How to save money on Christmas gifts

Monday, December 4th

You're probably spending WAY too much on holiday gifts. Learn how to save money while still giving great gifts! 


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Yeah this is champagne restriction in. It is the podcast where we help you live life to the fullest while still saving money at the same time. Well. What's a winning now much has a gallon it's gone really really good except it's you know the really expensive time of the year yeah that is. I like about to go to out alone at Wells Fargo like today this holiday shopping you show them to be an agency like effectively yes. Christmas alone. I need to take out when he thousand dollars for Christmas shopping that's that's excessive it is that's excellent I really just on the page could limit yet because I haven't gotten anything from inside the kind of offended if I wasn't on that list can you imagine if I spent 20000 dollars and I got you get that was ten dollars. I can't imagine that you can really now now now now. But yes a very expensive time of the year and I think you know the most expensive part is the gift giving ray. So our mission today is to figure out how can you save money during the holiday season. Still giving great gets. Yes how much do you think you spend. Her holiday season witty on gifts. I. Would say I mean it depends on the year. Probably anywhere from 150 to 200. But I've gone over that. And I've gone under that it all depends on how much money I really thought I thought I now you're has been a lot more and I I was thinking I spend. 200 or last probably last 200 and I thought you're gonna call me a grinch. Are Scrooge a cheap. A cheap bastard exactly now I. Mean again like it really it really does depend on the year I once bought my brother beats. Headphones and that was like 200 dollars alone. But. According to the American research group 56% of Americans admit that they plan to rack up debt with their holiday shopping and still had their own so crazy and the average amount that. Americans spend is 983. Dollars or were way under the meaning under so I. Can I say that's stupid. To rack up debt that we have everyone has enough debt as it is no need more on his season now and I think your gift to yourself this holiday season should be hey I'm not in Iraq that dad yeah I'm not gonna go into the new year. With you know my credit card being declined. Right Soviet Carlyle Holiday you can't color it. I think that part of the reason that people spend so much money is that they over by for people so the reason I can get away with spending less than tuner box. And BB two is that I aid don't buy for a lot of people. I really trim the fat on my life more you buy four I've ever okay bye for him that immediate family so my mom my dad my brother and eight. Your immediate family. Radio silence. It's my Y want uncle Dubai for although he's kind of lake immediate family because. He is a priest is okay that he's right so he hangs Ellis a lot isn't had his own like immediate family so he's kind of part part of our. And then there is one friend not you then I do not or put all the reasons I've I friend still as we combined now for each other since high school he's kind of been. Grandfathered in from the time before I was this cheap bastard so if this Alfred. On you Colin Alfred is it's not Alfred BI did that that idea I wrecked. Armed and Sunday it'll probably be cut to you to become. They cut him off your list that arm and my biggest concern is that I wanna make sure that when I'm by guest. It can be a good gift right and I think you by district to meet people. Then you're kind of just like spreading the butter a little too then. Absolutely you know yet you buy for ten different people than your budget per person might go down from the you know fifty to just twenty boxer. Thirty bucks to ten bucks and then you're just getting somebody crap you know Chatzky yeah we my four. I've buy for mom and dad. Grandparents brother. And then we do a secret Santa thing on my dad's side of the family so one person so it's my aunt this year so. Yeah and it you do the secret Santa thing we did a secret in and then I have bought for friends before but I don't think immunity it this year do you okay. Just because like nobody deserves. Do you know I I've runs benighted here. Do you get gifts for people that you don't reciprocate and buy them a gift he. It's happened before but. I think only happened like in high school my best friend bought me some thing and it wasn't expecting it I was like. All your so so yeah I have nothing for the leg it was really awkward it now. So actually that. Brings up the question do you think. It should be kept to your immediate family went pretty don't know. No because you don't Finley is kind of a fluid term you can consider your friends more unity to be close with your friends and read them. You buy for whoever you really wanna buy four but when it comes to