How Much Makeup Do You Wear on a First Date?

Friday, March 2nd

Do you go full on or try to stick with the natural look? 


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Learning doesn't work today. TJX lion not eap acts like Tory James Whitney Young CK from the night judge evident as well I got ya gotta bring them all out since winning. That's the question. And the last time you and on an actual date. In jeopardy musical. Where I don't know it's calling it like a calculator I think you have to count my time here now. Yet been a while he's got the right so Scott got to brush up on this because. We're we're baby jumping a little to a conclusion here but we are sure gonna have one soon. With a guy that we did this it up with a British right now that's gonna happen did. It's you're out. Think about it now does this guy that brought together. Can you tell us your whining yeah. But maybe get unanimous pepper state first and get a question yeah dilemma do it jumped into two to 9800. Club picked up ex wife's attacks went 69 ET TU. A question. It is how much make up should you ran for state and I ask this because. A lot of girls that think our women actions are tempted to do kind of a full face of make up visit to take right it's like. Got it going with a bang got it got impressive about the bash you wanna bring your best self for her plate right but it's. Then there's the problem of Blake. And you have to like maintain that if you do fool like glam contour and all of that they maintain. If you do like the red lipped. Well then that could be a problem but be on accused at the end of the night at red lipstick on slick mess. Got my C can't without a problem really I don't think so I. You gonna do a doozy candidate to get a napkin out handkerchief and wiped her mouth off others take on realistic as. Well yeah that's. All that's that's worth paying the hole to get my lips read like you're there and let's see unite I would love to see that out of the it's ever happened aware elected dates going great you gotta survive in. You know he dropped Jeff be your door locks silicon Salman and then. Goes and the goodnight kiss and then stops immediately incest. I can't do that sorry you got to account so perhaps ninety seconds and go get up power lock right. Well here's what that limit is not a broader base of child relinquish yeah it's not really sure about that it's going to be fun. Well cocaine but but there is that question you know if you again if you go full landing you'd put on all the make up for the first eight and it's two daddies you might feel that pressure to maintain that look fortunately. When I met the bartender that we speak of I was wearing very natural makeup kind of like what I'm wearing now site in Catholic the sultry. I isn't all of that Ellen on so it's like what you see is what you get rough cut it wasn't like I showed up looking like Kylie Jenner with that. But it is the only answer attractive at all yeah. Yes there are clear that I can't tell Giddings yeah. Oh like this I mean you know well it munch Whitney oh. Love that a look I'm no expectation of lower expectations and you're always pleasantly surprised so how does that side where I feel like you are up to the right foot. With what you dead and I am I in this might be cliche and I and I know policy kids in the Java me for saying that's what I think a woman looks the most beautiful. When you canny intelligence Wear makeup. I. Here Gallup seek out what I think you're gonna win and yelling out I'm not gonna be no not a bird fan of consistency. And just gonna sound awful. It's no god can comment on make it without having some kind of flaw in that comment and so let's go for all consistency Saad bin I didn't girls who are barely any make up okay and I've dated I London girl now who wears make up. Everyday I got a lot of situations and well that's the beauty of our own. My focus is like sneaky about money. It's consistency if you go on the first date second and third date yeah. Armed wearing a certain amount of make up yeah you may be where they're gonna make up throughout the entire relationship for the rest of her life so when Blake he's got. I wake up in the morning and you go over to her she should have a full face of make up on. On the what happens with Cecil. From a really I think laziness and that's that she jumps out of bed wakes up before you do goes like puts on some mascara does that little move that women is that enough bridesmaids the openings yeah yeah. I actually a lot of work. I don't know I guess I feel like. I mean I think he used to do that so hard to maintain they wouldn't litigating this guy would if indicating yeah in three years he gains thirty. Are upset about that inconsistency. It doesn't look like you did when we started dating. Little difference. Control over. Over the make your living now it also depends if you look completely different which make up on because some people go back to Kylie Jenner you know if you have so much make up on that it's like I'll match. Then. That's that's that's tough that's tough that's right kinda CCK eyes and kind. Yost text him and threw out explicit text line six and to do what you automatically save up. Oh and I know that they're saying that you know you had on you saw him that's I gotta do it consistency right ultimate right to know him and here's the also lie like that because Demi go to like fancy event to go to weddings yeah and you get done I'll. At the next level to go if you're already way up here yup that there's nowhere to go it's like. It's athletic guy gets a really awesome first Valentine's Day gift he's right and you can never top that for the rest of the relationship like this it's obvious that exact that. So start out at your normal like you're com you're comfortable level like your day make up and then list views and Jamaica predict that. And that right now I can make a mandate to make up does different. The output in your make OK okay slip I have a game. Well I gained here let's saw a movie than a little. I gotta I gotta set the mood for this long has this is up. Stir mostly guys in here. It does seeing a type of makeup style and and I want you guys to say the first words you see your minds. We thank the government dumb but it's cat I. He. Really this stripper. But it doesn't stop is right.