Guilt for Not Voting

Wednesday, September 13th

How many people who were not registered as a democrat felt guilty for not being able to vote in the mayoral primary?


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Sir and from yesterday's. Democratic mayoral primary the mayor of Rochester lovely war and the massive victories 64%. Another look turning up for her compared to 21% Virginia Jeff virtual about 15% the direction Barnard. And embrace the good news the fact that voting went up toll 5%. From Tony 3% got that little to do your entry yet. I know so 25% of registered Democrats actually came out yesterday just about half one and fourth. You know considering you know America islands how great our reputation is for voting you know it's our right to challenge. We can do for us when yeah. I'd see you know what you're right it's it's maybe not a complete but it's a little steps to care sound. Canada for these high I can't imagine for these candidates. What that must feel like we need put so much of yourself and these campaigns and we've been keeping an eye on this for months now. That that's the turnout making it when you put in so much effort and that especially. When you think about the two that fell short and in of course. Didn't win about oil and my favorite quotes from the press conference is ever held after the election actually came from. From Tim shepherd who when he was asked how would he do it differently I would win yeah. As for guys like every coach for every sports team needs to take a page out of his book. I'm Clinton yeah. It's got chest still lie. Like you could of or the ball a bit more into many different each digitally he had went that's tomorrow. Wonders this morning legally can have been hearing these results people actually care. My group of friends are really invested in this in this race you're really into and me to the dairy and over the weekends. Like we are getting together and having the eggs and discussions and debates about the processor. Primary but if you're up from Rochester to you live in the suburbs if you live outside interest in Monroe County how much is this really matter to Yale and deliberately right. Hopefully you can even vote and it between the mount Sinai and how much does this matter to you Rochester if you're not registered Democrat or if you're. Not you know invested in the mail are always trying to appeared if you're too young to care or. If you're you know not register if you register independent registered Republican did you. This I don't know if I'm registered Democrats I I did you know and it looked in the city and I did but I under you know maybe and just so solid isolated. My group but maybe we. Did care and that's why I was only twenty text at up and he can't out. I'm I'm registered independent on so I couldn't vote and I capital guilty about that because I don't care how it's adjusted. Honestly I'm probably an outline and comes of that sentence every election changer parties should. Independence is surely to be a it's sure it's completely noncommittal on that he's got Corey that's the consent of that's reason why but I only did it makes it makes you feel like if you pick. Outside that you have to vote the party line even obviously I know. Yeah so where and you can in and yell at your probably right it's probably stupid that I'm still independent of the missing out. On an opportunity for these primary that's the exact reason why I registered once. Beaten to be able to vote in primaries is that how you work from the beginning to get a crack that. Their efforts because when I was eighteen and registered nine I. Don't know that that's stopped side note written down on eighteen years old who don't and knowing Tia. Metal box TV and see who I think is the coolest that's gonna vote for NASDAQ and I was eighteen so now. That's why it why I. Holiday host and educated voter I got lucky. On that when your demeanor that young of there's a lot of people who aren't like me cord young it is kind of feel like. It's got a need to so whether you look at. That's part of the problem I think they wonder why a lot of people didn't go out and vote now I know you're much more educated on the issues but doesn't it. Thank god you are not being able to go see some. Ultimately you're invested in this Fredricka as well dug in for the out. I was torn about that you're. And then it all independents you actually cared. We're allowed to go out evo to try to counteract all the Democrats sent home town of and it might be a different at the Rochester. I I think maybe it's this. The situation isn't set up fairly if your independent actively should be allowed to vote either because you don't know what you are that you're invested in bull. If I'd like about it. The Indy if you're independent you are currently in the more I guess party I know yes under its own car I got. Yeah I picked it up it's not. If you're registered independent your part of the registered independent or working families party yet she's. Which of course. It's it's kind of a cop out really isn't it relief in this country yet and it's it's like. It's at the top I understand it. Considering we know how many times does someone actually from that party actually when anything gets up you know I'd. This is inspired me I'm gonna change. Minute change to I don't know I just. That's so yeah. That's the case that you know I'd just like how people went from 23% showed up devoted point 5% of the vote that's not only lets buttons at the stat I. Saying that everyone who is registered independent is a cop how I'm not saying they're letting people who are absolutely. Sign up to be part of that party and registered under the app party because they agree with those party lines and they have found themselves aligning with those candidates. Hello our. There are people out there just like you or you're like yeah. So all that's unlike our I. Look at look at your life looking your priority is looking at which parties that mean the most steel and and get yourself a chance to register in line with the party. That makes most sense to use and then you didn't and these primary fund invests in music and that liquid. Are you slow and planning your guests and a collapse I know when you're okay.