friends buy me gifts I will tell them but I had a friend a couple weeks ago say. All I was at the store I'd dot she's on the for Christmas he's gonna love it and I said. She now. I'm not getting you anything like this I wanna play that down because basically find someone an obligation I could do stand at I don't buy you something in return it's like kind of make that clear. On and usually. They kind they're like that friend is like that's finally I it was cheap it was something I needed to buy for you. Really we had this conversation like I was saying oh we should do like secrecy and a thing here at work and you're like no I don't I'm not gonna buy any on a present but it's the thought that counts and if you just wanted to be a part of that you could you think. I see I do like that's one of the things and that's another way to save money in as I aid in making gifts. That is from my dad back in February 1 birthday I hybrids and be your forehand. Hour and palm so from my friend Alfred this year whose name isn't really Alfred. Or you can over that. I need polish honey liquor store crook neck coalition that is our own animal given some. Okay which I may be just meet at. Rather get those guess I'd rather get the only guess because you mean yes you can buy crew nicked the polish honey liquor store and but it it doesn't taste as good as when it's homemade. Is not and is not nearly as alcoholics a trust fund to zones ever clear and it's awesome. Sounds like something I would take nail polish up with ever clear. Have you make with honey and there's places and all the slick could pull stuff but it's really get a warm your soul. I that it does work shares all that doesn't mean like do not operate heavy machinery Asher exactly automaker make our teacher write your brain yeah. So I guess is one thing you can do although I will say that's. After a mean age of ten. If you rule making gift you need to have some sort of skill because you don't want to get like a paper machine A lakers history that I mean that's not cute anymore after ten that's ahead. You know Siegel equivalent knits or or meek for nick you know or something like that you're right sort of late. Exactly you do you have to have a scale because I mean aside from let's say you can make somebody a card and that's Cuba if you're gonna make somebody an actual red since then you're gonna light go out. And put yourself out there like that yeah I it needs to be like for me I can drop so. Can I can't so I want you never you never. Drawn from I've drawn many portraits of you just don't know I'm immediately repay me where you went only registered. When my Frenchman. I don't but I I did have my Brothers really really into The Beatles and has spent his entire huddle that's awesome though yes we did a portrait of John Lennon ones for him so you know stuff like that but I. I love that that rain some much more than if you bought him a porch or John well gosh. Yeah obviously here I bought this on. And it's like mass produced yet now there are. You know it when you do something like that you do have to kind of factor and the expenses to making these things like 100 crook neck I think making the batch or purpose neck that I mean last week cost me about 65 bucks. Oh but they need. Two and a half bottles worth most of which will go on in my body. And I you know and then I'm giving this whole jar the Mason jar full to Alfred so. Really do what I spent on his gift not much the rest we'll keep you warm all winter yeah account so it comes back to me. Arab air Dallas David heating constitution. Ted. And in it it's freezing in here just a shot of the that's what I did that's right in my Laura I don't know problems now so other ideas to for these you can make I think desserts. Are really good par. Com I like I like notables the next song title we'd yeah I'd like edible president's. From and also lake Mitt Blake scarves. And if you're feeling easier grandma you automatically have that skill now my grandma yeah. Which could use save some money I'd rather I'd rather it and it capped my grandma bands and Amazon facto. OK so here's here's a question let's say we did a secret CNN hero work and one of our co workers got like. I don't know like some new cool apple product red some flashy gadgets and and like I need you and knit hat. We wouldn't you feel would you fees my Atlanta. Hot but. I don't like uneven alongside. Any other person and the other perks person. Would want to apple watch more wherever yeah I don't really like technology I'm kind of 95 and heart so I use it as would use it. OK I ever use the Manhattan when I'm drinking current make in my heat's way down. And then it's great. It's thirty degrees in your house and you put on that day so. OK now you go that well here's an idea okay so like for instance I know that you have. You have to spare bedroom in your house that is napping room renting apps in the race so so let's say for you I need you and it blanket for