Holiday Decoration Competition

Thursday, November 30th

We got wind that our country friends down the hall were talking smack about our lack of holiday decorations and spirit! 


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We like to try to convince ourselves that we put up holiday decorations because we're just trying to spread July 20 PX line Carter in Corey and Audi PX line banged. Corey is that still the lines you know when I I'm very bubble there I. But I do know decorations. A war you know competition. Truth. Our studios to the building's pretty pumped up for the holiday lights a greater Rochester that we're doing this weekend and yet there's an ideal long. NASA light it display experience. It have fun at the vintage drive and so we kind of get the ball over all of get ready to Decker yeah I had that so many ideas in my had running for our studio. For a disease that yes I love it and so it's no there's batter holiday party is next Wednesday it I'm just so upon that we're gonna have some good good stuff. And yesterday I I saw that whatever stations it down the hall the country about invoked on the Hong yet had. Their studio all decked out as of yesterday how dirty done I was so stoked I went to TJ down the hall and she had put up this lad. At church Greek Mike filled with lights and there's a little cut out. And under at like it looks awesome what is the latter Trie a latter to sell its its. It's a pitcher sting utterly governors and ladder and kind and let your man you climb up. Latter an extended avenue rap like surrounding it so it looks like. History. You. I was still I was gonna think that's the main thing. You're Corey genes message on FaceBook site. Yeah there was there are some whispers. Little birdie told us that yeah they were rock you're talking some smack. About our lack of holiday spirit meg in the fact that they are done. They have other decorations up and their studio by the way. It's easy to decorate your decorations are made from red solo cups in Jenny like Sears where and empty shotgun shells and never saying. The we have no. Christmas spirit and listen listen. And pod to carry out you have no idea what's come before him off friends and you know I do yeah. So yeah. So. They have it first doesn't mean it's gonna be better you just wait what I have planned for us and I'm excited to hear this sort of get that adds. For our decoration yeah. We're gonna abstinence or grand trees we're gonna have pineapple tree look at where going to be the sitting down below to come to bounce once like Lola. Did you just say. Pineapple street shirt day. You know Laura I have a tree. I'm and sure it's. It is here Corey this is huge Christmas decorations. It's so easy. It's a couple. Misses nothing no no huge this year. No there's no way that is it that it decorated pineapple. For the high. You just got to trust me here and sentence them consent well. Are you just got to trust he'll be mega traditionalists can't bring a get out of three and Christmas tree. All real current mystery out what not that I mean that's got to the basics here Corey I don't know if you noticed but were considered. The cool kids alcohol. When I am a real tree in the studio now. History and Aristide out in the trust department got a and I was decked out cruel list. Cool is decoration. In the build and made. I'm my own decorate talk at all my energy into this Taylor distrust I want to you and I wanna believe you. Lot of decorating a pineapple. At the decoration for Christmas period. Sounds like. Crazy nonsense it dies and I yell back out and trust me core I am a decoration. Expert got from my grandfather he taught me since I was very young how to make sure it looked like Christmas holidays for well all over your house kind. I can decorate anything and think that's a volleys he's so don't worry I got this he's got to trust with pineapple yeah. Which I Apple's. Don't you Corey we are going she knew half the greatest studio everybody's gonna wanna be made up our studio in Texas holiday spirit and a tablet and six soundtrack. Some pineapple tree sure great idea let's say the holidays in our studio don't like the one death all the golf I can't be amazing stay.