The Horrors of Bra Shopping

Monday, March 12th

The idea that there's anything about bra shopping that's enjoyable is a national myth and Whitney Young is here to shed some light on it. 


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We nearly CNN and every single woman listening is gonna be on board debugging this national man I think's out now before we share that. Still times you enter the keyword to go see Justin Timberlake not only October when it comes to buffalo but also Miami for an excursion number four is the keyword yeah. And hello Larry. CO RG encore. He can and that ninety PX slide dot com are at this national math and this blew me away when he told me about this and I don't know Ole. This is an every woman thing or do you think some needed jumpin club PX lesser Tex lines six mandates UTU. Or teach you TO 9800. Okay here's my thing I I don't know this is an every woman thing. Like in the sense that they hated as much as I didn't crack. Brock shopping okay and we're not shopping. I feel like men have this idea. That it's this sexy. Full 38 dance party like Victoria's Secret fashion show happening in the fitting room. And I would brush up Russia and last week and it was. Terrible it's terrible really exhausting so that's. Exactly. What I envision. Envision like. He kind of likes to get rid of the storied career. I don't know the person help you out to guys like jumping around. You know you have like a pillow fight. Club in the middle I have tried on the is everything. It's like dad had to let them it's like they got her the best it's a mystery dressed guys. It is and I understand and I understand that like the mystique of it all because you know lingerie and I can be sexy see you would think oh it must be sexy thing and it's not sexy it's horrible. It is like first of all. You know your bra size you don't you don't really know your breath I don't know how but that's things yes because it depends on the style it depends on the upper hand. And so like. That that can be depressing because like you you try something on that it doesn't look that you wanted it to and then you try something else on it happens again ending like OK and it's gonna stick to this like nursing brought him. Yeah it looks to get any credit awe that that's practical. And played. The touchy overly friendly seals associates who just assume no I did not result in higher top ten now. Sales associates like grandma like I don't know I think it's like your grandmother coming in like damage yet honey like. I don't know Edward you go after. I don't know that it. Is miserable so it's sort of like. The thought unlike almost like bachelorette party style I've only got the magic and it's more like. Runner on the evidence that that don't listen to the city aren't I am a chicken running around doing it at all. All over the ball ladies isn't really this man. Okay I'll look. The very most. It's really get the best it's un sexy at the worst it's miserable like I locked out of there and I am physically. And emotionally exhausted. From my rush shopping experience like you need to take it and now I didn't I literally I I went home last week I was in his stockman. The ravens and again don't talk to me yeah I was. Our policy. Cloud decks Isiah Tex lines 698 students here oh yes trying to fight on that's comfortable and affordable. All the ball exactly who once tried abroad and a ninety degree fitting your. Some they speaking a language right now but it's miserable somebody else said at a bra shopping as the most un fun thing ever nothing fits right at your blessed with a chest everything is ugly. And hey you're spending a hundred dollar some spots simple. If you're blessed with a chest everything is a look at this anomalies noted China and is this is terrible as Whitney meg about me. Strike dreams bottle I know I got to the cities' anti whatever this is the reality I don't forget how to do exactly what the spin. You want the panacea I'm here to tell you there is no fantasy okay. I think like somebody. It's been that well whoever said this on the text line about if you're blessed with a chest. It's hard I think it's if you're at either end of the spectrum so I'm at the end of the spectrum where I have a smaller chest sorry Corey were getting really into it now but. You can have a smaller test or you have a bigger chance that it's also art I think people in the maybe have a little bit easier is the weirdest goldilocks announced yeah. It is that's what I think the more in the milieu are. Then the easier it is always somebody said I agree it's pretty awkward. And let Victoria's Secret does I know my size there at their brand a brand identity in when it's I don't know I I just idle brush shopping. Only. As absolutely necessary which is about every ten years like. I shot at. I understand that it is also just this month.