"Goofy Cute"

Tuesday, May 22nd

Have you ever described someone as "goofy cute"? It's the phrase Whitney Young used to describe Pete Davidson and how it's possible he was hooking up with Ariana Grande. 

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Never heard this before I don't think it's staying being. Movie cute. Teams get a supply the hi Dottie PX lies greed James Whitney Young. Biting her on dad rarely is starting we've done for Mac Miller yet I was really glad now it is up program this month. And now she's moved on with SNL cast member. Pete day. This Scott lake edits this official said but I don't care this is kind of like when you look down the street. And you see someone who's incredibly attractive. And then you look at the person who hold their hand them their walking left and just. This doesn't seem. Sleaze thing. How. How funny how funny is he. All I did you notice that's attractive woman yeah walking with a guy is not attractive. Is it can definitely go about an android and seen I've DX now well this is kind of how I felt when I but I saw that are in a granddad. Was dating Pete Davidson legged debt is not sit well Larry it's very funny yeah. He's not the most attractive guy. Put it nicely. I think he's. You in a goofy way you drew and he. Movie right because well he he recently got his teeth fixed and now he's a little bit. You feed out got a little bit who snowbird and it's. Got once. Kind of I like that and I was smile whenever you face that's enough about. Please let the right now and I think he is key notes. And I didn't have you ever used the term goofy Q4 are you dating someone who's goofy Q. You think is actually or an insult that a compliment like ides you know it's it's possibly kind of a backhanded compliment yeah today's knowledge that absolutely. Let's look at Arianna grannies dating history a case hated. Mac mail her pool. I am just not missing anything that you didn't get it knocking the number the guy that things and happen while for instance. And no he got did you lie apnea that's been a rough rough week or two. She dated big Sean and let his music. Not try particularly. Attracted to them. And now be David's and so in comparison Pete Davidson. It is really the best looking bottle how many come and get her this. She's got range. She definitely doesn't. Every respect and that that there's a difference you're cute it's kind of funny because I think he's like 64. And she's like 51. That kind of funny tip not another I just again at that she might go for it saying Courtney was like well. Goofy here. But I'll not be happy about that I'm reading a all right Allan feast like and since o'clock. Yeah. They have referred to a guy is groupie you it means a game think of some women that would that would meet this site to use there's not as a public. You know you don't like because. You call a woman goofy cute. They would just be insulted immediately at the border which to me where it. Keep thinking of somebody who's maybe kind of like. It's funny cast slapstick heat like Chris DeWitt would be a good example 'cause she's pretty and she's cute but she's like. Do feel like makes goofy move now no because he's still just pretty. She's goofy to Somalia and is that she's funny and pretty solid goofy you know we as a nation. Also quirky just the tractor feed you happen to the judging by her like she's just tricky to see your judging it based in the personalities Lucille Ball. I'm fox. The snowball too hot spot Saturday yeah. Yeah I don't know you're you're you're just saying funny women. Or just egg flooding expected and let it be somebody who's serious don't think. Now. I don't know I'm just looking at Pete Davidson like as a I'm looking at the stick it looks could go for these guys tech look and look at other goofy looking guy who's not allowed to say that. Goofy looking guy I actually know I would not classify you as goofy tee I would not classify you is giving you. Cute. Imply is certain. Blake. I'm out there every guy's three in his ear off oil and I don't think we know lottery actions to be. Of good character it's award you reported David. I thought you are a result of more than I do that just don't find quite a question how he's on the on SNL he's making millions of dollars and he's dating are at a crowd he's fine now. Still goofy cute.