Going Through Your Old Phone

Wednesday, January 17th

If you keep your old phones, it's kind of like keeping a time capsule of your life. Recently Megan Carter was going through her old Blackberry when she ran across something from her past she didn't expect! 


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Yeah. It's not New Year's resolution. Get your life together Notre Dame hasn't thought yet no other I outlook on a lot of people still sticking to resolutions might can streamline my life. I think there's a lot of us to my deep clutter diss tracks for being mean here and a lot of people who. Britain recognize my Marie Condo challenge that's yes that's right. So well I'm excited over the weekend as the long weekend that I was going Q what do you make little digital back up. Back up all your photos from your all your different devices are clean and now and then put them Sidon organize them and blow up. And almost got the only thing I need it with pictures from my old friends that I have. Well why smoke at first question why do you still have fire a shot. Of the ones where I don't how did take pictures. Can I put the pictures up then I'll get rid that I have two phones one of them is my very first iPhone. That I got when I was making day in 1998 PX lie and and it the other one was eight got grimmer when a Blackberry. Pearl well yeah another best thing I have ever. And ditto on the phone was the worst spot in what year was that Kelly is and why I was on picks for her know I was fun. It was right after I graduated college it was like first critical Smartphone OK so I was like 06. Yeah definitely more than ten years ago it was the first phone I had I can't. On so she's did all hold a British not the best quality pictures but. Curious to see what was on you know a little check back in time total current interest in word back your old phone. From your very very early money is what went beyond that but lots question yeah. Aren't you pure. Yeah I know I have mine before completely different reason I missed a Porter and a pack rat and I say everything shall we help fix that. So it was a struggle to find a matching charger for I was gonna say that's the good would be the first thing that would be difficult. The charger then once it was shot excellent crop plumber and use this. Actor Oscar and then remember little track ball in the middle with broken found. So long story short after still almost an hour of fiddling with this thing figured out. Where the pictures work. Might slow this is a twelve year old found it's just smoothly downloading you'll only see like the I. You don't see that ball out isn't like the beginnings on the Internet and people try to watch porn and. It's not like 35 minute he's at a picture of extra I'm just gonna click on bought it and she get that says that Syria so now click on that. It loads. And loads a little small version of it comes up on a thumbnail cat. It. Likely to try to make it bigger. First. I tried just rolled out to get off the screen but Mike Lowell and got stuck and then. I was like oh my god that is eight. A mansion a young man. I managed to presume that he did it. Alert. And I'm here. A block of all the possibilities but all of them followed. I'm Sherry and we heard you're that age you talk of thousands of Bono. Don't technology. The line but I don't. I am on I don't wanna touch it and not touch app right. Only Thursday. Starts thinking he's kicking it. Like it's a guy who had a second I recognize that mole I don't let it I don't. I'd yeah you don't lose that in any why me. Like. I don't get any sounds at all. Arie cut that barely works where it is it. Lowly they're is that man's junk in my face them when I don't know. What the circumstance even ones behind you did you take this picture was this when that was sent I don't know. We didn't creature with sends to me that unsolicited to meet leaders don't know. I have to figure that out I had a question ma. But I did. Did you figure it out honestly I can't think attic. And parents. Did you have to inquire to figure this out and after I'll let alone can reach out right now. Talk to anyone. Well eat certain bartender works downtown is back Democrats. Just have. To send your.