How to travel to Europe on a budget

Tuesday, February 20th

Debbins just traveled to Europe for a week and his flights/lodging was less than $1500...and it's not like he slept in a tent or anything. It was a legit vacation! Find out how to save on your next trip abroad! 

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Bluster over time it's just like. You you are tired today so it's hate champagne from spare change. We he has been filled and then on our morning show on TP XY for the past like what couple days now and Sino Whitney is not a morning person not at all not selling virtually every time I keep you very engaged yet. She's like shines like nodding off. Yours is what happens GAAP net so we were off last week and that is because I actually took little trip I went to Europe. I went to which is is that sounds really pretentious and with it really does it was a great chip title on Sunday night. I'd only been there once before I went to Amsterdam like Beckham tweets and because my brother was studying abroad there and I have been backed their sense so I saved up money. To get your bosom buddies went to Iceland and Barcelona. It against Barcelona accent. Barcelona. Lol what because this does Elena nobody is they used the listeners are all list then and a fellow not. An awful lot yet we think he has any has moved proving that yeah so today's podcast is going to be about like saving because I feel I should be pretty well. For this trip to Europe. On a budget you better have a mean look at the hot yet podcast radio that right exactly. But one of urgency to win the before recent recording but I didn't really get a response to look like someone that smokes weed. Not at all the I didn't think so you look very clean cut in the shower every day on every other music. By that smoke weed doesn't dollars record so in Purcell on. There was like we we stayed in this neighborhood that was really old it was really really cool but at nighttime it became a kind of party central and there were. Even during the day action or a lot of these people. On the street constantly asking me if I wanted to smoke weed and what they would do is that good is that copy shut up shut smoke weed smoke weak lumber lumber. Unlike why it's constantly. Constantly I'm so confused some other some other English was really dead two they're like I'll c'mon man it's time to fund a much. I kinda fun it's not gonna get arrested in Barcelona and the preacher it's illegal there. New thing that we should start time to fun times pentagon. And I can and champagne spray changed time to time defiant I'm thinking it probably just thought you were an American and an error like I'll get some money if we sell. Please read it it was just it was like staggering because it was like we want to on the street out and asked at least four times. Every time black and there are a lot of people yet caught in the it was when he had a coffee shop up shop smoke weed smoke weed. That is a cover shot that's like Amsterdam to go to coffee shops smoke we attorneys that's why put this OK Barcelona so you weren't expecting now. And it was adjust to them so payment. I think I did pretty well saving money although there are some spots right and it could've done better on this trip but I a random numbers. And we get irate Odessa this is the total that I spent on flights and lodging OK okay. I don't have the numbers from what I spent on like alcohol and money earn enough meals as we split a lot of meals seals and others. Rent deals and who's. Not we have just like document or we prep our notes you know whatever for the podcast and it's good meals and I audits at meals and I was like and he's really talk eased just. The helmet Tripp yeah we went all out. All out. Is this includes the flight to Iceland on the flights from Iceland to Barcelona and then the flight back. For Barcelona but the Loma. And then also air UMB for three nights and Iceland. And air VE MB for four nights in Barcelona and tank total is 1482. Dollars and 75 cents. It's not bad break. It was under. Under 15100 bucks for flights and lodging and which is the thing that gets the most that also includes travel insurance which is 65 dollars. My brain elated and like buffer right now that I'm trying to process this Indian for like how did you go to Iceland. Your applicant actual weight Iceland's part of your it is. You went Iceland in Spain. Oh you're gone yeah I was gone for long time at this easing okay. Unless your way is a guy is so you Oda so that got me there anyplace to stay in obviously spent a lot of clintons and two workers ride that. I did the biggest reason was the Tommy fear that I once 1 February and it's off season for both both places I mean. Makes sense especially for Iceland because in it in February you wanna gossamer Mormon like you wouldn't probably go farther north typically happen I will say it was awesome it was a winter wonderland well they've got the blue again and really act sit in the league and. Ray. And he can't see when you're an apple when she said lagoon her shoulders like we should look to me like a Shimmy your site I was very very sexual. Well OK okay. It was like a relaxing like the league due out now what we're talking about you know money and boobs and you know whatever it Esther our meals and moves her to come back from that. Right anyways. Listen I know on a each start talking about meals and to and you get so let's check. Oh yes the Tommy years yeah. It was obviously cold and Iceland not that much colder than here is like thirty degrees and snowing it was very snow wow bomb. You kind of want that it was like a winter wonderland it was just gorgeous all these like you know mountains and we went to ugly journalists cool stuff. Barcelona was also chewy but warmer for here was like during the day it was like fifteen sunny and it NATO as the high thirties yet you've got a tan. But you definitely look like you're sun kissed interest and yeah I noticed that right away the first thing I thought eyesight