THE FEED: Wednesday June 20th

Wednesday, June 20th

Today in THE FEED: Canada's legalization of recreational marijuana, Wegmans named America's favorite grocery store, cigarette smoking is at an all-time low, and millennials are being accused of being terrible tippers...

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PXY as what you need to know to start your day business this is Ian. Remember or can you share. 98 PX line. What of the Rochester are basically. Is synonymous so this should give you some rock pride today. Wegmans is officially America's favorite groceries. Yeah aren't they always know actually there now and in this year's ranking by market force wait easy money market forced by the parents. Like each and competed stuck its competition publix which it was I quit. In last year's ranking for the top spot I believe they've been tied before as well publics is stiff competition Corey. But this year public was ranked number two Trader Joe's came in third and this shocking all this up with weight down at number eleven. So if we've got the number one groceries or wegmans in the number three. Trader Joe's on minaret lab in Pittsburgh maybe we don't number eleven people that it. Well don't give them more ammo I now I now more than 121000 shoppers were pulled back in April by market force Greece favorite. I don't know me I go to I go to there was ever asked bookmarks my home page. And a number of factors including shopping experience. Shopping habits brand preferences customer service and brand awareness. Wegmans big wins certainly comes as no surprise to us. This new data from the Centers for Disease Control shows that just 14%. A US adults smoke cigarettes last year best in the 2016 figure. A 16% to another all time hello nice to put those numbers in perspective the AP notes that in the early 1960s. Roughly 42%. Of US adults. Smokes when I. Now on and you still see some of these relics you know if you're in a very old plane. The cigarette. Ashtray and there. Are you flying on usually at a very small airport fifty year old. Planes get lower but these are very public indoor spaces like offices airplanes hospitals even now a broader knowledge that smoking can lead to cancer as well as the front technology like. Has caused the figured plummeted from gassing also cost. Plays a factor. Yeah expensive expensive habit. Another day another reason to blame millennial score. They cannot this time. It is being a new survey conducted by credit cards dot com and featured guy informs. To suggest that Milan eels are the worst stickers at restaurants. The study revealed that 10% Amylin kneeled ages. Eighteen to 37 don't read any can't discuss or birds that restaurant that is disgusting compared to just 3% of older diners. Men southerners and westerners. Also were found a tip less then average. I credit cards dot com senior industry analyst Matt Schultz surmised that millennial might be less generous. As a result of having less financial where at all. Then other generations due to excessive student loans as well not a beauty impact. Of coming of age during the recession however should be noted that the majority of the 1000 millennial surveyed. Said they do tipped the average fifteen to 20% so our generation is not completely a lost cause they got. Historic news coming out of Canada and could have big implications. For the US and for New York State specifically since we shared border yeah candidates becoming second country in the world to legalize. The recreational use of marijuana nationwide what is that 00 it's the sound of people. We finished product well a lot of second on a second candidates act approved by the Canadian senate allows the federal government to licensed producers to grow and so we products. Meanwhile private households will be authorized to grow up to four marijuana plants and time. BBC reports though that prime minister Justin Trudeau will now decide when to allow the act to go into effect. Could happen. As early September so stick all of them away when now he could push it down kick the can down the road so we will see you but it opens up a lot of questions. I mean talk about border security yap. On a world that put more pressure on states specifically that that border the Canadian border to make fun. The Canadian born eighty follow soon yeah. Mean you know there's been a big push your New York of course on the snow yet there's a lot of there's a lot of implications that the government's. This is late. Niagara Falls but you could just don't and I of all yeah let's get an easy to stay you. I'm just saying of player maps though that. May have another Canadian citizens are. Toronto Montreal. Quebec I.