How do you deal with sweaty armpits? Part 2

Wednesday, February 21st

After Debbins admitted that he gets really sweaty armpits at work, a listener suggested he try wearing a pad in his he did. Find out how it worked! 


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This is working great now is it really so if you're just tuning in we're talking about a few minutes ago how. People have this is your work that I'm having today where I haven't released when he announced his wedding like an animal we are sweating like an animal it's not hard. It's not hot at all here when I'm having this issue and I had this issue first for years. And someone called in with a tenth. Then if you play like panty liners or like some kind of like you know and he got pat had an eye and tell the world financial pad in your armpits. That works and it does work you have one year. Gasoline now when he went to the bathroom here at Mehdi PXY. And she got you wanna renewal experiment. You just want Jim as well. You I didn't get you one for both of your arm did because you're one armed yes your scientist at heart he won experiment you're so I had a friend I had my left arm hit. It feels weird but I got to see it fuels to. It's absorbing it it's a yeah I hope my dad's not listening because the news. Thought my son would be doing that actually. You know like. Odds I have that one arm and the other arm is is still you know commando you know I'll match around Serena compare. Was you know at like nine if but if there's any real difference relieve some time. Also if you wanna do CE how this all went down you can head over you faced the dot com slash 98 PX why we did a little face the live video of DeVon inserting the pat. It's weird into his armpit what do we Hannity what do weird Wednesday morning when they say I'm not EP XY by the way Carter a Korea offered to wondering who he's raised voices are we set that. This is dead ends and witty and we're filling and you should do the afternoon show she doesn't days.