Intern Nick The Trash Eater

Friday, August 10th

Our Intern Nick continues to add to his legacy...

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In turn next new themes on your. Yeah yeah. So much shame. Even teenager. The worst car. Yeah like ninety they would learn by. Negron there that's that wars and obviously it's still yeah Zelaya an idea PX like rejects any young. Internet KK enter packer and it's doctor Jacqueline mr. Hyde and really as I mean on the surface seem like just kind of like a nice dopey guy until he. Well me being a well leading. Hard work yeah. I do like handsome should be somewhere in the mix new. A witness stand up in nice nose job yeah. About it thought about it again to recap lassie is very lightning week and I hear on the show a win can be revealed that. You know that he may allegedly shoplift but legible just small banks only Sox only for a big corporation Alec is that was the first ever taken allegedly taken sides. I pray I raise my main target this bill yes belt again it by the alters soccer according to Roger magnet. So that of course I think you were battling about electric Vietnam of course I don't did you just call me on there ought to four. But I'll have to go to another thing that actually you reveal to us last week that we've been saving. Another behavior towards that their people out there who need to do this to survive. You. Are now on these people you choose to do this is the decision this left joystick and at that Portland. Her bag nick has are real to us. That he has eaten food out of the car. Our. Before. Before he starts freaking out here's ration outlets can't we just drop this stigma of trash. Because when you may want everybody man's trash is so bad sir and ask the pilot and so let's get stigma I read stories this is driving up and trash Sarah to isolated incidents where I've you know address one. One it was a slice of pizza. Box and still. So it wasn't putts and shot. I opened the box and I ate the pizza of course nobody was junk food that he was eating out the government held the food and tragically. Ahmad and his backup QL draft. Our interview when it's French. And then the other incident. What is starting. I'd been working a very long shift and a co worker. Was eating their lunch right next me which is totally behind. They'd leave her a few hours legalized next to me while working blonde starving so I've just looking at the entire time. There is delicious lunch in the big the Pentagon's second she pro toy. I thought hey would you view the rest of my lunch do you doesn't even look at me just toss it right up a monster in my defense. It was an empty trash it was just that the chicken fingers and it's relish it a bigger I don't wanna one of the fact that it's a mile an hour. Usually are delicious nice and crispy at that point I mean when you get enough known starving. We the tax line right now 6982. If there's ever a situation in which it is okay. To eat out of the trap and. His first again. Can we just drop the stigma of garbage because. It's like garbage being our audience clearly cleaner than you think I've really it's I don't social media is the blame for this time like. I think a lot of people are just put their opinions out there and it's just you know judging that it. There's certainly people out there that are so Donna other luck that they have no choice. But to go into the trash to find some and I talking. And about that and it's heartbreaking an awful you are the last people neck an affluent college student on about I don't know I am excited to continental line at the bank yeah. I always got a lot better as the the rim of garbage can. And it's gone and this could they be there and you might as well be throwing and a lot. Even me something off of the counter that insane at the table they're insane Whelan on the air and toner. Yeah if something goes obviously under the counter it's done. That's insane okay that is losing it's weird you acting like I'm sifting through garbage in legged guy. I told Almonte. In all game. I'm pretty picky about my dress cheating by. All my god. Got standards. Is exactly critics' opinions and pray for that okay. I bet stressed the filet mignon of track and get the cuts of the people who understand it's yours okay so it's funny. It's funny because they addressed this in an episode of sex in the city where Marie and is pregnant and says she's got the pregnancy cravings and she throws away. Brownies to stop herself from eating she's like oh my god I'm getting so fat but a lot so she probably the brownies. And she's like looking happened nearly Americans and they haven't touched anything yet. And so she's like what looks around no column shame looks around and grabs brownies steps in and around and it was like this whole thing she's like I've completely lost control now. I'm eating brownies out the garbage. I mean united the highs and when you lie don't want to himself. Yeah definitely not the highs and a break stick and I rat is hesitant I'm not saying that it's you know everybody go out there you dress from the sale like you got to ask you gotta be dressed and certainly. Linkedin headline on every gust nick your magnate trash eater and I are all that's been then my bio. Add to its near about so far that's the the fake nose yes so I'd just gotten a city that never have been able to breathe out of my nose so I have recovering mouth breather in my bio. I'm still learning that Greek commandos OK don't make economy are a trend each year. Scored Jeter and trashy talk steeler. To get seven lakes so. Wow that's a story for different. And want a catch. Yeah it's gonna graduate and commitment may rightfully so hopefully I didn't say employers listening yeah I got a pretty good resonate on this cat's. To teach you 9800 good morning. It brings you and I need to act I'd need a backup and neck. Good luck to. Us writing while. When I know who. I call it a dollar. For our. Bill did not know noted you know I didn't. Know you don't. UB. We. The largest commercial Isiah. Okay so you you just pull the ball well yet. Our art art. Art you'll. Exactly what's it isn't hockey you know. Ball my. A way to get out of panic attack right now I am. In my microphone. Raising guess yeah I. Race I mean fundamental difference. The weekends you reevaluate how did you really such. It's take. The empty at large bucket of popcorn out of the traps. And they go oh there. Of course you to have standards. Are. Gearing suitable language magnetic album your drinking on the that is gutsy. Anyway the pot or arguably even more disgusting because these know it with that with the drink is a lit of these to the lid off putting new strongly get to go. Bagger in the golf. I and I. Now. It's the me at all times I'm speechless this Friday is Friday. It's a great idea amounts at that I in the club so to view of this. Area. You know this is my my significant other really loves pop group we go to the movies but arguably popcorn is one of the bigger expenses and exit. Hampshire I'm sure she wouldn't be okay immediately it's on sale procedures the other. It still doesn't know the owner. And maybe you want some. Extent. But your money and no words. UK. Who needed a hole and the popcorn bucket well my mind I. A or even got here today. The experts say it's the tables on the wagon by.