THE FEED: Wednesday July 11th

Wednesday, July 11th

Today in THE FEED: The saga surrounding Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy, a photo of a local family with their dying daughter makes national news, the end of an era when it comes to air travel, and the first openly gay couple made the cover of ESPN's Body Issue... 

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It all started yesterday and it's a grand posts from a woman claiming to be a friend. Of Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy is supposed ex girlfriend. They hear cornyn and accusing McCoy abusing her. Beating his dog nearly abusing his son and abusing steroids. Jesus the post also involved a graphic photo. Of cordoned bloodied beaten McCoy responded to the statement. And posted on Twitter saying the accusations against him quote totally baseless and offensive yeah. And I think that's her things and then Sudan. Some help the plot thickens this is where it gets really craziness that have been trying to wrap my head around all morning long so now. This suburban Atlanta home is the focus of reported home invasion that took place while he was the way it is OK so this was just after 3 AM on Tuesday. First responders were called to his home in Milton Georgia. Where the alleged victim was his ex girlfriend again who was referenced in this incident. Who was the photo yeah in Dayton. Her attorneys say she was hit with a pistol and the assailing it demanded specific piece of expensive jewelry bruising her wrists while ripping off the bracelet from. Jewelry the attorneys claim McCoy had asked for her to return in the past. Flying here's the accusation. Being thrown out there. Is that McCoy orchestrated the attack. Not that he himself was the attacker he's reportedly in Miami training and has been for quite some time. Absolutely tensions been on the focus of the hole now there's even more being dug up about this like getting keeps getting crazy. Don't sell this home's been the center of a dispute between corn and McCourt for body year. He attempted to evict her from the house last summer and again last month when she refused. Court papers say he attempted to remove her belongings and cut the power in my head police of course continuing to investigate they say they have no suspects at. At this time the Buffalo Bills to release a statement yesterday afternoon saying we have spoken it was John and had been in contact the National Football League we will continue to gather information. At this point of course record has not been charged. With any crime but there's a lot of weirdness with this that is going on this is his house yes his house that she's living in that apparently he can't get her out. OK so this is where I'm so can you give it his house and she's being abused. Why would she wanted to stick you like your net early show. I don't care how big luxury is an awesome the houses I'd rather live deliberately and Shactman live with someone news. During in his abusing me if if it's true. Bloodletting and it's reimpose the the friend of his acts of Erfurt in misquote the example it is wow so I have a feeling is gonna be a lot more to this. Things continue on to unravel but already taking very weird turn now. Well a local family's tragedy is making headlines. National headlines this was the top. Trending story on apple news yesterday I couldn't believe that when it's icy airport New York on apple news in. A nurse took a just an absolutely heartbreaking photo left airport coupled Casey and bandaged it. With their five year old daughter Zoe moments. Before her death on July 4. The nightmare for the Stanley started. Two years ago when Zoe was diagnosed with a brain tumor. And the Finley spent her last day listening to music and watching Harry Potter and the prisoner basket ban which was one of so he's favorite movies the funeral was held on Monday just sit at a devastating story obviously. And the photo itself is gut wrenching you know you see. That the mom and dad. And of course their daughter to sort of sitting on the couch and don't Harvard last day very you know you can you. You look at this photo and you can hear. You're like there you can just you can feel. The pain and. I'll gladly we've we've had Casey on before we talked about the deck gets the floor and and you know and not too long ago they were and they were in the news because of this. This drug that Zoe became eligible for that was bush drilling out so it's. It doesn't just breaks my heart now Bosnia. I had some changes are coming and we think airlines. One of the things that pops into your head is probably a lot. Peanuts now of course in Southwest Airlines will stop giving away peanuts. On flights next month ending a tradition that goes back decades. The airline said Tuesday it was pulling peanuts from all flights because of concern for passengers left. CNET and a probably another putting it do to affect lease for southwest so far. Most likely the rest of the airlines will probably follow suit. The to replace that pretzels and smaller flights also have other free snacks southwest says the decision follows the months of deliberation and is not tied to any particular. It's an it involving passengers. With any kind of out. If you think about it I mean if I peanut allergy. That terror stop. Explained. Terrifying imagine nearly ten hour flight and your over the ocean and somehow like you come in contact with somebody else's. Peanuts that they're eating or whatever and then the slight. Well I mean is that a lot at stake in a lot of schools now that I know one of my nephews go to like there's a specific area where he can only eat. Whack. Hotter and things like that. I didn't even think about that every other seamless study every day would fewer allergic I can meet that they have never asked me so root wow all right. So this isn't really cool story professional basketball players Sue Bird and her soccer star girlfriend meg gonna happen now. Have become the first gay couple to be featured on the cover of ESPN's body issue. Both athletes I have had very prolific careers bird being eight. Four time Olympic gold medalist in women's basketball and rap and now having played more than 100 games for the US women's national soccer team. I ESPN was actually the media outlet through which bird publicly came out in 2017. And here's the Levys had to say about being the first gay couple on the cover of ESPN's body issue. To have this really. Unique vehicle to actually do that and you know celebrate who we are in our sport but also the fact that you know will be the first a couple of is pretty special and it's pretty. Amazing. Having a gay couple on their hopefully just becomes the norm. You know you want it to not be an issue. And I think it not for us to be on and is the first that mr. Obviously a very exciting milestone for the LG BTQ community and in fact this not. Try it out. I believe the pride parade. Going down on July 21. That's next Saturday you have that same day is also rock pride fest at topsail park. And lots of other stuff going on actually I was I was perusing Iraq pride fest dot. Org and there are a fun of and that's always Ellen yeah I'm so I can only imagine in the parade itself is is insane ditty bag yes so much fun. So again that was. Professional basketball players Sue Bird and her soccer star girlfriend meg gonna happen now. First gay couple to be featured on the cover of ESPN's body issue it lemon again joining get involved with rock pride month happening this month yeah Barack pride fest dot or.