How to throw an awesome Christmas party for less than $50

Monday, December 11th

Alcohol, food, decorations, ugly sweaters - it all adds up. We'll help you throw a kick ass holiday party for less than $50! 


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Everything. So it's Christmas time yeah which is party time pretty much. Fun and this country this is my favorite time of the year you have parties perceive that there's something about. Cold weather that makes you wanna consume alcohol hit I. What it is it's like warming for the salt especially the crypt Nikki make it literally sets your esophagus on fire gas my homey polish liquor the crew and. I tried them of that last night at our holiday party and I. Thought I was either going to dire throw out I didn't know it it's like it's like honey flavored gasoline. Yeah it's literally made with ever clear and that's I it was like ever clear with a little hint of sweetness. It's cut down you're just not foolish enough to handle it what what anyways holiday parties can be expensive so today I'm not champagne from spare change. We're gonna we're gonna try to figure out how to throw a kick gas holiday party. On a budget. Save some money that's right I think we can do this firm under fifty bucks. Who we don't and are we gonna try that I think we can't I guess I did OK at the very least I know. The most will save you. Hundred dollars at least we'll save you fifteen right now you can you can throw a party for almost nothing. We wanna have a good per minute to be good you're gradually you're having a party on that yes we had a are we had a company holiday party yesterday which. We cannot throw on a budget and that that's no the company has their own money you are personal party. Our holiday party tomorrow and a sweater party I'm excited on. On so some neat things I have purchased I've tried to follow this event and will add up at the end. Think I know how much I spent Woolsey if I did that if it did under X you know I can tell are you do need to under fifty bucks a base and that's why I'm thinking we should do under a hundred. I think though if you didn't do what I did you could do under fifty bucks I think I made some mistakes if I if I listen to this podcast. Lou before I had bought the things for the party I think it could have done so if you could go into the future and become a different person and exactly right. So anyways first thing is drinks drinks has its holiday party need an alcohol. I think it's got a BB YOB. Interesting I agree. But I can't wait we should start we should start went. On you because you have to like obviously as the host you have to it's inevitable that you're gonna bite some great route Brett DB I'll be but. Let me can I tell you what I found online for cheap but delicious wine and liquor. Anti ship on the now. I don't get out again yes and I think we got so this is according to you real simple dot com found five. Great minds under fifteen dollars and they are you ready I'm ready Elian. 2011 Woodbridge you know green geo is eight bucks. 2010 white truck must Gado is thirteen bucks when he eleven excelsior shared name is ten bucks. When he ten full in Harry pinot noir as eat bugs and finally 2009 Vera Monty reload is ten dollars. While the whole Klein very fancy these sound very fancy and they're actually good. Widely it's not the kind of wind it's gonna give feel horrible in a cheap wine headache the next Erin Everly raised this is pretty quality wine. And it's under fifteen dollars or even most of its ten bucks or even Cuban medicine scores light greens get that well not all of us are. And animals and I'll not. What happens like course life. Are your castle street Peter excelsior line. They're not how does that light beer but it came out around now I'm not a beer drinker at all so if I come to your party tomorrow night and you have only be here on leaving. No she hears a thanks so I think should tell everyone that spew I OB. You should have some things available. And you BV and I see knowledgeable do this you have one specialty cocktail drink you like you tell people hate spew out Bieber if you want. I'm making so angry or something like that grinch punch or preach punch or like eggnog yeah you want everyone to gained fifty pounds. On you can also. Into the drink you get to me I tequila. Cuba margaritas. Make a really good home and margaritas at night can you know pat myself on the back to sink so bomb here's the one thing now. IA you don't have enough tequila to make margaritas tomorrow night. So my rude if I when I can I'm gonna set a reminder text of people like make more tomorrow after 730. In my rude if I'm like hey also lake if someone wants to bring tequila I have the other ingredients to make margaritas and ever if anyone wants me to make one for them. That route. I don't think it's rude but I think it depends who you ask like I wouldn't like I would ask one of maybe year you're. Closer friends or your bullies around that I don't know when if you have friends that are more like on the outside of your inner circle maybe don't ask them