THE FEED: Wednesday May 23rd

Wednesday, May 23rd

Today in THE FEED: The story of a 30 year-old man who has been ordered to move out of his parents house by a judge, why you should be careful of how many Amazon returns you make, an update on the Bob Morgan office raid by the FBI from the other week, and one way farmers can use technology to make our foods safer! 

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PXY as what you need to know to start your business this is CE. And ninety PXY. Let's speaking of anxiety here. That's your I like I'm and you got your way to avoid lightning especially on a road trip that I'll cause there's that. Sort of actually not much an app as just your Smartphone camera. After the recent E. Coli infected Romaine lettuce catastrophe at twenty team that sickened as many five people and actually killed one person. There is no time like the present to develop more effective strategy for preventing. Food borne illness. And Purdue University is working with a start up called all of team on just that the idea is to identify contaminants. Actively at the source. Instead of re actively after produce has been put on shelves at grocery stores agreeing to future is a dot com or actually this produce. Is slashed around in a watery solution that contains a chemical that lights up eat cold like your average Smartphone camera can pick up. On the glowing bacteria in its present an alert drivers to the contaminants before. They're packaged and shipped off the system is bastard in the current testing procedures and likely less complex since most everybody as a Smart. On these days sound so delicious to look yummy slot she chemical okay that's why you wash your credit. Even a little over a week since the FBI raided the offices of Rochester developer Bob Moore again. And now the investigation is continuing on four men including two employees about Morgan had been indicted by federal grand jury had a number of charges including conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud. Do Kevin Morgan his nephew and Todd Morgan his son. As well as two others are expected to be arraigned today federal prosecutors are alleging they attempted to defraud a number of financial institutions. Amongst other charges. Now could this impact any of the projects. That Bob Morgan currently is involved with in downtown Rochester. And the city of Rochester director communications and events Jane Smith says the city is paying careful attention to any ramifications today's indictments may have. Related to ongoing projects in investments in our city continue on with Morgan companies are an important corporate citizen and they provide. Jobs and livelihoods to many of our neighbors we believe everyone deserves the right afforded to them by the US constitution of presumed innocent until proven guilty. And this case certainly is a different. And while we do not prematurely rush to judgment we will nonetheless continue to exercise all necessary due diligence to protect our communities taxpayers just as we have in the past. And shopping it's convenient I mean you can do without even leaving your house your couch that matter that is why be online retail behemoth that is Amazon has over 300 million customers worldwide and is a multi billion dollar business pleaded to become the first trillion dollar company within the next twelve months. According to CNBC putts. Do you where despite its customer friendly image sun hats and will continue to be panicked shoppers who make too many returns. Various. Amazon customers interviewed by the Wall Street Journal says their accounts were closed without notice or explanation. After they made what it does on deemed to too many returns during a certain time period some customers having spent thousands of dollars a year on Amazon products. One customer said get a 450. Dollar gift card they no longer has access to because of this. And a spokesperson for Amazon said quote there are rare occasions where someone abuses search service over an extended period of time. We never take these decisions decisions lightly but. We take action when appropriate to protect the experience this just adds to my pre existing return exciting great start to feel bad about it. Now I'd have to worry about getting banned. I don't like the fact that we don't know there's like not a number it's kind of when they deem that I. She canceled terrifying. So we know that nearly one in three millennial now live at home with their parents didn't winning didn't. And I'm certain certain parents are happy about that some. Not so happy I know these parents are to please the thirty year old man was ordered to date to Kate his parents New York all on Tuesday after they suited him. For refusing to bow out. The spurs have been trying for months to get their son to leave their home where he has been living rent free for eight years by the lack. He moved back in after losing his job as parents said he never contributed financially. Or really did any shores either they also alleged that he accepted 11100 dollars they gave him to find a place of his own. But proceeded to ignore their request for him to actually leave. They took the case to court after months of being ignored by hand because Patrick you know that's near exit off the text and the numbers from addiction. After the judge ruled that you have to leave the house immediately he called the ruling outrageous. And said he had plans to appeal. So run with Michael living at home with his parents meet you doesn't do chores he doesn't pay rent. Bothering anyone and yet he says his parents obviously. It's probably is just dumb thing you're not paying any big. You're not even helping which warned. Have to be anything you know your parents brought you into the world. They come and take care via. I'd take care. Why seven who lives at home and your area. It's pretty sweet deal right B I can understand why he would want to stick around again who wouldn't want to not pay rent now be awesome. Right there's there's definitely pros and cons you know IE I've lived on my own a few times about three different apartments throughout my as the alternate and so I know. It the grass is not always greener on the other side of the offense well so sunscreen and it's not of the fence that is. And greener you know living alone you can you can get lonely he yen and yet to pay trend I would. Think again I've never gone back to live with my parents aside from like may be and you know breaks for college and things like. But I feel like dating would be difficult. Yeah is that the worst part. I would say yeah actually I would say that's like the only. That's really think that like really makes me wanna know about because it's very hard at 20. Yeah it's hit the periods. Our Indiana this. A got a couple of thoughts about this yeah I've never move back to limit my parents but and I ate I was briefly seeing someone who is living with her parents. And there was something incredibly creepy that happens. Well my coworkers and Virginia who was living his mom. And there was one night where he was at the bars and he ended up picking up this girl. And broader back like a stranger a one night stand kind of thing again OK and we are not finish in Abbott to opt in broader back and he always said it needs it gladly he had no shame IQ to bring girls back to the his his mom's all the time and because he said it will not Arabs on the other side of the house so it's kinda like Leo personals me. He would tell girls it was just his Hollis and now. My but that plan was full tilt. When he came home one night would this girl and it's probably. 2 in the morning and you Watson opens the front door and she walks in behind them. In the light clicks on. And there is his mom sitting in the chair. Way to predict. Who's sitting sitting right in a chair no way in the dark yeah. A living or waiting like a movie. Oh my god she was worried she was worried it was just waiting for him to come home because she couldn't sleep until they got all so she was just sitting in the dark.