How can you make money with your body?

Friday, November 17th

Your body is a gold mine of dollars. From selling stool to selling sperm, there are lots of ways you can make bank with your body. But are they worth it? 


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Welcome to episode two of campaign from spare change for. The football without breaking the bank. Right right what's going on my name's Chris Evans and over there it is. Whitney Young daughter yourself you see your Mike I know I do that and I keep I'm I'm going to this phase recchi you know Michael my face. And oh I just move around too much when it docked. I don't know today's episode though is about selling your body for money for it not prostitution are talking about sex now while we cut. Mean it we won't know I'm so what does that mean your body's liquid gold mine. Of money and most of us don't really realize that so what exactly can he sell. You have our senior Heidi or maybe on your body on to make some money he can live with a Boller. Bodily by products. Like that yeah well we're talking little side hustle for everybody. Exactly so is it we produce the stuff to be re already produced street wanna make. Look at national I think you're really on spending its time exactly you know. So here's an overview of or gonna go over things you can sell on the first one is. They can sell your sex Ed and that. Well we'll explain all of that what we mean by that our world's gonna go over what's the easiest thing you can do the easiest you know thing for your buck here with the body. The weirdest things you can sell low and ultimately what's your biggest pay out the need to really look and get some some serious cash what can you sell. That is gonna take only the bank yes. And along the way were gonna also cover some of the risks because now risks there's no such thing as a free lunch your body. Exactly yeah a lot of risks on so again we should we should on. Clarify were not medical professionals early any kind of professionals now are so so that we tell you like no you you can do this it's based on research we've done but like don't don't sue us please. But we don't know what I like legally. OK so selling your sexson what does that mean about what. By the way that's a good term sex. Iger copyright sex Ed I want it copier and make millions up. What does that mean we're talking about selling your sperm and acts. Right which that I've talked about doing this for awhile. Really well because it seemed like a really easy way to make an extra bucks think about it like. You you spent a lot you know on the weekend and by just like donated sperm once a week secondly if from a drinks at the bar. You know I. It's like a lot more than goes into it than that. Yes there's a catch there's a big catch this just use saying hey I can do this once a week and that would cover you know XYZ. Costs and bills well. You can't just about once a week well how many times I have to do. I don't know how many times but I do know that if you end up having good sperm according to the powers that be. You end up actually having to sign a contract and maybe that's what did that in a second because I think we should talk about the qualifying factor experts do not even be qualified well okay by. What do I need it to have that what I need to be qualified. So what you need to have is high eight got to be at least 62 dollar and sixty top six to one and a half. They're done depends on what I've eaten in a good day bad day should stand up straight yet you gotta be in good shape. What do you say to think I'm gonna shape that I can via. I think so yeah also depends on the day exactly time of year exactly but you need a lot of like bananas I do love bananas are cheap now. You have to have a high school degree or better although Ph.D.s sperm makes the most money while doctorate sperm okay. So worth more do you have your high school degree I do you have a college degree. And it. And finally the tablet middle of the road sperm. Not Ph.D. I got you exactly. And you can't be a red head they don't want red heads its sole racist against redhead. And so I mean I like red hats there's red had a couple out there that. Can't have a baby and they're like able but we want our sperm donor to Everett here senator Manuel like us. Rare makes I had a rare Barack. So you hit leading up to your deposit as. Oracle audit you got cook should be celibate for today's. Okay so that's kind of one of us. And yeah I'm Trevor loans that's not could be a product as. Well usually singles. Here's the deal if you have standout sperm you could be brought on as. Like a regulator but that would mean you'd have to sign a contract saying you'll come in. Once a week for six months to a year and you can't bail out when she make that commitment to its kind that really is a commitment it is a commitment. See your ear you know you could make up to a thousand bucks a month by. You're looking like kind of cool worst on a weekly basis to produce. I was just felt like it was like frogs in the mood to you know like get extra couple bucks Mike Wallace popped on the clinic and I was at a bar right and and you know just do that you know make a deposit if you will and then you don't -- away with some action bar money. But it sounds like a pick a part time job it dust actually sounds the best part time job ever really I mean guys do that anyways. You save that now. But imagining her there. Okay you're at a clinic and your sitting in this likes steer role. Fluorescent Liu lit room on late and a hot doctor's office exam table