can. But ask the inner inner circle at the people you what you're like I don't care they think I'm being cheap or no. Here's the thing is I do make margaritas for people microbe or France quite frequently they and it's like I'm happy to make margaritas I just don't have tequila I have the other stuff which honestly is pretty expensive like yeah. Got this year five bucks a bottle. Dark sound super and I do feel I've done today that they make it I tell my legit favorite of mine whatever it tequila is aged guy bank. Com yeah I music out in that yeah wouldn't it Hugh I'm like particular kind of soared you know this interesting. I've never met a polish man who was particulate kind of sore idyllic applicant that's like around that commercial the servers commercial back in the day at the scandals or whatever is like. Did its Asian leopard con guy. I don't. I'm very interest in person anyway so clearly a case apparently except for your party tomorrow night speaking of the specialty drink and I'm actually. I'm debating and debating bringing the stuff for grinch punch he'll if he'll. Course allow it I mean what is. What what is cringe punch a basic rich punch according to one recipe that I found on interests is of course he. Don't judge me on three bottles of champagne and I would definitely go to something like propeller cooks or air but probably you know that the cheap but good champagne. You're gonna mixed drink bottles of champagne with two bottles of ginger rail and one carton of wait for it. Lying sorbet. Why is that. I don't know I mean you know survey is a flake is at lake server yes I can't politics froze froze and I first Roger. She be frozen prices and originally yeah sure clicked the poor man's survey I think I think protect the children I don't know but it that's may get a credit. Almost be tempted personally to just do like champagne and ginger at all but I guess that wouldn't be an. And doesn't really sound and it sounds just like you ran out of ingredients you. You know I'll listen one difference though with dolby oil be saying yeah is. It only seems like BYOB is. Kind of like assumed when it comes a friend parties yes but now at family parties. When I go to family parties I never bring round here I never bring anything they always have all the beer all the wine and my dad yeah. Do you think that's because of each do you think as we get older media below B will be phased out if we have more money. I think so for sure I mean I know that I've gone to parties. With my family and and like Stanley friend parties where my parents our friends at the parent. And it thing I think as you get older you might bring in order the order of sad or dirt and argue. There but horse do you brush. If anything or like a desert more than. People do Burrell looked like Thanksgiving people bring dishes and so they that and I will say in my once said of the Stanley. There is my uncle who is like the blues guy so hill here is the boobs the blues guy Kabila who got to I don't know maybe it. I don't you couldn't miss. He's the boos jacket so what hit his contribution to every game we get together whether beat Thanksgiving or Christmas Seaver whenever it's hovering over lake. Eight case of wine. And other stuff to hovering over scotched sometimes the minutes he's got that guy mr. uncle as well this can't be decrease it is the priest. So he's not he's not the boobs guy you're now he's the blues guy I didn't think a priest would be the blues guy either and that's that's. What he drinks it worked deterrent. Wind the good thing I. The bottom line is part. Our line is big part of his job so you know you look like so maybe with age you have B becomes less of a thing bomb so. I will say one of the bigger expenses. That I had for the party was affected its ugly sweater party. So. I can pass something T I'm not proud of media and I spent thirty dollars on his ugly sweater. Well lie on thirty dollars Ellen you you were bragging about this the other day you're talking about how do you like found the best Christmas sweater on and one on Amazon and all the stuff and he spent dollar is pretty darn good it'll minus 22 and I felt like it was highway robbery I. Yeah I know I didn't like I went to Google first I try to go to evenly JC Penney's you know out. What wasn't Phelan and this election so yeah I wanna line and a cracked I have ugly sweaters from years past but time hop. On my problem here's. I you really care if people see you wearing the same ugly Christmas card really care is a little weird I don't know time up on FaceBook or whatever will come up FaceBook memories. Right after someone posts a picture of like us that you know this year is always what a party right now come up from last year it's going to Wear the same exact sweater after what after few years. It's just like you know that's not. Anymore not novelty anymore. Here's something to me every ugly Christmas sweater looks the same in my mind and I think of an ugly Christmas utterly I would not be able to discern like. DeVon is worth the Citic was young and whatever you do wrong me Miley