your napping. Love it you would take that over something cool that like somebody bought for fifty. It means more because that and that's one Boston tee box. Is gonna be obsolete in two years when the new apple Austin's out and this one is even work on my phone anymore a year net plank is gonna keep me warm all winter he can play many many winter succumb. And so hypothetical because I have no idea how to net he had done it yet. Erratically at by maybe I would you know what to do I would staple a bunch of pieces of paper together and just make that would link it's on the fire hazard. Our paper cut weight and happy that I imagine just don't move. What you mentioned the secret Santa thing I like secret Santas. Over white elephants out god I've done a whale went with that's another way you save money you in a -- one thing right for the whole family. When Elton is eight to gain re telling you don't really end up getting what you want. And also. Garbage but it by only things the people like with a white elephants the only guess that really are like the hot items are alcohol. Or maybe some sort of like chocolate or some demand that right the Russia's gag gifts. Exactly and a lot of the time it's it's like Indian gift giving or whatever where you. Give away things that you got one Christmas or something never done that but I know my grandparents to help teachers and I know for it does they've admitted a bit they'll be like oh yeah we like you know got this a few years ago we don't have any use for it but maybe you'll enjoy it like. Grandma you don't admit that. Just okay and that's. If you get a gift that you don't like and you haven't used it why can't you re gift to someone. They looked at a C exorbitant money out and if you think let's say I'm like well this gift isn't good for me right palm Wiki might like it though. And it's kind of finding the right home. Feeley there's nothing you would have that I would want now like mounties you don't wanna napping room. And thinking of anything you would have gotten as a president. But you're right now that that's hockey tennis and I eat is that terrible taste. Inside. I think that one thinking of the things you know the one thing I would like you have in your house is that nine and three quarters. Trained well for Harry Potter yeah platform and recorders app poster that says clapper and record that's cool that's a cool little little. They called it she lay yeah novelty items. So that goes missing you're to blame expressions look great to you exactly and watch the next time you're on vacation in your house is empty is exactly steel. And it nearly every gift it to me I found that I know some solid from Leo. So here it is again I got you and the one thing I don't like about secrets and it's because. It's kept it seems like that's the better of the two you know. Between now and the white elephant one I don't like is sometimes you who get someone and it's like well I got dad. What you know as a person by everything the good idea program. You know yeah and it's like war then if I cheat and I still Pigram the other thing that other people are outlawed in a week Ichi and then the whole thing the whole institution. A seeker San falls apart just. It's it's yeah so be careful that's that's that's the promising lieutenant so and to counteract that I just religious buyer for the people wanna buy four. That's kind of what ID TI go along with the secret Santa thing that we do on my dad's side of the family but I still buy stuff for my grandparents anyway because like. I cannot find my grandparents well. Here's the thing and I feel guilty about this but my mother's told you shouldn't you tell me if if she's wrong and that bomb so there's a lot of people my family that's. My grand parents that buy me gifts that I don't buy them gifts. And the reason being is they've always Bobby gets since I was a kid right and we as a family always gave them a president and signed it would Oliver names right. That made sense when I lived at home and I was a child right now my mom also Simon aim of the card and on used to. I've told it like you have to do that but she also tells me she's like listen. Like they don't need more crap you know their whole trail and they don't really expect do you mean yeah I think they just kind of do it because that's how they've always done it. So here's what OK I I don't it's wrong I mean at this point I think your old enough that like you could probably get them something absolutely it could but it. I what I do because my grandparents have way too much stuff as well none IE get them things that they can either consume or use like. And I'm I'm not getting I would get my pop up my grandpa. AE like twelve pack of paper towels because he goes through those so yeah and he's still it when he gets. It I do. Think I do think that getting someone some and they can use over like a random Chomsky that. Let's face it we only need so manage skis yeah it's a much