How Daylight Saving Time Affects Us

Monday, March 12th

Are you feeling off today because of Daylight Saving Time? Not everyone believes that it really affects us! 


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Today. Military claimed it. The first Monday in. The teachings over to daily. Think gas lines and naive gets likely Tanzania on. So it's all these different things that. The change does to our bodies cannot yet for us yes it's evil it's. Well it is the same incarnate right there changed in the time I hear you but Jerry may be can change the clocks in the case it. There's a lot more than that to it Corey there's a lot more than that. It will it almost disturb our relationship we really. A lot to strip but. Side I. DJ from time to time you take and how his eyes out on Saturday night hunt and usually at Mike micro and always asked me to send Mike the like I'm home text. Com so I of course do that. But. And if you're not aware we changed over at 2 o'clock. You daylight savings 1 so 2 o'clock immediately became 3 o'clock. So my text her like hey mama I'm OK it was sent her like three. We should keep. Are you home so I. And I did really well and I would Tibet's. All. Seated even do anything and you were almost sort of in trouble now ranks Athens to stay evils the evils of daylight when you got a problem with other than that I always used to think that it affected being. This is actually one of the first here's arrive I actually feel pretty good. Again I don't know I think it might cement being affected like really tried to get actual sleep. Like I. The idea that there's a lot of people out there that's where you know twice a year odds feel almost like jetlag. Exactly that's how I feel I just I just steal off and they know all of that. It can't possibly be all in my head it's not a week neat thing and then it is an object and event. Like daylight savings messes with you thing it's three. I think it's just an excuse not. It's just it's just a justification. For us wanted to complex here's a lot. Okay here's the real reason why daylight saving time needs to stay around and it has nothing to do. Wet any of like the benefits when a debate now and there's one simple reason what needs to step farmers'. Net. That's thrown and that needs because a society. We love to complain and this gives us the opportunity to complain twice a year about something it doesn't really matter. So it needs to stay around so we can come down and saying this away from us. So what you're telling me earlier. We thanks. It doesn't affect me in like a huge rates on a dramatic it's just. I just feel can. Iraq and also I'd like you we get dark earlier so when we spring ahead in the start later I don't accept like like a nice cozy. Evening to begin around 5 o'clock I was gonna say this really ruins your plans of getting in battle like secluded. And it it really doesn't come summertime it's gonna be really hard because then it seems. It's not conducive to this morning schedule. And. It really no time and also I just you know I I enjoy watching my shows and be bundled up yeah I can't happen Claire and I got. I sounds and it what are your show the other early jeopardy. We were fortunate do you like to I mean you go to bed at 630 scientists don't go to bed is worrying when I'm going on 95 yeah exactly. But it's not only in my head either because I did some research. And again I didn't do a poll. A little bit and I well I don't markedly investment and it's not a super scientific what people. But I did some research meant to. Be like the disruption of your sleep cycle really does have health. Its risks but like it affects your health. Obviously it throws off like your mood and you can become more here a couple excuses excuses all we. Excuses can't wait for it yet this is my this is the biggest one. Cancer patients and and people over the age of 65. Appeared to be at a higher risk of stroke in Italy after the time change. Just. If you fit that criteria. There's a better chance of you having a street because people are distressed and sound and well. It's because is not dead bully but that Sullinger had nearly distress and Alan my head just it's not only had his objective is but it's Psycho somatic that's a they're not. Opt I got out.