sweaters or just a little more out there. I have one that I've put his right to besides this woman has bought the war on it's that he's dancing elves and says get lit. Okay it's awesome but it warned that the several parties and the other one is a giant those giant all loft on it it's pretty recognizable giant why aloft like from frozen. I lost the united Tina gets a whole different pot yeah. Nancy frozen. So here's where I think I messed up mom what I should have done is borrowed an ugly sweater from a friend from a different friend group. OK so then like a new ugly sweater. Is being exposed into the circle. Right you and I mean I should discuss I just worn one of yours you couldn't I don't know why you didn't offer to as I like you that much. Outer circle right energy. So that's why I think I should have done. On. What I'm actually the same time I don't regret behind the sweater is pretty sweet. So here's my question if you have a theme like ugly. Christmas Ater. Is that thereby making the holiday party more expensive it is it made it as your it is actually adding to the past year because. I didn't have a Christmas or I didn't have an ugly Christmas sweaters and now I go out and spend 22 dollars on your Christmas party. And that makes me resentful going into the party I already hate you or I you. Already heated for so nothing you know I okay so that's what I think I was just exchange I mean like yeah you know I don't know. Pack so are these teams NASA signals are not necessary but they are fun it's OK and so I almost think it's a necessary expense. Where everyone goes this party because there weren't he's like two G of the you know sweaters they're gonna be in the holiday spirit regardless of their remote. It's just gonna get it and it's almost like an icebreaker to like where let's say there's someone at the party tomorrow the you don't now thank you. Wonders what are. You might meet the man you're gonna marry because in my newsletter party because how ugly sweater you don't know that flowers you might have not had an excuse to talk to on if you weren't a normal shirt. The conversation piece that shirt yeah islander sweater you know yeah. Well usually it you know marry me at this hour just how long that's a love works right. I love it like in this scenario I'm the one saying Mary did you did you need a side note like do you envision needing one proposes or something because that's all. On Knowles and I don't envision that put this in times twin seventeen have you want. How was you can propose Whitney yes that's that it's decided to tell your kid does a good idea that's I gonna do it that lobbyists letter. Mary me hell yes it is decided renew America yet so that was probably the biggest expense. Yes and okay to be fair to you if you were you not Wear an ugly Christmas sweater and you had to Wear something Wear formal. You would it and you went out to buy that that would be a lot more expensive than any ugly Christmas so in a way you are kind of sitting. I also think we can do because the ugly sweater party is a huge thing people do that so I mean it's not you knock revealed avoid that if you want to have friends. TV went to get that all this saintly people or you're gonna get invited to them at some point you know yes they added probably. On. 83 sweaters so that this will now be met third ugly Christmas sweater. It is rotate them every year at large so next year I'll Wear one minute warning yours. When he's got to remember we gonna do when Facebook's is the time up from three years ago and it's the same money you were three years ago the ring this year because of irritation here's the happy. We've FaceBook. You'll save money. Social media that's needed you. And you have a problem now now the second most expensive thing that I purchased yet. Honestly. Because parity so blues aside party had a all the liquor some not really counting connect because I'm late alcoholic just had a full bar already. Threats all the cops actually cost me more than I thought they would how much while I want to bulk so you haven't spent like ten box on the guy but I. Mom. Lofts like 260 is coming out so he so that's good though so we really shouldn't count that for one party can use that hopefully for many parties how many people are coming to this part linked. I mean it's serious ten people I had no idea maybe prime more than a job and 120 I don't. Call party if it's just ten people who are no more than ten people. Don't really so really if you divide that down though. That would've been like a dollar. For the fifty earn a dollar for the twenty so something like you know well regardless of who wants it money always go ball he can. Bullying. And don't throw those cuts out after a sequel to do that. Can I've seen people do that makes me cry yeah for the abide like a whole bunch of like the black bag of chips. And most of the mega ships is there instead of wrapping it up and yeah clip on. It toss it I hate that makes me cry we literally quit the you need that the chips and pretzels and things like that that you have at the party you to put them