THE FEED: Wednesday May 16th

Wednesday, May 16th

Today in THE FEED: Royal wedding updates about who WON'T be walking Megan Markyle down the aisle, peace takes with North Korea were in fact too good to be true, an update on the FBI raid of a major downtown Rochester developer, and the latest debate that's tearing America it Yanny or Laurel?


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PXY as what you need to know to start your day. This business he can't remember or can you shed 98 PX why I entered days of back and. Fourth mega markets father has confirmed he will. Will be attending. The row let mom know it's a wait and let fly get sucked me in not Thomas Markel tells TMZ. That is set to undergo surgery actually right about now and will not be able to walk his daughter down the aisle on Saturday. Kind of weird timing we want. My now. He says today the doctors look relating clear blockage repair damage and put eight stints where it is needed he explained. Thomas also shared that a series of tests determined that is recent heart attack cause significant damage can. He claims the heart attack was caused by the open letter penned by his son Thomas junior who warned of Prince Harry not so merry men dead yeah. I was previously reported that Thomas would skip the royal wedding after his much maligned deal stealth staged photos of himself. And family members to paparazzi. Came delights from Steve. Your family was dysfunctional yet skidded. That dress that went viral a few years ago back in a tweet thirteenth when he fourteen because half of people's black and that's. The other half of the population were convinced it was white and gold is definitely. Weight in goal by the way but. It viral audio clip is I think people including me to the same depth. Of madness some hearing he and eat some here laurel needs is its laurels. Laurel. Okay while in outlining your laurels. I thirty Ani. We explain this all has to do with audio frequency also could depend on your age so obviously Whitney as he walked into the studio despite being around me I mean. Older I. Here at laurel we've got an update on the FBI's raid took place earlier this week of Morgan communities in Pittsburgh. The ninety page application for search warrants filed in buffalo late last week has been made public. That details what investigators may be looking for according to the documents the FBI has probable cause to believe that Kevin and Todd Morgan. Who are the vice president and project manager respectively. At Morgan communities may have committed wire and bank fraud. According to the application investigators suspect the pair conspired to provide false information to financial institutions. In a deflating property values and potentially qualifying for loans they shouldn't happen. Federal investigators also say the morgans regularly use email to send false information to appraisers and banks for multifamily and commercial real estate projects of course. The head honcho of Morgan community is Bob Morgan heavily involved. In some of the development in downtown Rochester. Room and amassed. I pieces of gum. Last longer than the peace between North Korea. And South Korea outlets in a month after the historic meeting of North Korean leader Kim Jon linen South Korean president moved Jay in and less than two weeks. I think it's been less than a week after North Korea miraculously released three American prisoners there's all of you come shocker already drama apparently a joint military drill conducted by South Korea and the US has sent Kim Jung and into a tailspin and now he's threatening to pull the plug. And the peace summit that was planned or is planned for June 12 at which trump and Kim Jong-un would be meeting face to face for the first time after all Fiat. The tough talk in nuclear threats and iron theory threats and everything that has not resonated not having done exactly exactly of course of course this is going to have a nice well last of course is is going to turn. Well didn't I tell you in this when they originally met North Korea and South Korea three weeks ago or whenever that wasn't nice day. It seemed a little too good to be true and it was just a little little fishy yeah. Yeah so Lil tee there they addiction standing at the T military and it demilitarize nation demilitarized zone. Yeah thank you. In north and South Korea. Standing on the line first time they're talking sizzling 1963. Or something happening. Shaken hands like Brothers to. And hold aren't threats of destroying each other it now we're supposed to believe that everything was. Looking at me like. User I think NL lie you had that instinct why senate exactly. What is happening here with this is. A mean girls situation. And this is like a middle school when the mean popular girl pretends to be the friend of the girl who's not as popular anti cancer opt are. And then it. Well it's when they're least expected an artist out exactly what tactics that situation. And although it is a mean girl. I really can't Kim Jung so okay if this is mean girls Kim Jong-un is Regina chore yes exactly and trumpet is Katie here and yet so I can only assume that soon. Kim Jung un is gonna get hit by a box. Saw.