Going to a Kids Movie Alone

Monday, June 18th

Do you agree with Whitney that it would be creepy for Corey to go to see Incredibles 2 alone?

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Yes okay. Absolutely nothing creepy. There's nothing wrong with going and seeing incredible still does not think bad about that here. It's time. To make some wrong things right. You bring back into the perceptions about superheroes and classic girl is our best play. Better than he did did. Classically. Once the already record breaking by the lack starting 880 million dollars just over the weekend on making it the highest. Opening for an animated film ever. You're right there there is nothing wrong with you going to see this movie Bret thank you as long as you don't go alone. That's weird that is weird for a 34 year old man to go right. To. Me glory. Stop isn't it children's movie debatable but it. Was I'm going and I'm sitting in a theater and I'm watching a movie what. It's creepy about that. Because it's just we live in a world unfortunately. Where for eighty. Me and groaning and to go to movie theater and those sick. Children's movie with outs. And they need to bring kids. Wearing a friend bring your girlfriend something on the children. That they're gonna under the Dana people who work. Want to even. And agrees the on this not. I think that that this is creepy people are already agreeing with me where to shoot united hundred got you excited to iCloud six that it YouTube put your head down nick. Intermittent race went on in his neck why. Why did I just feel like there are alternative options you know I mean I. A lot until I wanna see the movie in my literally my teens in Agassi like is the region element in his hand shot. It back I'm assuming right lights out. Well back corner now added well I sit in the middle like to the left. That's the spot. Why can't some explaining why the preview was wrong but that's nothing is wrong I'm going to movie amid sit down an offer that free candy like what we want. What are the. It's just. Weird IKEA so I can't articulated. By. I thought. You're living it. That's the role that island unfortunately I don't. I don't like if I hate that our world is like this I hate that we live in a world where you know an innocent harmless man can't all be by yourself the children's movie without being but. That is unfortunately glory that is the world that we live in and IE. Will not. I will not miss. Go back on this get this is how I feel about it I'm running a poll on Twitter are now I'm running able and face back. And as of right now 29% of people do agree with me that means so. Wrote this sad really that it can go and see a movie which by the way again debatable even a children's movies directly cannot fourteen years ago I don't more cans that are excited about. I do children literally want to. Hundreds. Good morning as this car note. Is this creepy. Now I don't think it creepy here and I am I'm warning I have I would go to it will be by my Al I mean and. In its print TV it's different for women don't you think you would be to do a little bit less not threatening parliament speaker herself at a man. Our parents and we just weren't aren't doing more. Ups and. TV hit or is it threatening to. At least I think. If anything you look at like really got a big hit about I think it'll be years well. There's I think you want to go enjoy them. Thank you did previously the movie would like his girls why. Your nephews lie. Well maybe you don't like appeared on it might as a wanna see it Allen isn't there something wrong with you know Sheila EU ST. Don't know a text are now but it doesn't matter who are rally. Thank you appreciate if some common sense on this show finally. So on about Herbert. That what you don't know god I would do and I'm pretty sure. Guys. So let's say you go to this movie and you're there with your kids and you see me sitting Mary gonna flee out of fry a guy. He's not engaged yeah. And now okay that's crazy yeah. Yeah I have a. It's not. An event McLaughlin good purpose of the human. It's it's unfortunate again Corey this is not a youth thing this is a cult that's the culture to society is it this is accessed as well as well yeah it's not sexist because men perpetrate as many as 94% of sexual offenses against children and that is why I never never shout never doubted that is what people are more suspicious now of men especially in a children's. Like setting scene. You know again a bullet that I capitol park. You apart I wouldn't go to playground by herself without money gone that's why that I would win the guy. The problem. I finished just a light wind but stressed out noting his slide. Actually it's probably that Horry also sit in the player and a McDonald's. Eat on about a hundred at demonstrate its mess those seats up to doesn't downloads just as good showed me.