and there's like you're yeah. You will they're not in the room know they're not they leave they leave but still there like okay go ahead like you've got about ten minutes to beat. There hasn't progressed what was the Olympics is on so gross I. The weird part though is my mind would not be able to not focus on the fact elect I'm not the only guy who's done this exact thing in this chair. Re like yeah now I know they give you the magazine's June same wall some other dude the did this met you know I mean like. Yet he touched the magazine and lord knows when he touched but that's exactly it's quite match her sticky and I don't. So I wanna do black as a that also I'm kind of afraid. Of finding out that I have bad sperm. Miguel I really I really wanna have kids someday I don't have kids now but someday that's the plan. And unassuming I mean if they eat they tested. Assuming that the first time if they find out like maybe you have really slow swimmers or there's something not quite there. I would know then and then that would kind of be part. Would be up but it doesn't mean you. Can't have children it just might mean you don't have like. Herculean sperm right rule what do I found out that it could have children and I thought I was sterile. Kind of don't wanna know that you know until maybe I'm trying to have a kid with my future wife and then we can't and then. Well I wanna wanna know that before even met the woman that I am. Gonna eventually married yeah. Because than it like sabotage that we you date because she's going to be down on yourself and your gonna be and yeah and you might end up with somebody who finds that out and they're like. Well I don't know if I can be acute because I don't. You know I wanna have my own right logical to parent. Yeah and that could be a deal breaker for someone and so I don't so weird so seed got that little insecurity there about just not wire little fear immediately you don't wanna find out bad news yes. Yes exactly right exactly so and then there's also obviously the whole thing about like. If you actually a child's. There. That's that's the weird thing to bomb. Yes I think power to do this. Dole with the whole have indicated other thing I would have to not think about it how to set to go in there and not think about it. Which is like totally not the right way you wanna go about how he kids my kids in the world that's don't think about it just do. No because he think about it that's what it's like locate. Prey on more so than me though I I've brought this up my mom before. I was like oh how would you feel I donated sperm you know for extra cash and she has been like absolutely not really that she is really freaked out by it. On for a bunch of reasons one I think there might be some may be religious reasons and it really now on. I would say she's she's very Catholic I don't know that necessarily goes against any kind of Catholic stuff on Catholic teachings but. I'm sure I don't I don't know it I don't I don't know pomp and also I think what you weird for her to know that. She has grand kids out there that she doesn't now. It can be anywhere you know she could go to. Wegmans right and her cashier Kabeer granted you know now and for that matter and that the same with me today to be my son. I know that guy I pulled RI you know content traffic. At UMass is not. Exact or daughter exactly and you'd always be paranoid. You know saying. Ten years down the line if I did this now you see somebody that. Maybe kind of looked like. Knew that you'd you'd never know and that would mess with my had so much and it's the same thing for women if you get into debt rating exactly. Which is which is the other thing we looked into obviously where. You can make 5000 to 141000 dollars. Right which is a lot of money and by the way Tom I don't know if we mentioned with the donating sperm you can make it to about a thousand dollars per month and mentioned that. Dollar amount and it's mainly because they make you so much right. But it's obviously a lot more francs at 50141000. There thousand dollars per call her bag. And edging out okay as. I don't hold doesn't like to. A dozen eggs a carton of no so that is actually the cost of the procedures so here's here's how it goes can I didn't know about where I get. Economic gap so it so what happens is. You for about three weeks leading up to the surgery certain. Read about three weeks leading up to the surgery. You have to have these hormone injections you. Let it you know it doesn't sound like on you to do on injections and those in and of themselves can give you side effects like moderate weight gain mood changes stomach. Pressure and pain and headaches all stuck. You actually have the surgery itself where they remove the eggs again and you get paid for that. The bushel or whatever it ought to do what else. Don't know what they Colin but you all these times today that the deposit. Go there produced in a bushel exactly exactly. Yes so it's so that's what you're getting paper you're not getting paid per NA OK and I. And I'm sorry and eight did you say how many tank came in a bushel how they take out. I. Didn't actually fine because I mean the difference to only forty. Forty it's crazy it's a great number how many eggs come with you. How Miley surprised how many eggs come with Peres added. Because her for me for guys it's cover there's not unlimited amount really bright millions. Ray and it can you can constantly you know. Churn out more right you have flag number of of goodies you know each month in the bushel in the bushel correctly. Any