Have you ever sent your food back at a restaurant?

Friday, February 23rd

We heard some horror stories this morning. Find out what people said! 


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Would you and I'm earnings and you're moving back at a restaurant yet. Cash you have done it I'd do it again. Yeah I keep your slightest TP XY SanDisk Carter or worried they're still off today so it's you still stuck with dozens of windy for one more day. You have was the whole thing is a little bit. Time to remember I've done so many times while you're. Defender. Now you. It's still a onetime I can think it was a rat that was like a chicken wrap and ignore the wrong dressing on it and I was like that. Like this is the right honey mustard I want did the text next stressing according to a survey 3% of people. One send food that even if the entire thing was wrong so if you if you order a raft they needed to eagle yeah 3% of people Buick I'm didn't bagel now. I would if you ordered at chicken and neighbor rots. Shellfish and you have a shellfish out there well that's different that's that's well that's a super those 3% would just be like I'm just gonna die closer percent would be I wanna make it I mean yeah. Election they went yeah. They should be more you know confident with that yeah hmmm I don't think I would I'm terrified descent would back I was scared but I do it any. I've heard so many horror stories and I worked in the kitchen but I never actually experienced in the kitchen. On and if you met by the way if you work in the food service industry and you have stories about like maybe you've seen us. On we'll keep you anonymous you can always yeah Collison to an end but to do 29800. Or icons taxed 269822. I get a hair in my soup like two weeks ago. I was on vacation. And I just you know that. You can compartmentalize. Things your mind and I kind of just said okay. I don't have enough money left you know it's this is it the soup tastes delicious. Instead put the hair over here it's gone it's gonna say outlined and I hate it dress does it look Canada hair we talked about. What you mean I got there was I mean. Look curly of the three inches long and what was released from someone's had it wasn't like from somewhere else I don't know Curley and how what color as a black. It isn't in accountable care of it is. It's like get because like if it's a blacker if it's a dark haired and you don't know where consumer questionable connections that they give it. So I was on the took a trip to Iceland about two weeks ago. And which is why I was like I had no money left back have to eat this you know. And the reason that it was actually kind of concern in his everyone there has blond hair yeah. I was like are there was a little more conservative when it comes around what I would I would never send it back. And it's probably just it's probably paranoia. This kind of pond the you have with with someone you put a lot of trust issues that trust is one of the word with someone and when you're ordering from restaurant. Well and I guess maybe I've lack of trust issues is that this. I don't know. That's that's quietly if I want to send food backer or find Michael late this I actually ask for this. I do it as politely and kindly and you know with as much courtesy as possible. Because I'm definitely apparently about that you I've heard the horror stories and right. Also just have a horrible fear of like food poisoning so I definitely would be scared but. One jerk and an again like if you work in the food service industry give us a call TTG 9800 I'm wondering. How rude you have to be in order for someone. To mess with your food like is it they used you send it back period or is it that. You are total jerk. Someone this accident at 69822 and it's that it worked at a place and they did see it cook did a guy is meal in the grease trap. Because he sent it back. And this stuff happens. Okay my my question my follow up question my goodness what. He's our it was a it was a problem on to earn my vote question is sun. You know was this guy right like did he do something to deserve this horrible punished. TD just say I'm sorry my orders rush we've currently got it wrong it shouldn't be. The person who ordered it they should be there all if they got it wrong. I don't know someone yeah I agree I agree someone calls just accidents that once the busboy throughout a customers' food that they had wanted wrapped up and they just. And out of the trash and boxes of anyways you know this is why this is why just you know it all my tools and work Hamburger Helper. I mean I just never gonna go out to dinner again yet either I will not go to dinner with you together peanut butter sandwiches for the rest of my life life its allies we're talking a second ago about would you adverse and your food back. At a restaurant and or are you afraid that people might mess with your food and some would Texan and at 69822. They use we're gonna restaurant scene at the cook ended up dipping a meal. That was sent back into the crease trapped and we hit it anywhere from nations that we we have run the line now. So we got to know silly this guy that. It's at the food back you cities in the back three times. At a certain time. A couple of Matt anything that didn't agree chaplain is actually the funny thing and the customer who thought that it was the act or act. I. That's funny. Extra grease added flavor so my question is like OK yet the guys in the back three times was he polite not a lake oh I'm sorry it's still an operator was he being a jerk. Acting cute injure I wouldn't. It. OK it was as an isolated incident or do you see this a lot throughout you know your time the industry. OK let's get it makes you feel about a little bit. She manages your chances are better and so lowered the capital the last business and then three times three times a charm and didn't it didn't insult them yeah yeah her saying I'm not. What we're gonna have a great zoom ring. Ready against my.