How to Approach a Woman

Wednesday, November 8th

Is it really this simple?


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Something magical happens and get to relationship. Suddenly you had this compulsion. To try to help everyone else around you find love swelled. Look at rates now mega Carter. And so but it went out and a good relationship expert. Yes two whole months two months and teaching she. I'm sorry. Two months and today as you could hire. Relationship to affect finicky you know thank you meg I appreciate you finally admitting that on but I. You know I get a lot of help you know I don't want you now I don't wanna do is basking in in what I have on others to be happy Islam. That's life. I am I need your help and aid health of women. Because I need to confirm. Some things for some some single guys out there. That Nader trying to find their true love maybe they have that fantasy Clarice and then that stands the other gonna go to the grocery store. And there's that woman that they see it's like it's like to eat every time they can only see her they're just taken back by her beauty. And then there's that one day or she can't read something that's not sound that they're Eli swooped and it saved today that's happily ever after until your divorce. Really. Monday content on there at the end and senate hasn't answered not that far off. Fair enough but yeah it looked at her cart it 50% cap bullet the most awkward things and this ball for men and women. Is being approached in public by a stranger who find to attract each careful with that stuff now especially now. Because it's very very easy to going there with what you think. Is something that seems completely harmless. And totally innocent. And come off as a complete Cree. In being a creek is the one thing men are afraid of the mouse. Its act that's is that why you don't I feel like hey I only get approached by creeps. Maybe that's why don't get crushed and may yet pull out because the nice guys are that while now we've got a bad day thanks to those jerks out so now we know the nice guys the guys you actually wanted to eight. Are hurt are not the sleaze balls were approaching bush beat out all right well that's what I wanna ask you about because. I've always heard about. The strategy that all these women claim is that the best. Misses the one a ball above all others if you do best and even the best chance if it's a complete stranger never met before if they did best. There's a chance that love could blossom a cat. In it for guys work respect. Seems to simple. What is. Walking up and saying. Hi my name is Cory what's your name. Didn't say that started from there act like it's written. Does it is that really that simple yes eight days I still don't believe it just. Beat optical light humid and it's really not that art don't try to chat me up and don't try to interrupt me if I'm doing something else don't bother me if I'm at work. Or if I'm working somewhere on site if I'm really in money if I'm out with a friend please don't bug me just. Quick to the point. I noticed you. My name's Larry is to be it went up copies and that's it just had and it they say no to me it. Seems to simple it's. To. Every guy has heard this piece of it ever guys are disputed by essar steel friends and tiger right now. I don't know why but it does the computer and a break its pride would feature so easy is it hey I think you keep it out of your time. Can we get a can. I trust you're. Your judgment. But I just wanna get a body of evidence here so we can get some other element to confirm this is the best thing to deal yes club explicit text line six tiny 22. Tutu united onto what's the best way. To be approach to public bus now because there are some women out there like you know I don't know you I don't talk to you I don't care. What are your approaches he could be could go mob as the nicest guy ever shut this thing to. Really is all into the approach it you know it you need a nice guy in the world but if you're interrupting me and like taking away my time with someone bent down and immediately got to show you gotten figuring. Democrats are not gonna figure bothering. Right so alive if you or approach begins they tap on the shoulder. Excuse me I hate to erupt but that's gonna fill miserable it. It's get a agent could start but if you did you guys get a quick to point. So yeah. That's what did it gets picked him in these guys take your blog at honestly. It's just get straight to it. Boy what about this one because got got some guy friends who claim that. This is a little more comfortable for them but it wouldn't be as effective. If you say you're out of a coffee shop and you look over and you notice the beautiful when there taking a napkin industry. Writing down kind of the same thing high mining so and so I'm here around this time. You know maybe you could we could join each other and you know have a couple copy some time in walking over this kind of slot you know. It's given the smile because that's not because I like his eagle pass it over that you just stand there hopper. In Sarah and what there's a checkbox that's weird do you like me now yes no may be aired. Because I I don't know again. I think the problem is. That when it comes of this stuff and at least from the man's perspective for over thinkers of all these things because they can't possibly be that simple process such as well. Relationship expert yeah inaudible you out but here's the thing is my girlfriend mom asked media to. I don't know exactly. Maybe this is a month or Danish and other. Maybe not the zona but that just that simple our people all the taxes or agree with you so far this. I don't know this is gonna change. How men feel that we don't believe this but hopefully maybe that's done a little bit of work there's a holy trying to win accounts you approaching a 90. Oh I think about I've got a relationship expert like RJ. There's all trinity guys that you need to stay awaits him when he shot a woman. LP creepy. Needy. Or desperate. It's really hard for some people.