better but. The secret let me go do some and homemade. What feels that it's dangerous because if I dip into K filed by my grandparents. Well then there's other people that I you know and at the that I feel like maybe I should buy for them to have kind of gone into the extended family. At what this a few years ago like when I when I first got a full time job I was like you know I started to think that maybe I should buy for every one yeah. And then it was like who could have a lot of cousins you know and if I get something to this ants. Wolf I'm not even something terror you know her kids Cora at my age you know button and then it's just like it's a walk port. I think you got an op that the grandparents I think because your grandparents are like. To me at least that's still like kind of immediate family but then you get into the aunts and uncles aunts and uncles and cousins and it just becomes like. The that's saying. Wanna wait to see you can think of it means the sport of narrowing. The and he really do Alanis garden. Fourteen. The current fourteen that sounds really dirty I don't know why OK you know what you don't need to make it dirty it's a very fourteen yard and right before the part of looking that's what's don't go and it just gets a Stanley every it's crazy right handed off and they're. OK so good thing too is speaking of cut off with those cousins and those aunts bomb. I'm not supposed to get gifts from them anymore because our family he's on the one side. Has instituted a each caught off role playing well yes so yes that too OK so in my daily for example the cut off his 21 after someone turns 21. You're not supposed to buy them a gift anymore yes which is great because the one my one and uncle they have six kids. And looked at does a lot of on and they're all now having their own kids selected you know we just keep growing ya right. Problem is that people cheek. So. Although we're not supposed to get a gift from my aunt anymore she still kind of buys its little something and my mom feels guilty. Not fine her kids a little something and then die every year go back and forth I think you really do wanna save money. You need to stop making Christmas gift giving a competition yes check your ego at the door at right with gifts and just stop by for a you know for people one man just. If you're the cut off. And what here and cut off adhere to the cup I agree. Either think. As long did you stay under the budget networks for your salary then you can really buy it's not allowed only. You beat duke being kind of the deuce then because if let's say let's say I made a lot of money. And I go to Christmas dinner and I'm like here everyone here's a bottle of Scotch for. Oh wait you wanna relax of their Rolex. Enough and and then you don't have anything for me or you have like you you Bobby like a Snickers you know it's like it doesn't really. You might feel badly because you're not reciprocating and then I look kind of look at dish. I feeling you might feel bad for like a second but then the happiness that you would derive from the gifts would trump like I would feel bad. If someone gave me his so if someone gave me a bottle of Scotch and I bought them like I've six pack of course light. Yeah like I absolutely. I feel bad idea. Well I guess so what I what I kind of found helpful because I was really looking into those and I was trying to figure out you know what is the smartest way for me to spend. Money on my Christmas shopping this year and are actually. These online budgeting calculators in interest and then yeah there's one at clear point dot org. Which allows you to you'd type in years your salary. Okay and then it tells you how much you can comfortably spend on your holiday shopping. And it's in fact it's supposed to be one point 5% of your annual incomes so when you make 50000 dollars a year. You can comfortably spend 750. Dollars on holiday shopping. Now I know what you're you're just gonna say what you're just saying witches like Walt but. You feel like injure it like you spent all this money I think it's okay instant instead of spending. Now here's my point here's my point okay what's your point you never know when. It could. All. Go down the drain lake you never know when things could get bad you could lose your job so I think when things are good. You should enjoy that and spread that goodness on honor yeah this week so let me. Maybe it to a point but I think you don't spend you don't overspend when you can because when that time does come that you lose your job or something. Then you have money saved up so you can weather that storm. I don't mean overspending to the point of like you know thousands of dollars they just mean doing that one point 5% of your annual income of I need 50000 dollars I spent 750 on holiday shopping. I don't think that's excess. I don't know that's like well it's certainly still lower than the national average of what 983 years and 183 African dollar which