was. Some cast interest and on so they consider that very cold but for us and we live in upstate New York that's. Beach weather and it's it's great letter bomb blew it literally is so February is a great Tenneco bomb. Although you wanna avoid president's week I noticed we were booking in. We have at least. In this part of the country we have most schools have awful week for president's week. Yes so yes and people typically go on trips during that week if they're gonna do a little thing right what I want is our boss is leaving next week in people people do that. So the plates skyrocket for that week yeah you can avoid that week. You'll civil cattle before after while Redick you're not going with kids you can go any time so I played about one week the week in April now the kids are up for spring break and. She began oh what do you do you have kids when you Kennedy around that you have to do presence week. On it is you can book from an airport where they don't celebrate presidents' week. Am pretty sure Cleveland does not have off that whole week. I just I know our bosses to and that he told me he flew down to Florida once he drove two hours to Cleveland. They don't have all that off for President's Day I don't think dabble for the full week Seattle think that would be driving for hours or whatever likely I don't know if you see a few hundred box that can really could be just money and like some 400 dollars for the gas money reliance. I don't know just anti ship for our people on the car that's true that's you know how many people are transporting two miles an otherwise because Toronto they obviously don't have the same presence as we do and they don't. Don't know where he has always think of Canada as part of your lesson we have not gone we need so the next year I do this again I'm probably gonna fly out of Toronto. Oh yeah thank. Mainly because the flight back it was too much was it bumpy. As low quality you know how I feel that turbulence. I actually don't know how you feel what I feel like we've talked about it I don't think so I think we have while I funny how do you feel much I don't like it I don't I really don't like fly if I could have picked up by night. Lobby your pick that I am certainly isn't the easiest thing right. An aficionado that you know delegates it was about because I was little sloppy in a way back which is why my flight got delayed because the weather was crappy. And now but the way back so this is part of the reason I wanna fly out of Toronto to not only is it cheaper if it's a president's week yeah I think. The more direct flights. So all because of the huge international airport where we lot of little Rochester so getting back from Barcelona we flew from Barcelona. Who when you ask him about. I think a little odd just like Little Rock, Arkansas like. The little Rochester new York and I just got to look at the name of the city years so over tired yet where our local Rochester and so I NG we flew from Barcelona. On two hours to Portugal eight hours proportional to New York City and the we have a six hour flight delay until like 3 in the morning in York city. And we flew from your Chirac just who's a long day yeah so my thought is if I can just like do one direct flight to Toronto and then drives to three hours back to Rochester yeah. I would do that I. Has learned that my uncle did that when he went to Portugal actually. They flew out of Toronto now. And they live in Pennsylvania so yeah I think that's again that's a good choice stance on that idea to go F bomb other perks of the. All the offseason vacation the attractions are less busy than he was really easy to do whatever we want it. Someone had discounts to there was like you book in January or February for some of these like ice came tourists and I sentiment toward an ice cave and a glacier. As a book in January or February get 10% off. Wow Oregon via illustrate. It's fantastic it's really Disney World like. Never ever go to Disney World when the kids are on any kind of a break because you will I just an inline you'll it'll be like eight hours of standing in line and then it. Maybe an hour of brides. Yeah how to work an eight via. And so there's part of me that when I was there was like today really look in winter vacation and some were cold is targeted said that yet a moment but at the same time. You almost forget that it's cold because there's so lake you know thrilled to be some new like that sure. I'm such an adventure also joined in February was cool because he gave me something look forward to. After Christmas yes in January I wish we could delete the months of January February. But this is complete side note when I have this campaign. Where I wanna move Christmas from December 25 two for every 25 a tell all I moved to. Well and say why can't they like so windy you went to most people really enjoy in the winter weather days like you have the controlled him a look at me. And I'll make my decision by 5 PM today and today. Some people enjoy ailing snow falling in August like you know whether sucked until Christmas and New Year's. And that's a crap it's winter tour so we moved Christmas to separate when it that you maybe enjoy the snow a bit longer because it's fast it. I see that we need more like we need a bigger better holiday that's inclusive in like the February 10 and is still it also depressing. Ports it teeter depressing or is just. Anticlimactic. If you're single. Ordinary like dating somebody but not together enough where you're gonna celebrate you don't need I never celebrated glues it down times as a kid it was finally put those very fun as Acadia I loved that you know. Yet but I am not a celebrity announcement citizens like second grade do you want that on time to add. So and Donald Trump it's a sad sad sad sad pathetic little Rochester says okay go. So yeah shop around for flights. I used kayaks. What I want you ever lose your you're all retired. This is just genuinely funny I saw I thought it was like I used a kayak and