for your whole life my whole life yet. Right exactly. And then the other things so we've also got a requirements for the eggs okay. Just like with the sperm so according to egg donor America dot com between you gotta be between the ages of 21. And 31. Which is I think I can expire after thirty. Which is crazy because there are a lot of women out there that are having children at. Easily at 35 footers eight yen but I know it gets a bit more risky and after Sally well after selling but if if these are exit. People are kind of you know yeah. Think they have to pay to get your rag and elegant but see I wanna have a kid and my wife armed camps. Like the paper that bag probably rank only. Yeah you're paying yes paying for example like get the egg free to come by today a one and has less risk right you know right I want rotten market. Right arm and neck get a so like menu women have to be healthy after being nonsmokers. You can't be using any form of birth control obviously. And it's no current use of cycle active drugs or a history of substance abuse it gives me more rain and fair right jab right got to be boring. No family history of inherit able genetic disorders and a willingness to take these hormone injections which like sad have some. Some setbacks you have some gross side effects and one thing. One in ten women experience ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome after the egg removal which causes. And it. Really rough stuff like severe abdominal pain. A lot of fluid buildup which is why you have this abdominal pain the weight gain so. Now you're not it's not for not getting five to 141000 dollars for. That being said would you do it. I would have to be. In a catastrophic financial situation I think it's you. Under go the physical. Risks. Associated with us and also the psychological trauma do I have a child out there this like your plan B exactly red eye if I find myself in lake. Horrendous debt. We'll think about it we'll talk about it. But known Irena. Married out India it's nice and are you comforted by knowing the always have this like safety net teen years you know like body the college of sales again I'm not always a habit until closer. I want GAAP and clocks tick in Whitney got to sell yeah I now I now that's crazy I'm I'm just. One or read about in the middle of that rain Shia and between when the 31 rain soaked. Yet o'clock sticking. But it it's a lot C really have to wanna do this it is it's not I think both of these things you can't really do wanna win. Exact argument the planet out exactly but if you do do it just to. So this is the twelfth 121000 dollars a year. Fourteen but you can get 121000 dollars a year on if you if you consistently donate sperm. On because you get a thousand bucks a month but then one neck surgery fourteen grand so. So is it worth it yeah I mean basically it is it worked so I guess is it worth the psychological potential trauma of having a kid. Mom that you don't know what you can handle that share up on the same token I mean you're you're doing good because there's people out there cool can't have children right. Com and the immediate. Ready or not they wanna have their dreams come true yes. So you can kind of know look at it existing today any got hates it's kind of a win win so that's yet to yield huge huge payday but fortunately they're easier ways. They're they're are it's not just you know selling your sex Ed there's also no. Not the easiest way bomb would be selling your blood plasma blood Rasmus and not really you're exactly not just donate in what would you normally do but let a little bit up on. Actually don't make money off of regular old red blood that's Barak met yesterday it's the plasma. That's the monies that because plasma is used to create products that can help people. Blood clotting disorders and other diseases. And it takes it will take more time to so if you were donated blood we don't they bombed. So sometimes he donate blood you give double reds and I think that's when they take the plasma out to as you can donate plasma. Bomb but if you're to do that anyways. You know you might you might want it's money for right from what I've heard you know the Red Cross they do sell it. Yeah when you don't into the Red Cross they sell it to these hospitals and some of that but they're doing it to fund. The good things that they do like the lights on record I have any sort of income right arm what do you want to go around and saw yourself you can do that. And it's probably the easiest way it is on to make some money with her body. It is it takes about. Anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour it's not that and watch an episode of stranger things yeah exactly exactly. And then the pay is anywhere from twenty dollars to fifty dollars based on how much is given so well. If you're doing is twice a week this would add up to lake needs 400. Rendered a month twice a week and you get free juice and cookies usually do. Well every time I've given blood before they give me like a cookie. Don't think your watchers backup C this is funny I never I don't think I've ever donated blood I'm really really really bad with blood IE the makes me nauseous just thinking about it and everything it's a beautiful thing you can do about for me I feel light headed I feel. If feel woozy I don't like I don't. Do anymore and again I I agree it's a good thing to do the guys I don't do it. There was one time. Where I tried to give double reds which again I think that's where they give data to plasma yet and something happy and