Girls Will Be Allowed to Join the Boy Scouts

Thursday, October 12th

This is something the Girl Scouts are NOT happy about!


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Chip a proud moment for all women today are making Carter and Klein who do you like. Harvey know mode and I'll think I'll know when we're not proud I liked by the way I would. I've noticed the trend just wanna point is the click whenever I say something like that you always kind of reeled back. And do you. Like lyrics like you expect they obviously everything innocence positive thing and then you just kind of like. I. I cannot think of one thing or all Whitney can be like yeah sweet guy this there's always expects cone and Zelaya. I guess that explains always the cat's seat in comic that's in this on the boy scouts of America. Announced. They're gonna be admitting girls. OK so there's actually been an idea that spent in the making for you know a year now wanna say. And they finally made it official this gonna start next year. They're going to establish a new program for older girls based on the bush got curriculum. The values of scouting trustworthy loyal helpful kind brave on reverend for example on you know it's important for. Both young men and women to add to embody all of these things. So this is this groundbreaking. That's it. On so how it's gonna work is under this new plan is gonna be small units so the cub scouts I was a cub scout back in the day. We. They had your cup Scott did ends so that's like your little tiny group that's a small part so those are gonna be single gender so either all boys are all girls then the larger cub scout packs. At three all come together. A will be given the option to remain either single gender or welcome in both genders catch. Com. I had this stock. In. A most of let's. That. This is the first thing I thought. But this is Tony seventeen. And all roads lead to me and the odds it's affecting me and I'm not myself. And what's this mean for the Girl Scouts and more importantly. Million Iraqis are. I. Let us yeah. It's the Andre girl's gonna have been a better opportunities to do the same things that they if you're joining the rest of extra money you don't know how to cut and don't. I had any. It's no idea exactly you know why we now I'll god right. Feel bad saying a sell out. Listen I including this with quotes around it that it. Takes its audio throughout that gets recent act now to be founded with it. We don't need girl's custody where do you pay interest all and all that. I don't sniff out. Look at this they're actually have been studies done because they're there actually was the push back for this like I said this idea of letting girls on the Moscow. Has been around will wait to hear who pushed back its run. So there's been this idea for a little over a year now in the major push back came. From the women from the out but I guess those kids wanna join scouts sold are employed yet you narrowly it was all cookies they're able a study found that Girl Scouts tend to push more activities like art and yes selling cookie season ball Boy Scouts push more on science activities. An individual problems solving skills. He what I did when I scaled down attack the first federal wallet and for the Boy Scouts of America and add actually was a scouts at a giant scouts organization and I actually went down. It's like twelve years all's not at a meeting and she was a part of the scouts program where you could do you bowl. Where winds it was a unisex like you can do you bolts things. I wouldn't Girl Scouts slash boy scout she was a Girl Scouts was it was actually just discount program. And I thought that was the coolest thing in the world like and they got you there with me because literally it's twelve year old girls like keep me from freaking out I should be brave because. And being bred now like I literally I would freak out too. What you saw gasoline yeah. I write he had literally literally not. Adds I mean yeah there's a lot of different programs when it comes to scouts that I don't think a lot of people realize that it's not just like I'm gonna cut eaten. And Boy Scouts is gonna build tents at night and now there's a lot more skill sets and different. Derivatives of scouts. That people don't realize exist. Well there's that and then another one of the big factors that that really kind of made them decide to to push for this. Is. The ability to become an eagle scout for limits that's like the highest. Honor you can get my dad actually is an eagle scout. And that was one of the most that's like next to having me as a child of course probably the proudest moment of his life a huge deal. You know the equivalent for girls got talent there's not a lot of people don't. It's the the gold award. Is what they get out but it's not as prestigious and you put that I never heard a yes and he put that in your college resume and it's probably didn't carries much weight. In lot of people's minds sell that's the reason why they say aren't open this up and allow girls to do this Stahl. Your dad was an eagle scout guys Brill is still in this guy and that was like when its biggest things we have always growing up like all the growing up he was in scouts. And you know that's your hero and I know he had yet stopped after cops it's. That's the united cub scouts I was a boy scout for a hot minute in the industrialised that was informing. A crowd that was most disappointing moment in his entire yeah. Dan you and I wish it on your sister did. Crickets. Yeah I. I think actually. Now I think about it I think that's when I made the switch overnight it's not even joked that it lined up. And coached. Each. Wasn't there and I remember him like really in it and my parents like the bush people are still like even then suggesting an idea something is like. For normal people like them like screaming at you to do it yeah the equivalent. I remember him being like bush to commute trips. Yeah I would and one can each of my dad. And I remember getting freaked out because there was a spider in the can. And glory so it's and there. And words you aren't available are sorry I I wouldn't my dad threw me out that canoe into the water let me drown it wouldn't.