Hitting on a Bartender

Friday, March 2nd

CK from the Night Show popped into the show to share some of his insight when it comes to being hit on as a bartender. 


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Steve XY and Audi PX lies the snow continues to come down still a travel advisory in effect until 10 AM. But she can't tonight's shot and I did and all all evening Michelle and I shelves okay now starter and create a brand here and I'm ruling out. Started seven it gets you instant picture I each life is all you like sitting in a nice day and with the fire dialing. Reading a book where smoking jacket yeah. Without smoking of course kilometer course that. Or they know he missed notes all of this story James Whitney young and yes he can for the nation with a steal and Al when he said get an update we're getting some tax. Winning got public access to tax plan six and eight CTO. I mean we documented the soccer. I love your your dating life I now for the past week amid the grievous error show sharing that idea yeah I never do that bad and never never and so he messed it. It all started last weekend. And let me. What does the bartender wouldn't Fallon laughs yeah. And then it was too chicken to give her number to them. Yeah now as I've said it just didn't film natural and that moment is right my number on the receiving smell like such a move ceded the natural thing stopping him on line and signing well. Let's not edgy that's an aggressive word we you know we have mutual friends fortunately says it was easy to find him from. Yeah he's an excuse for any situation bartender like if it doesn't feel natural to leave money right. Until natural. Natural to leave it to pay for my drink yeah exactly. But we. Doesn't mean basically I mean it is love connection. I'm on the show the other day and you guys are what Whitney refers to as. In text text it's nice touch they're not talking in tax intact. Exactly I get are getting tax the PX its attacks on six and two TO. Asking for the update when's the date when that happened and. Well. We don't have a date plans as of yet. As I give it your way. Out of days haven't created the not website you know the marriage website. Pictures sport don't you lie you know you didn't you know I actually do I have my wedding board and it is secret it's on private so no one can now about it let me lots on the yeah does bartender was so attractive within the fact that his hands were so sticky from the Beers. I think it after yet came out of the dress the way he poured it I don't know does something so sensual about it should seek that you like what are your son fossils is your parts and shore. And whenever I go at them are working I'm not in what I would consider an attractive. Outfit or. Moody and let it news. It depends like it an attractive move Obama into that you know in the mood to be social like you do especially when it's busy yeah so I just. Try and figure out what what was so what got you what what what split tipped me off but when did it when did everything I'm outside without Wendell Fuzzy in the this summit. And it's all started when I go into it you know it's a brewery and I'm not really a beer drinker and also I got it and I Carter Cosmo. First up as a bartender if you're that the nation's. The experts but I'm still sexy new city. I think it was army warning sign once he was charming re so and that became like a running joke kind of throughout the night than I was like elegant Margarito the second time round and then I pronouncement of the beard names are on my finally ordered Beers up. It was a running joke where why and he liked his proposed deal yeah. I don't understand all. I just I. What ever you know I was feeling I can't can't articulate at all considered one of the sales of feeling between you know what you think you know. And you million. Exactly com. But they didn't feel it leaving my number is ideally now announced today correct me if I'm wrong. I don't well I feel like that's just such an. A move like a cliche move to what to leave your phone number on their seat it's the first and only move ever invented when it comes to. When it comes to trying to get into relationship with somebody right Soledad there's nothing wrong with that is just like. As a guy bartender yeah. It's it's awesome because you get to go bragged to the other guy bartenders that you've got another number and zero. What's more that was my pick what's more port like your tips number are I never see if you get to number around above other guys especially while your working yeah. Eight you are you demand for the rest of for the rest of the shift at least he may you and the loser that night. Is it an. No I don't see that was part of my thing was like you know he is acute guy and I diet I don't wanna. Yet another girl that leaves my number another girl fat. Yeah. CK you're making a face some appear another girl because you were to Cosmo on the.