Harvey Weinstein is a Creep

Wednesday, October 11th

Audio from an interaction with an Italian model from 2015 has gone viral and it's all too relatable.


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I'll Harvey Weinstein. The floodgates are out au prince shot one of gross gross dude it doesn't. It makes me it makes you feel dirty to be a man I get really does so guess who else has jumped on the straight about Harvey Weinstein. And I'd be dozens of women who have come forward to claim that he sexually harassed them over. Thirty years. Two powerhouse is jumping and Bo who can't would have culture out you know and Angelina Jolie. Well said they had bad experiences with are realizing their youth and got Gwyneth Paltrow that happened when she was 22 years old and just got the role of a month. Which of the hour amber was kind of break out role in and had. A counter all that allegedly added with Weinstein stated in his hands on Gwyneth Paltrow and suggesting homicides. And that she later said that she told her then boyfriend Brad Pitt which I totally forgot they gain that's right here. Remember that indeed and yes she told Brad ten about it and Inky apparently confronted by CNET a film premiere I'll put your hands on my girlfriend and cat and that he ended up screaming and quit it with bad news and you know cheap was critical expected to keep the secrets according to. They he claims she meet the New York Times just yesterday. And that Angelina Jolie in an email that she had a bad experience with Harvey Weinstein quote in my youth and as a result chose never to work with him again and more and others when they did. This behavior towards limit any field any country is unacceptable. A source says that after the incident in a hotel room Angelina Jolie refused to be affiliated are participating in project film anything else having to do party lines in this not just creepy this. Terrifying the fact that this was held under wraps and this is not gotten out until just now he's thirty years allegations. How like how. All I know he's a powerful guy. How would you have that much power re able to keep. This. From getting to the public and oh there was kind of whispers but they're cell Manny and you what was and is read now another three women have come forward saying that. I hit that he breaks that didn't. And this is this is shocking and it it really is. And and again once buying you know once one person comes board and I guess it's that a lot of the woman feel comfortable enough that all right it's time. And they're jumping onto a so who knows. More than this line is going to. And do you hear the audio that The New Yorker put out. Isn't likely. It's almost like the class back to the Donald Trump tape that came out over a year ago with Access Hollywood and pat you. Is audio that was recorded by. DT there is. Two ways I believe 22 year old Italian model at the time and this is. She actually was. She reported that she was groped by him. Earlier Luka and police sent her back in after an investigation to record audio and hopefully catch him in the act word has is that she got too scared and ended up leaving me when investigation but she did record audio. Of her next encounter. With Harvey Weinstein and it's just a my car it's been in this is like 2015. This is drops. I don't even know who can. It's just timid blog and I don't know button at the minute 44. Hmm let's see how log report thanks meet up for a tap out in this I don't know and make it through the whole thing but if it's just a confrontation. Between Harvey Weinstein and I. In model amber about the Nike tear us from 2015 yeah. What ulyetza yeah I mean immunity challenges. Yeah bar yeah. You mustn't even now. Please I'm. Jimmy V. It's. Kind of aggressive trying to do I know personally I mean why is. I was pleased thinks we're just sit beneath the Paris. Police it's. One minute. He's doing. If you lose you I want. Yeah it was yeah. You don't humorous news I'm not a panacea it's. Difficult for small and you don't have a relief. The reason I'm not gonna do this for my children. Everything. Coming out and one minute you wanna do when it comes to my wife isn't very much. Brings. These searches when in his eyes for a hundred years. Yeah. Yeah. He's. Not want to. This. Yeah so it's time. You never do it's five minutes going through your friend he replied that's. It's. I have one. I'm. And I made it through the entire thing I have goosebumps. And I feel not so it's freezing I feel dirty. Listening to correct her it's it's every form of manipulation that you've you've ever heard Avi tries to filter into I don't embarrass me. A famous guy can manually by mid and never seeing me again that he may she did your hear her say like you grabbed me NC he's like I'm sorry I'm used to that. So we'll do it again that he beat him but there. The level that would release a gutsy Meghann was. The line of I won't touch you I swear on my kids yeah. I don't bring your teens into your gross behavior. This is this is just discuss. I don't feel like I have. Yet there's everything wrong with that Catholic I don't how many times or are you it's not from a young age no means no. But at the same time I does it not then. Here's the sad thing is there's probably many many many women listening right now. Who can relate to that I think that's why it's so creepy who have heard. Those things don't embarrass me to now that the guilt trip legacy and you know you may you and doesn't tell us out of make us in making missing person a lot of clinics a sad because they're ultimately who looked horrible low and so right out of latest embarrassment. I mean but whatever that's kind of beside the point. Again it just admit it hurts on the inside. Just that that guy. That's what he would do and that's just one instance and that obviously by the things we're hearing that's one of the lesser things that he did can you all imagine. No I don't want to I don't think any of us once you buy it. Why the spirit is a gross looking guy yeah. Slot and now he's like sweaty all the tie Amy you know I always like screaming. And always that it's a joke how Harvey Weinstein it is is flexible as he does seabirds. All in on and everything Harvey Weinstein you just screams that everybody you know he's Sarah fighting force of nature is disgusting and treats women like this. I love whom I forgot who who said it thumb. Colin Firth was the actor who said that on each city quote Harvey is a frightening man to stand up tea. Even hands thing that isn't just. Just him doing this to women misses him intimidating everybody loses and that's and that's the only way I guess. He's been lucky with an arrest for so long that no longer to that. Now not after that in fact I it was just announced yesterday that his wife Georgina Chapman is going to be leaving him she came out with a statement that said she's going to focus on her two little children that she has with him. And wishes that the media would give her some space and some time. Yet she announced I'm finally achieved and ditched in the mouth right term being former former model now he only got fashion designer. Is GUI. And she's gorgeous and skirt clothing line it's gorgeous U I wonder how that's going to be affected and she's. English. And you have a slow hot wife who has a cool accent highest. I. Issues predicts. I'm Obama and Simon I think for acts. Let's. Get don't worry story meg and several media outlets are reporting that he has now entered a treatment center outside of the last. For sex addiction so Dempster will be cured some actors every time that's that is sex addiction that's evidence. Acts on a sound impressed with you and you made president routes. Sounds gross but I think it's important here and recognized like that stance not a canyon mall and in in for any guy and that's listening to that. No line on my view some of these lines. And as a sign. Inside this woman is cooler pleading Libby out of this room. Yeah letter golf and it's not that difficult is. It's really not yeah I know that super Perot secondly that happened back in women is an old thing. It went again later tip because that's been the biggest story that pins. Not a game we just need a shower insult right here writes here's the indians' spring mean the thing I need.