with the host. Arm where they you know they stuck the needle in my arm and starts coming out of will pose. I'm off the holes like changed upper something that she shot blood like Akamai armor and it happened. It's weird it is weird bloodstain on the whole for on time I went to my elbow. For a couple months on and I have I've given blood since then put that kind of put a bad taste I'm out and so I just haven't really. Much since then. Yeah years yeah com. That being said if I was getting to do it. It's it's different it's worth it's worked at ray and you can like brag about your blood mark can be like yet has he was pretty cool I give blood yeah you know this is this a seriously a conversation piece at a bar like some girls who don't like you and then you can say that. What else can view that little like thing you wraparound your aren't so public tourniquet and it. It's kind of a badge of honor did you Wear that sounds like gamma bad NASA gave blood today I try and stop me exactly. A lot of it says up honorable get paid for. You to tell anybody that that I mean that's extremely unethical what you don't have to tell anybody. On the other thing with donating plasma is yet to be between eighteen. And 69 years old and at least a 110 pound the tells a huge radio here strange one thing is though so if you are hand where you are there's a lot of these senators why would you do that so shocking to me right were in Rochester new York and optical swan us where you can actually sell your plasma is buffalo. That's about an hour hour yeah and your you don't really get Reebok's on twenty to fifty bucks. Yeah account for gas and that too in bright young maybe at a meal if you stop on the way. So the break even trust me you might say you might say end might make like twenty bucks if you get fifty dollars then maybe you're making some profit but it rhetoric that. Mean any other thing is you wanna make sure the places FDA approved that's a very important absolutely out these places. Can be sketchy yes don't just give your blood to random people exactly now. And there are some risks involved in this as well so according to health plan dot com the side effects. Are mostly mild spoke. A and then it's pretty much the same as when you just donate blood normally but the one thing you wanna be aware of his ace IH street reaction what is. Well it's pretty rare but it can lead to. Very serious medical issues on its left untreated including vomiting shock in cardiac arrest which is why I wanna make sure it's gonna tear through which every year where reared on yeah. Also it all this is necessarily a role but I remember from when I've donated blood that. Gospels drink alcohol like 24 hours after. No I think so cannot strike that. I'm out here he wouldn't do yeah I don't know bomb there's been times where on the building that were in bill. Bill parks the Red Cross our van out there under the donations. And if they do it on a night or right knowing I have a like a business dinner like Orkut to try to net and on I'm planning to go out and do it because I don't write dangerous. So good honest voice weakened as part of your team yet affected that end. For China day for trying to get. Champagne for spare change can you can't have champagne with your spare change exactly and now he's just a factor exactly. There's other easy things to sell them to this is one that I can't do. I'm not allowed to go and there were gone there. What is that breast milk and I don't. Have that so not everyone could qualify on what you know what the it says our research showed that you shouldn't do that anyways you should sell your breasts are real on. So mosque they can't it's legal to do that you get an average of two dollars and fifty cents per ounce. Which if you do you have a lot you can add up to be like 23 grand a year if you will. It's but the experts say don't do it because you sell on your own a lot of breast not people sell online gets contaminated with bacteria that it really know they're doing and oh so there might be some places that will like you know professionally. Take it from you I'm not sure how that would work but you're gonna do and Iran. On orchard actually each one of those people that's gonna buy it online be careful yeah you don't really know. What is in this stuff. You never ever meaning I'm not a mother yet but. I already have anxiety about my unborn children and like I already worry about them in theory somehow I can't imagine buying. Breast milk off the Internet. My child I just can't. Get it from a friend yeah exactly or is that weird that is actually that's very strange Carol. Struck the freezer. Carol you bring in some breast most army. But there's also. There's also this thing called sympathy lack stating that you brought up. I did bring us up one point yeah so if you. So yeah if your thumb if you're a woman. And in other female friend of yours has the child sometimes you could also start black team because. Cynthia lactation like the dog out of the hormones in the air are what it is but it can happen. So once again it could be like. Caroline lack dating again a day care a lot right yeah they still get attic you always are hormones always Carroll's fault though it's as well Carol. So donors also hair it and you can sell your hair but he has to be long break you really got to be committed to the style look at TO. Armed and to be fifteen to 35 inches riches I can't imagine a candid pictures that don't 35 inches that's three feet. Yes it's refute hair which is pretty long I think my hair has probably been that