Grand Romantic Gestures are Creepy

Wednesday, September 13th

An English man's attempt to win back his ex is being deemed creepy, stalkerish, and abusive.


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And it wasn't a full our romance is now officially attached the steam PX line with Carter in Korea and Saudi PX lie. But rather with the reactions. From people are happening. To just heartbroken and I try to win it. And he's just loud that I eakins stocking and you're Aaron had that big story first. Fires me up okay itself this guy who was dating a girl called for four month. Very serious relationship. And they broke out in huge decided to try to win her back he is going to do a round the clock public performance. On his piano. So this man senate is instrumental was in a park. And us that he is gonna not he was gonna keep playing until us next decided to take him back. Now am I think broke could it be that it's because he hates everything about himself. Could that be it. How is about and see the you can change your behavior. Or change your bad just she's playing putt for par and badgered. You back into this relationship cannot. How many women would look. Bob. If there's significant other would do some kind of ran the public gesture. To show how much. They care for them. Lot to be stopped and bothered as aunts and dated for Dan builds those terms make you cringe this is okay yeah. Maybe you haven't had the experience and the violent ex boyfriend or have been stopped before or how do you clears and admitted you know that's okay. That's the thing I can maybe can explain to me. How is this stock knuckle it it just let me tell you in my mind when I think of stocking. I think of the guy in the bushes. At nighttime peering into her win dollars and. Bringing her unwanted attention that she does not watch the hitter went crazy trying to figure out. Who she was why they break up which one is say he's bringing your all of its unwanted attention just because she. He wore this. For a long this is in the UK but even here every week if you don't date to ice it a DU. That's okay pat. You are right to badger her into doing something out what makes the infuriated. Is not only that this is. Bert like borderline abusive behavior. Using pursue but in this happens all that this is manipulative controlling behavior especially in relationships where you hot. Anybody who's gotten out of a terrible. I'm verbally abusive or mentally abusive relationship it's is clear cut signs of control issues. This is a clear 'cause I don't I need a badger her into getting back with me even a part that drives me insane Democrat does it saying if romance is dead and this is let me take this just a poor bullion love. This guy's name is Luke. What her name was Lucy. This did not hold a gun romantic and I love this is not there. I didn't yeah. Greatly broad played in the industry was gonna boil is rather excellent tracks it. I don't necessarily agree. Do I I know there are a lot of double standards in this world but I don't think that's necessarily one of them might use Howard abusive in stalker. About what this man did they do and I think that's a disservice to actual abusive and stalkers spectators this is what is this what this guy and Ira port. That is an abusive sex it's familiar signs of male controllers and he's sure he's bringing unwanted attention to her in a tent. To bother her and better back into. Does relation to this this may be misguided this may this may be not what he should have done I can agree with that but I'm not gonna pile lines it is guys stalkers or abusive because of the simple fact. That once he realized he was praying this time it's not hurt he stopped once he realized that she was becoming embarrassed and it was damaging to hurt that. And he saw no he stopped when overnight at 4 AM. A patron who was tired of all this punched him in the happened. That's when he steps that. Also happens yeah this is the small deep but he claims that the real reason was not based punching shore but expected to bring her undo it I. Women are just tired of men being lead and you can't win your so icky well were alleged to boo you only on your terms. Just tired of beating treated like property the you can let up with a little boy stole your full ball and you why aren't enough that they'll get into action. It's annoying and let you outlined his get it back for not a piece of property playing at a park. 24 hours a day is not gonna get us back sending us barges and barges up hours after flowers at flowers at the flowers is not willing is back that's a form of blackmail piano playing is black all black since the grand on gestures on wanted. Done in the name of oh I'm just trying to win you back is blackmail and manipulative and control and I don't I don't. Think that's the the intention ever and I I can I could see your point. That's not the intention on Tony what this guy I was feeling we've all been through this re experienced corporate insure whatever is four months and then whatever big deal. You could fall pretty hard for somebody pretty quickly. What his feeling was that heartbreak and that need to. To try and express how you feel and make sure that person knows exactly how you feel and that was all he went about it so maybe misguided may be annoying to the public that I can agree on the. And knowing where I'm punch to her that he has spoken about how he feels there's plenty of ways to use that as a rational adults there are. Face to face there is there's tax. There's. Ways to say how you feel. If she says no. I'm sorry. I still don't want you back effect not give you the right after her it. There's never an instance where you need to fight for relationship. If she does she doesn't want you ego that dine. By doing you're making all of that you keep me all about him by doing for you know there are girlfriends. Does now exist now and they hadn't carriers have just done. I don't know that's gonna really take out via on the guy got punched in the face in the park I don't know that's going to be as great calling cards. Telling the brightest bulb. And now I honestly. I don't care even if he says like oh this is an act of it's a creepy intimidating act of love that women do not mean it could we say we don't view it you pay. We want to be with you need to keep it lean muscle. Meet us for playing your department is cry gas just let alike like their photos and it's gonna incessantly like rest and treat these doctors to. Seriously. If that woman playing in the park all Mike can I cheating in Najaf and crazy insane lunatic on my goodness you Lenny boiling you should make in the crazy eyed face has been made the exact same thing exactly my point exactly about labor I'll get haircuts. Get a haircut he got the park my dad.