How Would You Respond to an E-mail Like This?

Thursday, May 17th

Next to an accidental companywide reply all, this is the most embarrassing kind of e-mail you can send. Was Corey James too nice with how he responded?

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Next to the dreaded accidental reply all this awards all this email mistake you can make. Takes me into Google demonstrated comparable to know Steve gets life I 98 gigs like every day easily be young. Bodily chance at the bride to its coming up and about a half hour. Planet smash and again it's boarding that Katie is smash up. But it yeah that it works I didn't know and I super nice when it comes to how I handled the situation. Possibly got an email yesterday and that's if you're an office of Eric and any kind of emailed based but I guess every industry at this point probably anywhere else you know based industry Manila and guess who the group that just animals only at Seattle's. This is probably happening you before if you're an astronaut you're just bloat you don't you amounts and shut. It's probably haven't you before and you may have been probably that on both sides of this. It's when someone is clearly. Copy and pasting the same email to a lot of different people. He only got one of those yesterday. And usually there's like what did you parts and it. Where it's customized to that person. Yes so so in in this instance I got an email from someone who was on trying to get an interview. Booked home boy and they were clearly. Copy and pasting this email to a lot of different radio shows here and the Rochester area. Own now and I know that. Because despite the fact that even started but DR Corey. And was addressed to glory at 98 PX like dot com. And they referenced another shell in the body of emails are clearly is my dance does slip them all lanes. Wasn't thinking probably was trying to get that up to everybody in the market there's a lot of shows. And just forgot to switch out that part. That that's pretty how do you respond. And that situation so I was curious. That's. That's pretty bad because like when you said. When you said that it was obvious they had top be copied and pasted it I was thinking human like you know when you copy and paste. And then type in the name and in the font color the color it's. That's always hell signed on as a sign that right but this person didn't even bother to like read out. As well. An honest mistake we're all out there and that's pretty bad. And that's pretty that I thought it was just gonna be a color in the fonts the font size text text size are now completely different show outs not even the same company probably some other radio host some other radio personalities in this industry in this that particular market. General shock to the ego and that probably set it looked deep that actually. Considering the show that they put in it in if it was that shell one of those votes would have lost there by and would have wrote a scathing. Know it I know for a fact personally. Victimized Mary Jean majority but personally monogamy not region you know. I respond to it now and I didn't even reference. We liked and your Ide despite what they're getting at so did use I to set him as their honest their promotions and see if it's cool begin booked this like a paktia. I deny even wow bring it up and now that's actually maybe. Too nice like I. I would not call the person now I just probably wouldn't respond to email crap that's interesting because I was curious. This I I want an up I tend to be the the nice guy I've been accused of being too nice a lot in my lifetime. So I put a pull up on my Twitter and the breakdown coming out like this. Called the mistake 36% of the people ignore the mistake like guided 90%. Disregarded email for vipers. It's savages. And now all that. Yeah home 'cause I thought about saying something and even doing it like a funny kinda way but I don't know there is the girl because I've been on the other side it's Sox. I've been on the other side too but again late for me when I this is when I was sending out out a couple of years ago when I was like out of college and I was sending out mass emails trying to get job. And I remember I send Alex. The same email and just was changing the name yeah hello yeah and I did that I did it to a couple of different people at the same company because I was late. These people get back to meet her share while I ended up getting a phone in your audio and the guys that hit by the way. You might wanna click that plain text button before. And I don't know you pocket in case there. Busted great nieces and didn't get it to know that that's that's horrifying it's necessary well it was an editorial jobs so I. Eye and tell. Our animated I did see it we gotta get there you can always a treat this as well call into the show TTC not 800 but at Nadia picks are Rochester. There is curl I was in the same exact thing you'd swear you were doing senate got a lot of for resonates. And she was sentimental all of the news stations in town. And she center Culver letter with the name of one institution. And forgot to change it which you say to the other news. Guy yeah I had a big competing news station yeah. I Lauren and I don't know what this says about this organization. But they still higher order one. Well there either very forgiving your very desperate right I does that mean for only the second went out of our.