long red lake. It also has to be virgin ears he can't have ever died later at least will you can't like. I guess you could die years ago but it might be completely grown out event and it and the color. Is. What you're in the money for like Karen gray hair isn't worth much if you've got to really enviable hair color you're gonna do better. So all of these things they go to people making wigs for cancer patients and yeah is that the Opel purchase wigs. And makes sense if you're you know in your thirties right and you've lost your Harry pot you don't want a great way to you know. So does not make matters worse to have her I. There is there is one color that is more worth that then ours is more valuable than others. And so if you were founded earlier by the fact that we said if you are a redhead and no one wants your sperm they want your hair or make about yeah. Off the wire hair red hair is actually worth the most. So next time someone makes fun of you for being ginger just do a common shares worth more than yours exactly. And then they'll never body again you'll never get made fun of again gives every little bit like a low. Herr has so many secrets money had her head. The secrets and hair. Com and if you are interest and sign your hair hair cell on dot com is the spot. Where on that was the first one came up when I just typed in tell her hair and it seem like that's the people go yeah there's elements of it seemed legit. It seemed pretty legit are you gonna cite your hair. No one at a summer hair it's a really big that's a really big commitments for you for a guy like I'm not gonna go around looking like Fabio. I collection box you know you get your your beard hair. Fifteen to 35 inches of my hair. Shoot six centimeters obviously haven't overgrown scruffy as well. Yeah doubled aren't. And I are talking actually and I commencing next on pretty great I know I could actually see you having a really long wizard beard mean when I'm older although they don't want my gray beard there. Hats are doing now sees today and a look at and then the last thing you can go to clinical trial. Like spending seventy days in bed for NASA to stimulate. Or rather simulate. It slightly different meaning. The changes that happened to an astronaut body in space going to lay in bed for seventy days I would do but I've at that she's. It sounds awful it sounds like. Literally like torture like warfare torture it does and you make 181000 dollars for doing it so okay that that sways me a little bit still. Wouldn't I would never do that now you got to have. In panther that's 24 hours day yeah eighteen that's gonna that's gonna mess everybody yeah that's gonna say like doesn't atropine. Yeah something starts to happen to your muscles in your right and like you start to get like deeply. Your legs or discolored from not moving and like so and I imagine not move mean just lean and dead. From now until about the count Wednesday. Light it. Well what's that we'll take an ever know ideally these November 2 early January efforts then the number. December January February 2 in three months let's it's at seventy days so be about mountains there. Thinking ninety days seventy days would be January. I'm an idiot I've sticky night. Erect a January so villages so President's Day President's Day guest in bed. The next day I hear and read between now and New Year's you know when he tees when you say your feet on the ground no no. Nothing to listen I like it went to this can't go to the bathroom they have the tubes. Like he can't. It but cats that are city you know I mean like every all these things everywhere that's all there's probably a whole lake under your you know your bottom area that. That's the first steps that you make split up after you get up you were just halt to the ground. I can't move yet out mellow jello legs like like Leonardo DiCaprio on the laughable street which asks he's taken. Quickly it's quick embryos and he's just like will gel something you can't take it giver when I saw your bags no no we're gonna the table but I'm. I also do like less than that some drugs you can and take experimental drugs and I. That prescription X ray yeah right yeah I hit it right you're not just taken an illegal drugs but she's like you know. And the payment for the berries payment does vary annals you know we should note that according to the FDA quote. Clinical trials also known as clinical studies test potential treatments and human volunteers to see whether they should be approved for wider use in the general population so I'll. That's risk. In an office you don't know the show he's behind after ex called it was called testes. And I know. I know it came on after it's always sunny in Philadelphia and it was about these two dudes who do clinical trials and all these weird things happen them. And that kind of makes you think mom. With the stuff is they're testing it for reason right you're basically human Guinea pig so. That freaks me out so much because you're the re like when you've taken you medication or an antibiotic and it it has that little information packet an assembly cure all the possible symptoms and side effects and all that stuff yeah. It's from the people that did these studies and just try closely. They experience that's right when he says you might have diarrhea well that's because you know someone like that Carol had diarrhea Carroll had diary or Eumig and a shot that's because Caroline into shock Carol. And Carol Carol. Yeah I'm so yeah that's a no for me to Clinton. Did not want Phelan what's the what's the weirdest