I'm just in the microwave what are you gonna tell me now like what story about you and I. I ask you nicely and am I gonna hear about now you use kayak which is why which is why it's ago with the site helps you book flights to ponds final flights and hang. I like that. From one thing about the airport violent. Is if you go to duty free which is great yeah great mixture that clear alcohol into a sealed back. They didn't do that forming in Iceland. So I thought there there's is really cool type of liquor called Brennan then yeah nice and that I liked. He's in the Christmas cookies and loss of black now mom you would hate it but it was like I was supervisory and a letter. So I had late 20s30. Like. Dollars' worth left of the Icelandic money yet I wanna blow so I bought up polled the the leader of the stuff. She's it to me and my carry on great we connect in London I had to go through security in London yeah they spelled it. It's. Because it wasn't and she said she's like I told rather see and she's like now doesn't matter together receipt. It needs to be any duty free sealed bag if it's over like a hundred no leader whatever on sale now. Oh little airplane bottle wounds and had. All know all yeah all that some say. The principal. New home and you really do like your alcohol. And I I do. I like my eyes my spirits. You're very spirited person that OK so cool though just that's interesting I mean keep that in mind because I really do wanna go to. Iceland and Europe actually likes. Never gone to later in an age ago. And so I've also never heard of kayaks on a check that out yet did it make shots are under you flight deals and yeah that. Are done in the dead of January and dead of winter January a network bought the may build a nervous with February though too thanks turbulence. Now I'm not really it was the weather like flight. Late smiling and we had a delay coming home all right that was fog so with him it's now that's the one thing and did you get yeah. With that yeah. Possibly turn right about the flu. Yeah you where I was for not equally or out right and brown was dropping like flies and I thought I had thirty spelled his money. So if three and out but you can get the flu in June you can the bureau and I've had flick plays in July I mean like get past with the rain and some of that so. I would let that stop you now from doing that. Now you know hold on did you stay in a hotel or are now so he's been this is part of the reason was Sochi two arrested in your BP for the first time last hole it's. It's freaking fantastic so there are three of us that went and a so I think to have the numbers of how much I personally spent OK so this is the number than divided by three. So I personally in Iceland for three nights. In a room there was a apartments so we have a full kitchen we had a couch living room we had a bedroom bathroom yeah river and it's nice to the place islet. I spent 179 dollars for next 23 now did you get your own group. No the girls shared there is like a queen bed and in the one room and I slipped on the couch with a missile to pull out. Wow all that's really selfless video OK and have a choice I mean. Like you guys sleep on the catch I'm taking the bad cut of about that giant tick. I. I you have addition. And Brett. That air BB for Barcelona four nights I paid a 158 dollars that is insane now in Barcelona. We had the living room we had on the kitchen bathroom the girls had a room with two a twin beds. I had to room with my own that too why all now is that crazy privilege. It becomes a privilege because when your when you wanna save money you know a lot of time yet to sacrifice. The amenities and things and the luxury of having around it was cheaper for both spots we were in a really good location for the you know for seeing things yeah it was cool especially. The one in Barcelona I gotta say was cool yeah because you break in like we were not apartment building that people to live yeah right as an authentic like. Item that felt like I was living in Barcelona for a few days yeah matches in a hotel that's odd it was cool it was cheap and we were able. I'm as we save a lot of money to especially in Iceland Iceland's really expensive. I think all the foods imported there a little slower. We expensive we see a lot of money by not eating every meal out hot. The selling price and we would like packed lunches went to the glacier into the did you go to the store. You got a laser like bread milk and that kind of thing yeah which was kind of which is kind of a fiasco the could read any of it so I think asking people like is is really milk makes. Oh god that yeah outlets they were like no it's three memory and I know I was gonna say it's. I'll butter bone marrow bone marrow you muscle bone marrow get a win like at Hawaii category of the country you can. You like you don't know what it is you don't know when bone marrow because it could have and you like substance I mean you just don't know Aussie. Got my goodness and mine is wondering. Let. Disconnect dads who save money doing that. What are those that so here's where I could have done better so yeah it is spent a lot on. And proves what would you would you let it affect you just said that I could have bought bone marrow and Iceland yeah the black market MB yeah one behind a dumpster in alleyway. Can you got a bone marrow. Trip he's got I don't know black market too much. Excerpts I spent a lot of money and time meals and alcohol. Not proves it proves me and millions improves. The top us Andrea so. In Barcelona there like this sparkling wines are champagne but it's. Specific to Barcelona called conflict everywhere I mean so angry with fiscal comments Andrea and leaders we drink leaders that stuff is. So good did you like. Any clubs. Now wouldn't let the Auburn Jabar is really do clubs and no clubs club I used to be man and I moral come pass that and it would be really fun and parcel of equaled my animals and those are few only I don't know a lot of people. I think there's out