I which I think is excessive. I think people up beyond their means a little bit and it's Nasser the wise thing to do you have. Mean again like do you really wanna start the new year with. Debt or a credit card that's been declined at now now that energy that I had to what about what about giving people. I'm cash. Org gift cards how do you feel about that. I think gift cards or find caches finds you actually especially like. With my grandparents I totally cut them slack on that because they you know they're they're get an older they don't have the energy to go out and like. You know I even have the energy to go schlep around animals so. I don't blame them for giving me cash but like if my parents just gave me Kardashian. Relic we'd just didn't have the energy like yell at us like I'll buy you anything thoughtful ideal. Because I like opening press. Yeah you eyed ideologue OB I like cash I do like cash because you're giving the gift of opportunity. Sir so let's IE IE like cash he gift cards. You he get it's there's limited Easley also that yes the pay its instead of being good anywhere it's going to one place rain slicked cash is a gift card for everywhere that's it now but a gift cards like now I have to go to chili's irregular. And yeah I got kind of in my email in. That's why I usually I mean there I'm very specific about my gift cards like. And any use of Dunkin' Donuts gift card because they go there every single day and that's not mad I really do. That replied yeah I'm getting used an Amazon gift card because you can get anything thing apple mail order groom on Amazon at this point and you should that be a great gift program exactly. Now she has a husband but already at their well yeah. But for somebody as a single that mail order from another way to stay warm this winner in the locker room. I get and what else. What you isn't known to gonna think of my other gift cards like I guess there's a story that I shot that only come undoubtedly gonna spend fifty dollars public. Store public you just. So late. Incident by new gift card I might take an M lo and put in whatever it was gonna spend an active guard and will not insane like here enjoy a you know your new drafts of how little picture her dress and click here enjoy you know going that way if you don't actually need what I thought that you needed yeah you don't have to use. Let's true. You know yeah. I don't know they get artist so limiting you shuttling people to go to this random place but you're not Shaq telling them that they do it everyday again like Dunkin' Donuts they go there every six yet day. Ransom and so that's I guess that's awful Dodi used immediately it'll probably I'll probably use it up in like four days you could just you could just do not do that envelope and pull like you know Dunkin' Donuts. Sticker and then. I turn up. I well I mean I think we disagree on some of the stuff but not exert a lot of the I think I think overall though. We basically have have determined that making your own gifts. Probably are the cheapest way to go. And if you're talking about being thoughtful which there's about there's a lot of value and that. He kind of went out of that too so I give a skill like you I expected to draw some informing the solid as he. My collection of portraits that yes there is poses hinders the swearing in these pictures you're wearing. You know that blue man. Like body suit you were at that time but believe me but remember that. Cigarette yet that more suit yes I'm sad that years ago I did you. Leaving creepy anomaly. Ever. Radio stations. NC ground in his latter years from you. I'm backs I'm I'm I'm flattered and put it. So make gift you can. You know what we can do one radio that we added another idea yet another idea okay so like with office people because like sometimes. I don't know that can get dot greatly everybody's buying gifts and you feel left out I did this when you're here at ninety PX why we're likely means little Mason jar. That he. Each are eighty things he's it was a it was a Mason jar OK with a mini bottle of fireball. And it. That's upsetting because I definitely gave you one. Yes it sounds maybe you're there you're acting surprised that that it would have stuck with you president elect but. Had a little mini laboratory and Iverson lot of gifts. Many fireball and it had a couple little chocolate truffles and I think like a little candy cane and it was decorated with light ribbons and stop and it was like. You know I don't know how much it cost it was cheap it was a cheap yet thoughtful. It was very thoughtful mind if we remembered that. But no it would that's good he should do something that I. Definitely remember that. So I did I didn't hear it did not weeks ago yeah. So all but don't forget I don't forget to use that budgeting Khaled can calculator because that was really helpful for me it's a clear point dot org it's gorgeous but then when you're borrowing came in you know. No this doesn't.