THE FEED: Tuesday May 22nd

Tuesday, May 22nd

Today in THE FEED: RG&E and NYSEG received their penalty for the 2017 March windstorm, how long most millennials stay at a job, USA swimming is facing sexual assault allegations, and what schools are doing to combat the threat of shootings. 

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XY as what you need to know to start your day. So this is CE. Are and 98 PX line we are all too familiar with the issues that USA gymnastics. Has had when it comes to sexual assault allegations that. Now USA swimming. Taking center stage Olympic swimmer Diana Smith. Has seemed to USA swimming allegedly sports national governing body knew her former coach sexually abused her as a minor in Culver did not. She filed a lawsuit yesterday in superior court in Orange County California accuses John Hutchinson of grooming her for sexual abuse and she was thirteen. Started to touch and kiss her when she was sixteen. And engaging in sexual activity when she was seventeen he began coaching her attic swim club near Seattle. Is also suing long time Olympic coach Mark Schubert saying he failed to report a reasonable suspicion of child abuse. Or endangerment. Hutchison has denied the allegations and has yet to be charged with a crime. As school shootings continue to occur nationwide with a frequency that is at once horrifying and none name. And as the gunnery form war rages on with no conclusive legislative move in segment frustrated Americans are asking what exactly is being done. On a security level to protect. Our country's children and prevent these tragedies from continuing to happen over and over and over again. Well according to a report by NBC news billions of dollars are being spent on the implementation. The high tech security like instant background checks for visitors gunshot detection sensors that alert police to gunfire in. ID cards. Equipped with panic buttons well extra precautions can't hurt there's also little proof that these modern tools and devices. Actually work and some companies for exploiting the issue. By convincing school that their security products are effective when no such supporting data exists. Many states and school districts are pursuing old fashioned security options like armed guards instead while others are taking the preventative. Approach of identifying and helping troubled students before they get to the point of violence. Our Jeannie and nice take every cell that a New York stayed RG will pay two point eight million. And nice signal pay one point one million regards twelve alleged violations found after the march when he seventeen storm during which hundreds of thousands of customers lost power. So it's kind of fun but not exactly the three point nine million will be utilized book. Increase and improve emergency response in the areas impacted by the march when storm. On the winds from the department of public service began investigating RGB Anna and nice six prepared us for the store report published later in the year found. The company's response to a Ben quotes. Pour. Nearly half the millennial planned to leave their jobs within two years according to a new survey conducted. I don't leads that I say it great I don't look at Deloitte Deloitte snowing I think may. Somebody corrected me on the text like any next show up well just woody for that see themselves. Staying in the same job at this seed company for more than five years money. May learn a millennial skin but factors that influence Amylin Il's decision to stay or start updating their resume after. The two year marketing company was shockingly not financial. But rather based on the company's diversity inclusion and flexibility when it comes to things like hours and working remotely and work life balance. It's interesting because it does kind of body into the stairs and I know you love and I bring it up Whitney. The stereotype that melodious can't commit not to relationship it's not too job. But we talked about it earlier and we both agreed that it. Earlier on in your career death it's problem for the best oh absolutely I think it's savvy adding it's Smart. Think your beer. Totally doing yourself a big service. You know it's funny it's kind of like dating. Yeah there's a lot of parallels there aren't Iraq. Inner no early twenties mid twenties. Early stated a job for a couple years taught. Like just totally dating rounds national that you're you know not getting used serious may be. And a few relationships here there is a test the waters I could be the one. You all mean I don't know did not tidy cats. Let's Pia you know well and then it. It going to another job for more money might be finding somebody else for you know the honeymoon phase you want the excitement again you want the newness again. There's that parallel. Updating your resume and searching for jobs is like. Getting dating. So live in relationships can attest and a lot of us to see what's out there. Having too many jobs is that like the the conversation you have with your significant other about. Along the Cuban have too many sexual partner got home so what's your number how many offices have you been in. All the citizens concerts like the touch and you end up how many offices and then in blood lead and then you think about getting older and and and you know. Relations replies finding that person that you you do you wanna spend the rest of your life where I think you can equate that set snagging your dream job. Yes yeah staying staying in the job for more than five years and getting married and settling down. Yank Nolan and and and that dream job you don't turns the Howell and you get divorced since Cali getting fired so it got it right. It's great again to all these perilous relationships and careers yeah. Well and I think that I mean a lot of the time our behavior and our attitude. And Harper's did I you know had it. It's going to be the same for for different aspects of your life so it's. Only natural that your career patterns might mean your your dating and really changed dating relationship patterns. You know I know for me at I was a job pop art. Plummer and Bennett job hopper in my in my early and mid twenties and I've also. And kind of let you know a dad. Later a single gal you know. I don't exactly as serial monogamous you're a massacre you know so there's a similarity there but again that yeah you. Going back to like you know you find yourself. You find you know your dream job or did the job that really fits you and you want to hold on TO. In this text amateur cooking excessive tax on six when he toot toot dating life. Long term relationships steady little fault somehow landed a woman waiver liability it's saying what my job. Are there Ebert when you really think about it it's kind of crazy really it is. And and you know right. Again this is all stemming from the fact that we. Reticence that that happened bloody heels want to see who stated job for maybe a couple years and how to move on to say it again when you're you're younger you're in your twenties so. Notes get out there that's grant date or date or. And Spezza Joba Joba round Jabber rounds fool around with a lot of different employers yes exactly.