way you can make money with your body. You're asking me a mask on me to say and act that it is god okay so does speed it featured a guy in Tampa Florida. Though. Sells. His. Who. To a gastric neurologist for eagle transplants which is a process where. A small sample of healthy person's stool is deposited into the sick person and it's supposed to help them out and this guy apparently submits or six. Samples as we'll call them a week makes forty bucks per sample which adds up to a ten. Year too good side hustle to stewards of the have to do anyways. Oh me here's my thought though is. She's gotta have you know. Probably could die. Jacqui I watched the video and watch the video look at the course I mean like morbid curiosity gray skies light. He was like to begin or vegetarian but I know his diet was like. There's no fun he's in no fun he can't yeah that's gonna train can't eat now you know no hot pockets no opt out. I'm a good stuff I. It Sox yeah all whole grain probably. Yup and the five reps keep the move and keep things moving exactly like read it. Not had the red veggies I was gonna pay. Green veggies no red meat yeah. I don't think lots of grilled chicken and lots of yeah if he if he really. Depends on that side also money. He constipation can be his worst nightmares about. I just like you know the money's not falling right breaks that would suck. Actually completely so. That is Annika businesses and get these days why hasn't constipated at this this is backed up yeah. Almighty god yeah okay this most disturbing part about this whole segment for me as a German folk so he keeps his little stool samples. In the same. Like freeze on his food new sense. And that's disgusting. Makes my stomach turn thinking about it makes ten grand a year you think you would invest in the little mini cooler in public you know. The fridge that that's what I pray in Italy if you as a girl over he'd be like. It's not so that I screen play. Now. Herald on I think that's so so heinous so yeah I even though it's 101000 dollars a year now these. Are tougher than you think you really get a obvious. On a piece of content now we we come to what is the biggest payout if you really are like any cash now. If you get your your catastrophic financial bond failure that you were talking about earlier. On what did you do to really get yourself out of debt or. Earth you know honestly lecture cashier even if you're not that. First one for a woman. Your uterus you can become a surrogate yes rates begin at 43000 dollars according to conceive abilities dot com so that's. That's a lot and here's thing. If I we had a party had a child or TO and somebody wanted me to be there sir again and I knew that Alec if I had already been pregnant before and I knew that like. I was like pregnancy nicer guy did an eye on things for good is some women really struggled through that pregnant absolutely so that wasn't too bad. I actually consider this and is that is all lots. Of money I say I think actually if I could I probably would consider to yeah only because. If he got you don't. Not right means a lot OK yes a lot of changes happen your body but if I've gone through before and regarding what to expect you know this wasn't my first kid. And you know split worth it 43 grant. I think it's worth it I think again I would have to probably have ran into some kind of financial hardship but. I would also do it I'd I would consider ripped her friends or family member Alex I would originally I would not I would not for immediately if they ask you pay. You have if they asked me that's that's the weird part because. I wanna wants let's say my eight future wife and I can't have kids OK yeah and we're lake Whitney we want you to bear a child credit. So then. It's your probably almost gonna feel like this kid is yours and if you're still around because her friends. On you know like Christmas Thanksgiving like. This kid is always gonna be like oh that's kind of my second mommy you know I spent nine months in her belly they're always gonna be as weird bond. It's almost like we're sharing our kid with you. OK okay it is weird to bond I think it would be much more weird if you were the surrogate. Like if it was actually your baby he and lake. Though the husband. Had impregnated you you're carrying the baby and the baby was going to Savannah which people do that as well exactly they get paid to do that's it exactly so that and it's it really is your child biologically whereas if you're right. Simply the surrogate and it was like I. In vitro out of vitro fertilization then it's really not your baby. Right so something we about it I'd rather I'd rather not know this person have the beef from the other end of the country out. Bomb herb wherever you would you sell it testicle for 35000 dollar because that's the second. Two testicles that's like a down payment on how that could down payment on the house these had a huge turnaround is to down payment rate. You've already got one what do you need another one for cancer that is no it's a whole heart hard now we're. There's the apple. We did I do too much research in this but I don't know if that decreases your chances of having kids if you have one testicle. Does that and the value that that word your like you know I. Is that I don't know that decreases your fertility I I don't know armed but I would still be afraid that because what if what if I have one that works better than the other and I give away the good one. You know this is just my brain works maybe there's a way to move to tell us so much is better yet