Is Including "Sent from iPhone" in an E-mail Rude?

Monday, March 12th

Corey James, Whitney Young, and Mike Danger from The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia on ESPN Rochester discuss if you should really find someone adding "sent from iPhone" in an e-mail to be rude. 


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Gonna be careful and check your phone and see if this setting is disabled people might think your people jerk you get yeah well. And Matty Diaz alive and it's very James Kenny young. Her the leader Mike danger hey. Morning everybody can hear me after news ESPN Rochester NB Honeycutt seven FM one half of the sports bar with danger tag we appreciate those kinds of not to like always good for Shea did okay I mean and if you'll obviously when. Yeah I can't. Earth's yeah. That's a weirdly ironic because they never played basketball. I just learned he's just he's a young. Clinging onto the bottom wrong that's it on Dylan. Cool it the cool dad cool that physical that mean you're you're pretty cool to converse you got iPhone. Sure part of team iPhone yes. We think about when people send emails sent to send from my iPhone hello. I don't think about that. Until now. I don't know why I would think about that you've seen it before of course but you know and that's word ends and we had seen it mean and that's still think that it's a little. Brute know. You can you say it in year. It near yachts. Well a lot of boys snatched from her owner of see that's a good thing that is brute. Let's pretentious like giant. What are your home can yeah. I'm merely letting you know that I have sent this email. Brought my iPhone to bullies don't know if you know this and look for it on my foot and I went yeah I would hate but it's better than what's your house. And justly you know verdict sent it from there. Know that I admit it's somebody wrote sent for my iPhone X I. I I that would be really pretty molded a towel aside is actually at different. Climb it's actually adjust. Gaffe to gaffe Antonin starlet that don't about it but I did. I think it's really ice and there's a bit of tension stereotype of your iPhone here's here's the thing this was this is trending on Twitter the other day like all these people up in arms about how. It's so expensive. Just to leave that in your email signature scent from my I found offensive really. And I. That's ram and. That's I don't know high you can debate I'm more offended by the person who who gets rid of the center for my iPhone signature and apologizes and advance for any spelling errors. If there all clubs that's more offensive to me. In the subject line I apologize in advance for any typos or dramatic players that may have been caused by my iPhone I. I I people use sent from my act on the I was there it was because originally there could have been. Typos because you were on your iPhone with auto correct. Time to me like oh we've got this great new technology and our hands with the touch screen keyboard we all black. There are for so many. Actually had a physical keyboard and now we've got this weird magical touch screen that we have to get used to. It's it's. Yeah it takes so we he takes a way to humidity. Now expect today and it is but you should be offended that I have seen this from our follow up on my yacht though if it's okay with you I'm just gonna move on and spend Norris might do with the pleasantries.