I Hate When They In Their Sleep

Monday, March 5th

What's the WORST thing your significant other can do in their sleep? 


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TXY and Eddie PX lie Cora Jane's Whitney Young adult and got to apologize. Publicly. It's a loving girlfriends in Corning. What did you do to worry. The great weekend for her. Army really that's. The gang Clemens six. Yeah. Don't make it's. Pulling a week so lots apologizing to me TO. You're not sick you're fine no spreading to listen to it far enough away is not trying to sell the tournament that's what it's a terrible terrible. Up especially on Saturday night where it was just. Coughing and coughing and coughing and I every time to look me up it would wake her up. And I I just feel awful 'cause that's got to be the worst write it in the hacking their third brains out. During the nighttime when you're trying to sleep is there any worse than that. No and I well yes actually there is so let's. Snow clearing wild stories. Bad worse than that you share. I mean the cost is really annoying. But like it's not cons to some may be like you could fall asleep. Whereas with snoring there is no falling asleep got our stuff that's. We've got a bit on our hands to teach you not a hundred club picks less attacks lancet study TU TO we're touching on a hot button issue what is the worst thing. Significant other can deal. When you're trying to us. So there's there's that you're snoring there's coughing. I mean there's people that talk obviously by updated talkers before that's really a comfortable totals thus when you wake up their mumbling just. Crazy nonsense and you're not allowed to judge them for it like it's just coming out of their mouth while they're asleep they're talking about their acts now Satinder like they're like John I still love yeah in their sleep but actually not asleep this front until the exact I've I've had well I think I'm pretty sure I've had an ax. She had a dream about cheating on me. And hot sure it's all just my diet that was a comfortable there's that there's people that far in their sleep. Now all I ask that is that I don't think I've heard about does but I don't think it's really I have witnessed that. Click your act as I have some ladies I know. Confirmed that is the date only I know. And that you know you're good to clean up corns and you don't fart but let's be honest yes your sleep I I don't believe that I'm Alina when I see yet and I hope they never do. But I hope things work out this bartender you are gonna go on Sunday so that we can get confirmation the targets can raids but there's nothing worse than the hat. Of the claw because the coffee you say the soaring as the rest of the constant yeah I would say that the coughing is worse because it. All the time at least the snoring you kind of get used to lead to can kind of become your white noise no it's like notice it's like one of those like noise machine you turn on. Does not work like I'll tell you Lila I grew up. With every family vacation. We ever went on my dad by dad snores like it's like selling a lot in half. It's like next on the sock and every family vacation I would try to psych myself into thinking. It's just a nice Italy's maker no did not tell that. Tell me that at 3 in the morning that I'm waking up every fifteen minutes are just not falling asleep on I would be so him and he would root cause. To do anything about it like wearing a nose strip. Oh you're the guy that knows strip. And work. Think it does for some people it depends like what the cause of your snoring is connecting for some people like. Not so much your nose as it is like here you deal is that the hanging saying yeah yeah I've got a huge you little. Thanks so many jokes out I'm not going to I know what I don't think it's. So that's why he's not our. Yeah outside I should probably get tested like sleep apnea yeah you should my dad has that aren't alone and now you know I don't wanna feel bad for you I do but if you're not it's I can't feel bad for you when your keeping me away. Actually no there's something worst thing coughing and snoring and all the things in a cup picks as a tax on about elect this techsters saying it can't stand my husband credits his teeth. While sleeping worst ever if that's the people texting in saying that they have then they've got some mumble there's. Conversations. A lot of snoring here's the thing okay I've I'm gonna come back coughing is not the worst day the other thing in my girlfriend. Lovely saying Corning. I love. Ask still at. Is thinking that I'm dying in my sleep. Yeah I'm one of those people I snow war. I stopped breathing a little dad doing all he filmed me Shia and not fill me but shoot Rick recorded me and my story and I stopped like twenty seconds. I was at the longest and then when you wake up real. Yeah exactly in nearly choking what she likes just lay there paranoid. That I'm just not gonna breathe again my god. That's respond tie game yeah and my guess I mean I guess it also depends if you Myers at the.