why would someone by the that one. You know not that maybe it's just not like you know. The vast gap now my great aid you know I was trying to think of some kind of a metaphor there but I couldn't it couldn't come fast enough yeah. OK now I've it's so hard now at this is because there's there's something just so like mail about. That's that this of them is part of it had to take given up part of your beer in your manhood on voluntarily. And a hell I'd get that I mean it would be like if I had to I gave up one of my ovaries which I don't know if that's even I don't think that's I don't know I don't know I gave up one ovary. Yeah I mean I think I would feel a little bit less of a woman only because they think it it affects your hormones right at the annual net as much of estrogen or they go to yeah that's I didn't think about that yeah. Hormones like you bit off Atlantic last you know in the tank time your voice might. The little higher array yeah way to work for radio and podcast now now probably well. Now I don't know. Alec Little Richard. That was it was. Michael Jackson that was that was his that was me if I was missing ma and a bomb. You know I don't know if people go through that and it's unfortunate to go through that they had concerns of that out Tom. So what does it does a Q I lessen the man well part of me that would feel that way you know. You wouldn't volunteer to do. I wouldn't want it I wouldn't want to volunteer to do that what did you use to do that right third and 35 grand is great that day goes quick yeah. You know you know like to be totally on so your question now. Which of these will actually do because we kind of sad note all of that. OK well now there's difference between a hard now and like a contextual. OK maybe like for me I. I would consider surrogacy. Really okay memories of that yet and I would consider. In a in a bad place financially I think she won just. Sorry now why I was is that why not just. I could just want a little extra cash you know they can then the and consent let's say all the money that you make from armed donating plasma or from any of these things you put to the stock market. Because you know I give this a extra cash to play with this'll side hustle connection be quite lucrative for you OK so then if it's aside hostile situation I would. I think honest and this is like the most drastic but I think it would probably be the sir seat bang and it would it would have to be. After it already had a baby and know that pregnancy is something that like jives with my body. And then and then I get 43000 dollars which is pretty great om. I. If I was gonna do one of these the plasma once same answers you if I knew was a reputable spot young and you know nearby that it seems that probably the easiest one to do it you have one nearby. On the one that I was comeback team is donating sperm yeah I know you'd have the and it it just seems. It is good and it yeah you know and it isn't some of that very difficult thing to do yeah you know that's assuming they want me to I've I might go there and like now. Go away you are you gonna do you gonna go I don't I don't think so and I think the main reason is my mom because I know I know would freak her out you don't have to tell your. She's got she's. Libby says she's on my best friends. On I really do talk to her a lot left that we talk to the point every decade bomb you know I love both my parents taught that actually do talk to both of them on the phone every day. On and it would come out I would talent. We'd be we'd be hanging out because I visit them on Sunday nights for dinner in ecology this week I'll I donated sperm. Crap I didn't mean to tell you about. But don't you think that if that was something that you wanted to do and it's your body that she might be a little she might be really upset at first but she'd come around to. Do you. Yeah probably and at the same time to I'll also would have to you know. Runner on my own yet you know wreckage Alec ready to go to the sperm bank when we're done here. Right now we don't after lunch on them and turn. And your lunch break her donating. All be back don't shake my hand later I could wash my hands. Yeah I would probably bring it at harper something really over the chair yeah and is the sperm donation towel and that each towel yet the deposit room to deposit dungeon. As they might call it shall we get one quick thing now yeah of course I feel like it is a little weird that for men. Like the way you go about donating it and you know the process by what are you downing producer cell. And the process by which women so women like there's none of that. Involved here here it's not fun not for days and yet you yet not saying it that I wanted to ban that too is yours yours you're squeamish and I live like masturbation. I'm testicles yeah that are yet. Someone from and don't cross always looked over on a herded to the walls anyways it's not as fun true. And it's look more invasive and little risk here. At the little more invasive they're cutting you open for God's sake I think that's like I don't know I don't know attached I'm not I'm not a doctor but they do but they do comments that you more which is good. Yet to inject the worm on dinner and did it for the women you get to dollar in light. Have a nice afternoon a little afternoon delight I'm sorry fourteen grandsons pretty good if I had some aegs I would I would least donate would you let your eggs. I would lay a couple legs one on one a year from now Venus had to be a couple of vacations right there. Golf game is back.