super lately I just in the morning when did you set during the day when you see the city so we stayed out to a 130. About that life. Now I please do man you know it is productive and stick to. A very busy tourist OK so it sounds like you save money whip was there any area where. You wished you know you you may be cut corners entirely so she it. Where he was where I wish I didn't save more when we know where you cut corners and you issued save more money and like and more judicious about that so here's is that. No I think there was things there are ways that could have saved our money like yeah especially the meals and alcohol. I don't regret it because I wanted to eat out there and like seal the restaurants the summit that. Yeah so I so I think I think. A lesson here. Is maybe if you conceive. On the flights and where your stain yeah the extra money telling blow when you there you know. Yeah yeah. That acceptance I think that makes the outlook could really this is something I struggle I really wanna go to Australia. But because it's so far away and it takes so long to get there. I'm so tempted to fly business because it is such a big difference flying business and economy and yet it's going ready 3000 dollars more to fly anymore to be comfortable for our fifteen hours not even a full day not even a full 24 hours here. Here's my thoughts on that. Two docs one is that Anderson this goes long with the same thing with the meals and and all the tourist that I spent a lot of money on it's like you're on vacation right so yeah. Yes I could have gone to Barcelona. And stayed in my room all day and spent like seven dollars you know I don't write write write experience things. And I'll go along with their flight to Australia if you're gonna enjoy your experience more on your vacation. Fine maybe splurge maybe that's what that's worth it for you yeah that being said it's 3000 dollars more you trio. Does anyone really. Like get a cost benefit analysis here there really ever sleep that well on an airplane. Like for three grand more you negate beauty sleep or is it worth saving 3000 dollars and maybe having a slight more crick in the neck. So I think it's 3000. Dollars were talking about it's not a lot of now yes not next to 200 bucks or something like that it's eat out I mean that's. Are you you're at a community college I could've gone on this trip twice yeah legs you know without my thoughts I. I mean money and food itself but when you put it that way it's like wow how Canadian I really can't you I mean let's do that. Not sell it when the lottery or some I can't I can't justify wasting not arguing league it was C three delayed at the completely. Horizontally yet business class is pretty dope. Mean you get yeah like a little pot but is that I mean it's cool that's you get pod you get champagne unlimited unlimited alcohol at a moment I saw actually. I on my flight home from Barcelona was unlimited alcohol in a hot shot out to tap tap airports Gloria wow there was they had this boost car and the tips and community thing. And if you ask for wine or beer that would give you want to be and that in charge. Okay foreign airlines are so awesome looking awesome it out and. They're so superior and so in college when I went to Australia I flew on virgin Australia yeah I got I got mine and athletic. How can that's a good meal so there's a hack rate they're fly on the of the the foreign airliner yeah they treat you so much better first of law and all that give each on the dollar give you up treated and gone now he's free. Staff and I got to else yeah. So the other thing that I could save money where it was probably there were two situations were we took cabs OPEC which were definite not the cheapest way to do it. But I also don't regret it soon because that the receiver sells a lot of frustration. Coming out coming so we got into Barcelona like 930 at night hunt and there is are the cheap way to get an airport. To the city of Barcelona. Pre texting right. Yeah I do you may would have gotten. Text mom I want a flat bread throw. Are you serious. Andre. You're so I'm tired I like I like this when you're telling this tired with me I think it's a way no tired Whitney is is nigh on a different kind. I'd say you need a beautiful separates that and been sleeping dot. Had been sleeping yaks and morning show what time you make an up in the morning for. Four I wake up throughout the night tossing and turning last night the stupid newspaper person. Comes around like 2:45 in the morning. Paper to creep back in the morning. To perform more. To with a duty comes by and pick up truck and a frozen. You're one of those yes. I don't know what it used it a person yeah. Ailment. Paper. Goods they use it. Belonging short of it is I'm not getting any sleep and so I just want my money making a flat bread pizza for lunch and paper says okay and that's fine that fantastic. That the Webber always has to Buchanan was easier it was the fourth different colors though whatever it was fine please. I was yeah we heard. Whenever I don't have. Any. Or are you were here right now yeah. Real life now I honestly go on and on a serious note I I am very impressed and then you rest and we. With how much money you saved and like pat is amazing vacation break and so on a serious note what type of flat bread. Are you going to be the youngest luxuries that some little her oil. Little mozzarella. Is sick to my home mozzarella months and I think it's funny how it's they're so different denunciations four. Mozzarella. Yeah BC mozzarella answer my mom says her mom says boots or Allah which is all that's in practice there is one now. Mark caller up dollars in colonel Kent. Not Montana. And spinach and to me. And a little parmesan sprinkled notes on its own commitment to tell audience Netflix and she's like the credential yeah. Would you share certificates on or Wallach a psychiatrist yeah like mozzarella yeah grade kids. So whatever travel in February it's a deal yeah. I'm spot and I got that.