Going on Your First Road Trip

Wednesday, May 23rd

There's no better way to find out if a relationship is going to work than jumping into a car and going on a road trip with someone! But when is it the right time? Corey James says as soon as possible, Whitney Young thinks you should wait a little longer. 

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This sooner you do this in a relationship. Negative TP XY and not get PX like curry James Whitney young and talking about. Road trips vacations. You're approaching what could be on your very first. Relationship models and been talking to a guy who or what now like 25 months civilians had been talking. Just talking. You told them. When the commitment they think we met. We did in February because we we did the sold via thing on the shell went on yesterday met him through the shots are. I didn't meet him through the shell ball beat you had a ballot and the meat called you'll suddenly saw him at the British. And the things that I think yeah go well yeah. Slowly progressing right at a at a glacial that's the only way that it works for me otherwise I freak out and a light. So you eye on things have been moving it is very nice comfortable pace for me and my anxiety and as an. He brings up the idea. Of a road trip down a road trip. And it's not that. A road trip I mean it's not anything against road trips. It's just so you could go wrong. Thank you always expecting the worst to happen by the what this text is not helping. Person taxing and the club gigs let's attacks line at six thank you to think that's how people get murdered. And not. At the or even when I'm worried the homers his lyrics like the last thing on my mind oh god totally knows this is the big I mean I know the bully and I. You know we've been hanging out for quite some time and if you like a noun you know we've hung out alone at night if you gonna murder me it probably would happen and plus by the way. Your significant other can murder you at any. Yet on a road yes you're never say the apartment. Hunt asked a I'm not so well it so you right now I feel like you should be dating somebody. Leak at least six months before you because there's so thinking oh Ron. OK let's let's talk this out again it is joining us Whitney is once in freaking out. It's gonna know all my terrible deal parts. You spent more. Hours with me we don't. I told him when he asked if I would wanna go literature I said where he's already wanna go on ice and well on the block is that yeah. Nearby destinations because you don't know if you can handle mail link via my neighbors. Let's go to. Port. So I can't. Really what can go wrong what are you so worried about what if things weren't as your mind goto. What if you hate your music when they your music and. Purchasing music you hate. Things to talk about and it's a long drive to take on a destination that is far. And it stuck in this really awkward situation for hours possibly days food poisoning and that you're in the same hotel from your driving yet. Bob your got worse like so they can go well. And gory so many things can go on and Assad just feel like at this week. You should wait until you know you. Whole entered your married to children's literature. I don't know I'm running a poll unfazed black and 4% of people said you should wait a why don't help. As opposed to like. Okay. Assad the food poisoning date a lot of those things lead as mentioned they're taste in music and had things to talk about. It anything this is an amazing it. Test of your relationship to see if you guys are actually compatible actually it should be the other eagle on the road trip but and terrible that all these things go awry. That's auditioning together and here's the thing at least you know earlier air earlier on he could stop wasting your time to deal away. If you buy this stuff. A year and a half down the road you voice an entire year out of your life when you could have easily have gotten this all figured out. Right in the beginning. Like we go I go back to you know good things take time and things growl and blob of black lake you know they could get to a point where. Maybe maybe you're supposed to wait until you know. You're more comfortable Larry leg I don't know all I don't know all. It could be like jumping the gun in and then you get into a situation too soon it's too much too fast too soon. Okay you've been talking since February yes and in time I agree that's not time that stuck out like Texas right now clicks not NET two if you think. Bet it's time right now is time do not do not believe this road trip for another moment and I'll meet today. You know to detect fluent elegant looking and talking not open. And objects lets you text like I did. 206 hour trip that Denny got for a month came back broken up that decorate. This on my husband and I didn't go on her first road trip until we were together for six year. We still that why. Did you know that yeah well here's the big glory. You on a road trip with your best friend and it can be a miserable time because it's too it's a lot. Together I mean it's a lot of time together and once you get on the road. You're in it for the long haul literally your stuff I mean I really might not be the enemy I say I mean seriously seriously. Light. Either one that's like why did we do this all filer agreeing on something out your duty not 800 filth from Naples is teen PX why should Whitney go on this on this road trip with her polite. Are you favorite Arnold and I were. Well I think it is O port. And they have or there. Yes things can happen at any at any point in time if you've been together longer your little bit more comfortable and then you don't panic if some of these things come up like let's say my helmet on my big fears is food poisoning I. Poisoning on the record with someone like recently started dating. And there's no quicker way to find us what is actually in the year note that if you get through pointed out. And it's our odds. Are very important thing in my life I've well today model and their morning. Then there an at bat. Eight here our our. Exactly. Generals. So all of you grilling really view it ain't. You don't Wear your stationary car and upn has let you'll some extra and. Bill. Well appreciate the neighbor that you're over your Olmert they were. Both Kyle is up only should he go on this road trip. It also. Purposely get food place. See how he reacts sexy. At a really sketchy or us.