How to Avoid Coming Back from Vacation to a Ton of E-mails

Monday, June 18th

Corey thinks this is a good idea in theory, but if you actually did it you would look like the most selfish, self-centered co-worker on the planet. 

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This strategy is nice in theory. But there's no way to do without looking like the biggest most selfish jerk in your office sport that. DP yeah. You're an idea PX slides Corey James Whitney young and yet you would definitely do that Arizona was without. Hesitation at all as you look forwards you the rest of summer hopefully absence of vacations plans but with vacation. Comes one of the biggest drawbacks. And that's all the work yet to do before vacation and minutes the mountain of work you returned to you after vacation to expel purpose. Erica only in America is vacation. More work than regular yeah. Switzerland you have different they have so much respect for like work life balance. What is it was in Sweden you have Blake. Easily twenty weeks of vacationers can really feel a month free like that yeah. America about you you know you wanna take a vacation you want some time mock little mental health breaking. But after. So these countries that don't have. This anxiety. Of coming back from vacation not just stepped up the playing com artists were axed from from a vacation on its gotta get my stuff. And to myself from the the luggage carrier okay currently checked my phone quick it's been a spent a weaker side can have to human yeah. Well into the fetal position to start crying out. Exactly I think. The nightmare right I've been there and and I'll tell you the anxiety. Over all of the emails that will let you dealing at Rio and see. I know. On cuts so this is what awaits you. Oh boy did that but there's no way you can do this in your office without looking like a gigantic. Selfish jerk I don't see why this is a jerk move at all right across this last night this is what you're supposed to put. In that automatic response team now when you go on vacation to read it read this down Whitney Young. Oh yes. I'm out of the office and expect to have only in frequent email access thank you for your message and it. You know receive between these dates will be deleted from the server it out. Out to please add your methods again after this date. So in theory. I. Mean there's no and they can actually pull this all. I will hold a soft come July when I am on vacation -- you seriously they had you have no fear of the repercussions of what it's gonna make you look like people like to think your snow couldn't settle for which. I don't care I Corey until he does before I will never be dedicated to any job enough to sacrifice. My well yeah and Jack out I don't. That although under the category never did. Yeah. He got to check up on vacation but lets you would think you could request of someone. Who has a billion things that they're juggling world below is up and he's right down on to do it and you don't know there's a little apple and a Mac if yet the Mac is a little app called sticky. Honesty keynote hey email Whitney when she returns from vacation on you know. It's not. It looks so self centered. It might pay time not know I have scheduled and it's so honored to. I. Let me. Steel here to expect anyone actually follow through that well if I got an email to bounce back from somebody I'll do that. Holy crap what did you get injured and out problems and then about a dozen emails why did that principle why visited her move if you're on a ski trip at a time mom and expecting to responded I'm on vacation but to expect someone to first up. Remember that they have to who said you ready mellowed out a week later. Make it to do list and a reminder aunt there's so much much technology to assist you in this endeavor Corey. The entire purpose. Of the vacation. Is it's defeated if you know you're going to come back to eight tint and does a virtual. Work it's not it's no one else is one of those things in life now it's not one of those I think I let that no definite no no no but yeah. No let up. You make you choose your own destiny Corey and use that can choose to continue to have thousands of emails when you come home from vacation. Not gonna get. If you're just joining us this is what you're supposed to deal as your bounce back message in your email went to go on vacation let me know how you would respond to that. If this is the person from your office due to UT or not 800 clip picks like say attacks on six and 82 in there to quit again if you missed it this were exposed right. I'm out of the office and expect to have only infrequent email access. Thank you for your message. In the receive between these dates will be deleted from the server eight hours from now please send your message again after this stick you say please and thank you there. It's perfectly where it's not personal they're gonna pull this you're gonna do this or criminally little item copying and pasting.