in a bowl. Tablet bags of chips that's. To ratchets up we'll do that that's ratchet a PF we put in a bowl and then you can portable back and if you want to your bag oh that's gross now why is that grow. That's Bruce speak it not seat now your journal told German club but that's disgusting because everybody has touched like imagine this imagine a scenario I cannot say wire on an actor. You're friends. Gary you're great guy but he happens to pick is okay so he he picks is not okay. And then he puts his hands into the bowl of pretzels touches a bunch of pretzels that he doesn't even take and then you later in the night foolishly put. Those pretzels back in the bag it's disgusting has Dave. Open any doors in the house is Dave put anything in the fridge because Dave. This is Dave we're talking about now I get on or at every single person the types of chips touched many doorknob and house touched probably your for greater door handle. You're not gonna void that we do you can't avoid germs in general. They should continue to increase your bio on the article I had no idea what I would film bio dome whatever it sounds sounds dirty I don't know. Enough. So so you're not gonna void that. You can't appointed at the party wouldn't keep. V infected. Chips and pretzels when seen as the chips aren't as arms or the chips are more or less affected than the rest of your house. Because this guy was picking his nose also was sitting on your couch and never gonna leave and you're now and your faces looking horrified isn't talking and a year to sit down and accounts were the nose picker is sitting anger not turn the TV and those terms are going to be. On your sweater and you know he's so why not just expose yourself to it Danny on your slash. Yes you're sitting there I don't know focus he was sitting on the couch and a it's really a nice that we disagree on. Fortunately chips pretzels peanuts all that stuff is cheap so you can have innocence accent I. I've got bought about paying for the for snacks I'm going Connolly got chips and salsa. I know some offer mine's gonna bring some cookies or something because that's a good thing you can easy thing you can bring so that cost you probably five box. I'm not I was thinking about making guacamole connections a lot of time and expensive. That is that is expensive and this is not we are not about the expense of life here we are out. Keep in things. You know champagne reads very gently okay yeah we here's one thing we didn't talk about this is really important so I've got to get to get the story for before we forget so. We gotta talk about the best affordable liquor. Got so used to the already have all the liquor but for those of us who are coming to the party who are going to you know bring something came according to Rinker dot com the best. Affordable liquors are in order book party ram. Is there near enough but kept. Crown royal Canadian whisky and Absolut Vodka and at no log growth silver tequila rounds out the top I've. Those also on the really really good lakers' biggest on debt and I don't know I actually would have to. And probably have to look this up I believe they're all under like twenty dollars IL son about three bucks also link yet which honestly if you go less than that you're gonna be drinking like gasoline so you might as well just asked if you know. Question what as aghast. How old lake. Would you judge someone. And I actually desire and he got. This is supposed to be surprised but I'm just gonna tell you because I wanna know if you'd if you're gonna judge a dead man I'm coming to the party. And I'm bringing your coming at a time and bringing three. Mini bottles. Something. You don't drank really. This is to be passed it up into bringing three mini bottles of something that I want to tell you about and then I'm also bringing. Late. Medium sized fireball is that enough or is that like she is she didn't even Blake jumped first place really need is that enough out. Not bringing organized bottle of wine or like a 25 dollar. Bottle of liquor it's not a wind kind of party no one's gonna drink a bottle wine and you know what I'm saying is at the spur in my is that enough. What I just at three mini bottles and like a little higher all we say mini bottle Dina airplane size bottle. It's just for you. It's not to be shared its biggest do you they'll be OK so but you but you also and then how big is the fireball and fireballs Blake. When no one can see you we can now I'm not showing you I don't know okay silences about it. It's like four inches tall me like 350 milliliters. Sherri. Spend ballpark in I don't know north you were showing up like maybe four inches there you correspondent that's me that's plenty the lake. Everyone's gonna bring here and I IA and have liquor and some of that and yes that's OK if you hit great movie not. That's I'm very yeah I cannot always yet are you lose sleep tonight because this whole thing yeah I really am I feel like I mean get in your gonna be like. Wow. I will not be like well here's one thing now that you won't be like while about is my decorations because