offs and so it's just. Yet it's not yeah. Yeah. I just got I just got an animals so my tweets are really change. If I had an obvious statement that it's. Just not the way out of Africa on the edge of but I just I I for the first time iBook pot legally. In Denver and it blew my greatest experience and we are my friends there Colorado announced it's like I still don't believe that acting and how I can't if I was and I panic is a is like keels bad year it's like the everything that night. What it was it was late night console game pot ten years there and it took acid to ruin my life. I've challenged everything I could take them I got messed up at all it just it was too much yet so yourself so over. And and I am an author of the mechanism so you thought it was a drive from Jersey new Washington writes meets a guy. By pot that probably hasn't bombing fluids. Go home smoking it freak out turns brown and Afghan horrible so it's like it's crazy like being a place here I don't wanna feel instrument list and then like. They ramped up in the bag and you leave. It is not. I can't wait everybody's on the on the same page with all of that honestly like I cure especially here in Rochester entry having you and me are sell over this. OP joint epidemic we had three people there remark classy candidate. Died this year. Brown Karen covered because it is the answer is to say terrible stuff so sick of farm well like ruining people lives and then we can Catholic Canada's. In here saying those out back in tonight and it's and it's a joy yet it's really. This is illegal here. Not just legal matter it does and chronic pain but not the kind of funny as you're allowed to talk about drug you've done and it's not retroactive to defy he's talked about other crimes not the they've done them. Then they can come for you but I can really can chatter on the play and no long comes less. Than it. The right thing for all of behind the music you watched it like you artist is admitting you do all the legal stuff is there. Statute of limitations. Is just let I think uneasiness that now adding if you do drugs. In there in your system and you get rid of mr. hugs and your guy clean you can't there's gonna at this thing here. When we needed by legally though for the first time was easier this was it. It's kind of like the feeling when you turn one on the first time in Jena alcoholic or like. Well well this is kind of less fun if it takes excitement out of it now now now now all right. I know who is like it was truly. I think it was like what old people feel some time you will just like you are well. I don't like I need to start saying stuff to yourself. That you've heard your. Aaron say no. He understood it to end the day the whole world ball department. I think there's a lot of creeks and streams that help with depression and anxiety you're actually just on how what are her special weird for us. Sues at prevention that called I'm listening and I you latter really powerful story. Not how you tell it anxiety depression. And just earlier this week we had liberal mental health and focus where his mental health and the workplace now you're he's very strong pleased to please how do you deal with. Which I stress related anxiety in York article workplace like being on stage being in a studio living by deadlines and being creative all the time. Yeah you have to be open about it. So I think in anyone's workplace there's there's a slight I think a citizen of stress of what it's like there's a statement their view if you broke your leg. And you came to work with a big cast and your leg ever going to be like hope you feel better like. You know be needing things here lakers whatever it is but you come in a working like kind of panic attack. We still live in a society were happier obviously Buick. I don't know that means like. Zones of time until I don't think we just have to. Does get hip to like being able to talk about that stuff because that's that's really what makes it better is like come you know not understanding what pain is because it's not. You can't see it so mental health issues and anxiety and depression. You know if I was a kid and it was more talked about I would had a much happier childhood and do it yourself on the south it's psychic that you need Italy's fossils like. This generation like I know our work sometimes you a look at PXY and top forty like a weird the TV station but. I think this generation thanks to YouTube. Has been able to be solved but about the stuff more or anybody else like they're going to kick in the door down the kids. They're rather than ever really are their musing you know an assignment that kids are also the author phone. Which is it was a lot of you'll notice that guy and guess every front it's kind of like reverend TV. My parents or is like when TV can have a set from TV has Kevin Nixon is like inning. Outside bridge can steal killing a seven he's revolution happens and I think rockets coming American singular author frog it. That is some port as we I mean we've talked on the shall all the time how damaging that is to even to social interaction like. We noticed on your phone you think you're an action people but prepare for the worst they bring their source. Yeah the worst. Liane I think that adding to adding the kids are better than ever growing up contrary to. Well you may see every day just through national conversation are growing up north where exciting world. I was growing up in like suburban New Jersey like there weren't a lot of conversation about race. That's why there are conversations about sexual orientation mental on this that was very like you don't talk about that. Or you're not exposed to it abetting and where you live or yeah what kind of sheltered life you live now with the Internet you're exposed anything you're not any time you. And seek to find stuff out like if I don't know the triggering up and Aaron. Feel certain way of paying tech forever to like Google those feelings can be like break and come help thank you. Nothing wrong with me right it may conflict humiliating event that you might wanna try meditating you're seeing a doctor it's just. It's nice and also the porn. During a slick. It like the Playboy as I had to go to like our players. I was the generation I was generation and I'm going to chat room. And I. Our IP. And had an idea today ending in and you get bombed militant porn buyer and. I he's just gotten us Jarrett just mass of people like Alex horrible person now. Now that I'm an adult I wonder we can't grow together problem. It was just messing with each other ever had their own secret like back channels that whenever I was against Atlanta early speak you do GE TT I. And I sent me and I finally. Advocate touchy all day tickets well I I think you know there at all we have 200 air although we are I definitely well but I. I at least have to ask you apart my audience kills me. About Taylor swift's tell me about terrorists is the best and how how you and at best I mean not once. When I am glad to see those 21 she was an eight weeks when he chatter and I've. And jacket photos TP CNN. Except you know she was really really little I had some current players did when our country shows Arab ever be like Celtic Taylor thanks for Cummins is backseat to the month. At her stopping indignant. No no no grading and looking mean actually seeing you. For having me only got you there. You guys this isn't an honest person. Her and tries to. When you're that big you're that genuine terror and people are like can't be. Umbrage that that's it that's the you know everything you see she's just. Great and it's been it's been thrilling working relationship. Yet some gym session see I just get together once and while crank out hit slate has that way. That he again it kind of thing. Yeah I will it it is pretty similar just I like I like to whoever were where they like to bomb. Right the way I do would write if I was. Fifteen writing a song. They're having fun writing a song or from writing a song that the whole world and here is a real difference is using his professional songwriting it's not a professional field. They're not meant to get. Good daddy you're meant to always be like. A student up and just try things he's so I don't like being in the studio and only a lot of people around so all those records. That I that I make my records tell you records any Wednesdays this kind of happens and government aren't. How do you know which record you're gonna add keeping for yourself and for teachers and which ones are gonna add up given out of people. I look why don't really give people records they do win them so that's what I said yes I don't like sit alone and write a song and be like I was to be perfect bird. The swayze Willis span. This way he goes flu has been. These so if I'm alone it's always bleachers and bleachers to me is very much like. Again diary that was what happens when I'm alone. And then FM collaborating with someone. And firing some and and the only time there ever was cross over was don't think the money aero with lord. But that was more because. That'd that eighteen month period Renault and you can secondly you know memory during melodrama and we were just together so much that there became some lead but besides that. I really. For companies can toss ups so much.