Hitting on Women at the Women's March

Thursday, January 18th

There's a major women's march happening this weekend in Seneca Falls and one of Megan Carter's "friends" is seeing it as more than an opportunity to support the cause...


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That's the theme for this year scored eighteen women barges that are traveling all over the country this week. This weekend at the Kennedy when he your city club in Chicago Washington. One frightened that applies. Where the women's national historic park as Obama without Panama so yeah. Steve kicks off her record and adding if you slap him. Maybe it's like an ignorant got a question but I'm content surely genuinely curious yes men are Latin modality that but. June during the eighties so my first time I'll get a legal entity so I'm kind of the marching virgin. Up OK but what I am what I understand is that it is gathering of awesome women with good at and TT. Look back to see the progress she made is here and get excited about it and then. Keep your eyes on the prize and reminding everyone that we still have our team there's going to be speakers were going to be marching from elementary cesium. Present a false. Thousands of did you beyond them unsigned it's that's pretty fun energetic and pack all my essentials because I've never done when they come. Tonight a forty degree at them and a packet on the charm is. That make the science Friday don't drink I'm like I did get a little you know island. Eight yes I have you know make. My shirts great holiday concerts there and it's become really really amazing time for analysts went to the one last year and I'm going to be meet up with heard she's. Like so excited I mean doesn't it. I remember watching on TV the one in DC evil ones all over the country last year and it it was an impressive show force that is certainly was that. He is coming from the comments surrounding area like it's gonna be amazing. Amazing turn out at you funny how I'll policy diesels on these that if you lot to search for ninety ticks like that like. And then I think everything kicks off at 10 o'clock on Saturday night sell ads gonna be crazy I am. Where a parking all that fun stuff but that's why am. Just going figured out Lee's art is not not a concern. Not to be awesome and I'm excited for him and I'll announce the the thing that's near and dear to your heart so it's gonna be cool to argue Bronson like minded people yeah. And I thought. All my god he's scared when I come back a lot and black. Phil actionable did you did you not 810 o'clock PX YZ text like 698 teach you weren't you my friend might. I talked to me for ever but he's the guy who helped me move that one time and leaked and you last. Yeah he lets you the character he just texted him a little while ago to see even going to the way it. Went well why don't. Nothing mere about the producers column ideas on right now might I. The last person on earth that I would think it's a feminist. Colin yeah. Lawrence earlier evidence to verbally and women you know I mean. It's gotten a exists. Yeah I mean in the bigger and read an error there. This. League you're just passing it. No army and all I will order all. Out there and you're gonna get me in Munich. Darren what are you bet I'm guessing you probably shouldn't say. When your eyes surrounded by a thousands of feminists looking to not become anymore. I mean let's and a bird's eye and be right where apparently you weren't what we agree. Guys are eLearning but I mean. Like they're going to be the Michael what people in there. So quite fair play don't like you honestly. The majority women they're going to be totally like single letter of you I. Okay although. We support the cause or you just go on marriage and blank crippling projects. Well I mean look they're they're they're wearing it. You know what I mean sort of like I'm dues by going where the target. You're gamers don't get it there's no car radio met face him. Hitting bottom a bunch of women at a women's rally. I might be a bad idea or. Nobody there is no word if there weren't any Arab altogether there clearly barrier when it anyway. Coming here I mean I actually seeing him and otherwise if they're not like lesbians. Dots that's and he. Actually never heard it stated that more on your method that you know there's no way to get it art or your wife murdered. Word on the more than one month is are you are definitely I'm now. Rover's. Ability Gergen Arab leaders or their. I. You don't cave in your lap. You know in. Real. I would are the cards are available. Here it merely. You know and you know what. You'd let you do this result okay like you you know them aspect by parent burned out by OK York account all the. I can't wait to see. A crowd at this march just shot the crap out of you. Yeah outrage they won't be able like lo Duca. And at the funeral mega O I wanna know crises there I don't know end. I don't know no really you view. Now you know you love that you love them or pretend there. Though. The guys not real live regret. Women want real. Short and has been real. I and never I don't 'cause I you adoption. Now let's get employed Rio and it does that the world does not fair.