If you get migraines, would you try this?

Wednesday, February 21st

Anyone who gets migraines knows they suuuuuuuuuuck. But would you try this experimental treatment? 


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Also yesterday was beautiful seven degrees clocked in at a something like that. Yeah but you to have. Have you weren't so enthusiastic about the warm weather like most people in the Rochester where I wish you good at that. It's well it's many PXY by the way appropriate TP XY without Carter Corey. BT and deadly than winning this week and still widening you enjoy the weather yesterday but I'm one insurance. The reason I can't did and is because a lot of the time when the weather changes suddenly and drastically like it did going from winter to spring. I get a migraine oh that's a huge. So is that we disclosed the chain still part of the reason not now. But that might be partly like subconsciously wiley to keep the blinds down in the studio is when it's really bright. When he first started back here I. Are we thought you might have been a vampire. Yeah. So when he's usually on until 3 o'clock she does middays usually when we're not Dylan in I'm on three yeah so I would come in the studio and it's 3 o'clock it's. Like his studio and she's. That's the shave until three to let up until a fund. Slid by the right assigned the sunlight and they just yet it's it's irritating because I'm I'm like I'm worried that many get a migraine and a priority have a migraine and it's. And causes. Was the best for you yesterday because the changes in weather was yeah I thought I called. So like sometimes I don't get a full blown migraine attack in that case I say that I might grainy it's like a time that my mom and I use click on my green today where. It's like I can just feeling like it's it's kind of bubbling where then and I you know so usually I'll just take either like a sinus. On medication or an Ibuprofen averaged just kind of I view it in the have you tried like different the trial like that are ridiculous remedies and my mom has migraines sees. Tried some she tried like she'll make like lemon juice and just like let the fumes Tryon. Yeah I never heard about we give a tip urgently that would migraines you're affected by this Tucci to 9800 is the phone number or you can always text us. I safely 69822. Yes. Yeah give anything that's work any kind of therapy or medication or. You know over the counter medicine that's I can't I'm the point where I'm just kind of doing the Ibuprofen or sometimes I'll combine Ibuprofen with a seat in medicine because. And they actually work really well together so that miners experiment he would probably be tags. It's a real thing I'm not like abusing his community banks have. And let you know when when I was younger like when I was kind of going really puberty they really badly I would get them once a week really debilitating the role Sox was terrible. And at that time I tried different prescription medications like nasal sprays all the stuff and nothing. Worked it was horrible. There are different things coming up though on the market right you were mentioned something to you earlier about something that you can try yes so what is this what's the deal so if you are one of the three million Americans that. Does suffer from migraines you might be happy to know that the FDA. Is while the it's it's in it's under. Revenue under review thank you that's I was looking for this new injectable therapy so and try to break this down in the least. Science he way possible because. I'm not a scientist but here's the deal. During migraine. You at high levels of protein called CG ERP no idea what that is but you have a high level of that in your blood out of the game and doesn't that means nobody knows what that is Calpine maintain that yup yup. So this injectable would block the transmission of the protein which would relieve migraine symptoms but it's like I say it's a it's an injectable to shock you can do this. I don't know should try it I should try it but I wonder if it's something like I don't know a whole lot about yet and and it's not on the market yet but it he could find. Would you like would you be injecting your cell probably you could I know that this. Like where hills and the deeper the dark Webb's unique kind of stuff I don't like needles and I certainly don't wanna have to give myself shots but like honestly migrants are so bad that I think I would consider it. Would you let someone else to it for him. Why do you wanna give me at an in I a shot that is released I want.