I don't. I mean I've put some up but a feel like you might be disappointed. And I'm OK with that because I'm saving money by not find any I'm Arab yeah okay I'm disappointed I don't usually via a used to in the be disappointed so the story you're like yeah. Well as issued a couple late due Christmas at a Christmas street and so that's fine if you read by you at some lights up on your porch she said yes and I have a reef and I other so I could put up. Here's here's the hack that I think if you wanna save money Christmas decorations. These to your family to lay Q. Again because I am free every Christmas decoration have. It's from Dan Derek Stanley hand me downs OK because I think I think what happens a life. Bomb I've been told this by several people my family there are two phases of life. There's the phase of life where you are accumulating garbage yet and then the one we're getting rid of garbage. Ray and I think fifty ish is around that age yeah so that parents they're you know they're in their mid to late fifties and my uncle as like another all over there they're trying to get rid of their garbage so at this point sure that I am still keen leading garbage. Yeah so that some might wreath my Christmas tree on my lights most of my ornaments. Are the garbage they don't want and it's a good garbage. Okay but here's the thing like if you're talking about tinsel citing garbage it's soccer time regarding understand that the hand but if you're talking only. Tinsel and like Christmas lights is actually really cheap like I'm looking at us now what Wal-Mart dot com you can get a hundred count. Love the holiday white lights means a hundred light you know kind Gaspar yeah. 399. To which when you were raised but you know I paid for mine zero I don't care. I'm talking about people who actually care about putting up a couple extra decorations which you apparently don't care about I think have enough you don't hear anybody in the spirit your party you will be because of the ugly sweaters already you know ever since basically so where's the decoration yeah ray this is a. Cool mil I don't even. I'm really like lights top to bottom. You know yeah. I'm not a party of OK I wonder I think that girls probably decorate more than guys and probably spend more on holiday parties and guys did. I eat I think that's true however. If I were to be if I were throwing a party one thing that I know I would do is I would get a bunch of cheap champagne and cheap wine event and I would take the labels off. I would puts glue on the bottles and then sprinkle sparkles this is on interest of course that's people who. It's brutal sparkles all of the bottles so people would be so enamored with the bottles. Kind of bring candidates like what oh what was this though before you decorated it with like gold. Medicare doesn't care you can't really do that I would never been a manly people this question everything manly man in that what you're decorating your did you bottles and there's nothing like you could still totally be masculinity. Can I just I'm not a glitter kind of you're not glittery yet. Sorry you many things that you're not glitter I'm not glittery now on that show be so disappointed I don't. Though and the last thing bombed that we gonna talk about his games yes to stare yap and bringing that trunk twister. That can lead to some stuff yet actively delight some. Claims. Point to the ones we're seeing in the near Charleston brig. The giants the mysterious clean out my goodness not a miles. My thought is don't buy any thing half people bring stuff if you if you're gonna have a party has games. Someone has some pain or you already have something else already don't mind and why yell at you thinking about like as TD so that's. Don't play to a circus someone's got something you're gonna get it you're gonna get it like pink guy from the mat. Way. I yes so to still have some neighboring games that everybody drink brings a beverage. Have everybody bring an ugly sweater. Switch or at least orders with friends that you don't have to pay for those and decorations get stuff from your family and I did they handed out so. If we're to tie this up here the red solo cups probably would cost you were 35 in time box okay. Finds a box there ugly sweater could be zero dollars if you barber friend. Or you gonna buy one. Ten to thirty he's been more than thirty then really. On specialty drink for doing that probably twenty bucks for liquor. Ten dollars for ingredients regular thirty bucks on your specialty drink yeah that and stacks of chips pretzels whatever five dollars. Decorations. Panels up to you too yeah probably zero if your guy. So I think you can do it for about fifty bucks what is desolate thirdly and that is a that you didn't get a for about fifty bucks yet don't quite ugly sweater if you don't buy decorations. You could do for fifty bucks. You could it. Definitely do it under a hundred dollars 'cause I think what is that like if we're being really ambitious we'll say fifty bucks hundred bucks held easily easily. Death and then you can drink champagne inspection.