THE FEED: Tuesday June 19th

Tuesday, June 19th

Today in THE FEED: President Donald Trump announced the launch of a new branch of the armed forces that he's calling "Space Force", Monroe County wants to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco, the shocking number of women who say they've been on the receiving end of unwanted sexual advances at big music festivals, and the forced separation of children from their parents at the border which many have labeled a "human rights disaster"....

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PX fly as what you need to know to start your business this is CE. And 98 PX why it sounds like something out of Star Trek or Star Wars space bowlers. Yesterday at a meeting of the National Space Council president trump made this announcement import. Really I'm here by directing. The department of defense and pentagon. To immediately begin the process necessary. To establish a space force. As these six branch. Of the armed forces that's up big statement. We are going to have the air force and we are going to have the space force. Separate but equal to jump on and explain the goal of stage source we will establish a long term presence. Expand our economy. And build the foundation toward eventual. Mission to Mars which is actually going to happen very quickly. And you know I've always said that rich guys seem to like rockets. So all of those rich guys that are dying for our real estate to launch their rockets we want charger too much just go ahead of you beat us that. Mars will be very happy UB. Even more famous. ABC notes that show floated the idea of space force back in March space related military operations are currently on the air force has jurisdiction. Until now because we know. I can't say it normally. What's being done done dividend. Didn't like that Cyrus. My son. In the summer calling aids human rights. Disaster of course separation of children from their parents at the border heart wrenching photos and videos of children being kept in cages literally. But the gel like McAllen for Border Patrol processing center in Texas are sweeping the Internet in raging people of all political affiliations. Former First Lady Laura Bush called it cruel and immoral. In an op Ed for the Washington Post and former Trent invites advisor in cities are Moochie called the situation in humane. This is all part of the trump administration's zero tolerance policy under which adults who violate immigration law face criminal prosecution. An of their children quite literally torn from their arms at the border and the points. Of the zero tolerance policies of course to deter immigrants from attempting to enter the US illegally. Two thirds of Americans disagree with the active separating parents and children at the border according to CNN and one California couple has raised over three million dollars and counting. Through FaceBook in an effort to help reunite undocumented families that have been separated out the border. Monroe County legislator less. Held a news conference yesterday afternoon to discuss newly introduced legislation. That would raise the age to buy tobacco products 21. If approved Monroe County would join point you other counties in New York that it increased the smoking age 21. A survey last year found that cigarette smoking rates among high school students had fallen to 4% in 2006 from 27%. In 2000 however. 2014 to 2016. And build. That would raise the age for tobacco at the state level remains in committee. The meat to movement has raised unprecedented awareness about sexual misconduct in the workplace but another place for sexual harassment is rampant is. At music festivals all around the world. And that music festival season now upon us there's no time like to present to draw attention to these overlooked. About nations that that's really. What they are a horrifying things that are going on at festivals of jarring 92%. Of female festival goers have been at the receiving end. Of unwanted sexual advances mostly by strangers according to a study featured in Marie Claire. The most common forms were groping and verbal sexual harassment. Speaking to BBC news or co director of the good night out campaign all the music festival sexual harassment step stats quote shocking but not surprising. And that it quote helps prove what we already know through anecdotal evidence. She added that most cases of sexual harassment are not reported because of the stigma and fear of not being believed and societies propensity to downplay it was sexual harassment actually is so. What's being done about this has begun festival season. Aside from stewards in general security there appear to be a troubling lack of resources for victims on site at festivals. There are however organizations like our music to my body that work to increase awareness about sexual misconduct act festivals. 92%. Fun. Believable actually no it is believable because if you you know. You look at the footage from the east festivals I mean it is complete anarchy so it's it's not. Entirely surprising to me. Only get that many people in one space and of course this is not the only. Issue him but you kit alcohol and drugs into a space especially these music festivals. That's bound to happen unfortunately which well. I would just terrible Ed and that's where I mean as a society as a culture we obviously. Need to evolve to a place where there is accountability and where. You know it's it's not it's. Accepted that Ole when you're on drugs it's okay violate a woman like it you know it doesn't matter what your under the influence of you should never that should never feel OK to you or acceptable CO. However were not at that point unfortunately self. You know then the question becomes well how can women. Go to these events yeah have fun and Ned would do whatever whatever that entails for them. And not have to worry about being sexually assaulted or whatever you know sexual and any kind of unwanted sexual advances. On anything part of that might be. Ramping up security and awareness act that this is going not enough another part is maybe more control of illegal drug activity and. Now there's that I look I don't even. Think veteran. And that security is gonna really help because there's you look at these that are talking the massive multi day festivals there are still many people there that you would have to have. Of us security person like every five feet yeah active and seemed to truly control this it's. It's a situation that's a complete lack of control writing and I don't know about you Whitney. Look I love concerts yeah. I love the typical you know fortified our concert experience right ago tailgate bought the show oh well yes I bet I tend to be honest. I don't understand why anyone goes these festivals coming either if so the awful sounds like my own personal well it seems like a disaster waiting to outdated data not just. From these sexual assault aspect of it but yet that many people. Losing their behind. And things are bound I'm surprised there's not more incidents I'm surprised there's not bigger things than worsening. To be honest with you what I mean yeah I I don't know did you watch the yum the documentary on Netflix liberated it's knew her. Now and I got a couple okay well that was really eye opening to need to see. They you know they. Remember Britney went I don't know if they went somewhere in Mexico or if it was in Florida was one of the big spring break spot in the chronicle big wing of the camera people they went into the crowd and they were just showing this. And it is instance cannot teen yeah I mean. So like you say I mean there's so many people that even if you did have. More you know double triple the security judgment it's still would be. Silly idea. 500 people to one security person route. In about a if you go to these festivals that you've gone of these festivals and it because we can't rapper had a Huntsman a cool now I. And your less than zero interest you teach you an idea under political PX I saved text line six NET two looking for some perspective because obviously they're incredibly popular topic. Well absolutely but isn't that crazy to think about especially as a woman. 92% of female festival goers have received unwanted sexual advances. And that many people still got. I lower your mile it's extremely troubling yes no I mean I'm in the same boat as you where I you. I don't think you could pay me to go to music fest I just. You know it's hot it's crowded there's an engine people they're just. Acting like yeah you know a drunken belligerent and then like sloppy and I just feel like. I don't do drugs for me as somebody who would be you know so or might have a couple drinks but essentially. Normal kid actors. In earlier earlier this entry is the big ones over the that's. I don't I don't I personally know people who are it's so especially really big in the ED MC and an eagle at all. Festivals and they don't do drugs and it they're almost offended you win some blinded. Alludes to that a go. Hello hello you. You're going to lose tomorrow Lander whatever the one yet. 00 Rihanna must do crazy and then get mad about it because there isn't you know they're clean they don't they don't do drugs but he's still the music it's it's yet it's it's still the atmospheric as I. You don't biggest. I don't like to be touched by its. I don't like to be like stuck in the crowd. Ligaments are dean. Like as it's not that good it's just days of that yeah. It you know the worst is is when you you will wrap up here in a crowd and you like. Rub up against somebody else and it's like sticks for a second the exactly yeah. It's hard to pass and got it in there's. Probably. Again not in this by any means to diminish the statistic but there's probably a lot of touching met. Happens that's completely accidental and not even a purpose because you're literally you're stuck against each other again sorry I don't mean to grab your glove that was totally honest accident I. I mean yeah that's probably the additional 6% that would make it a 100%. Church Sylvia startling that's an area in that and it it is and I don't know what the answer is that you know. Again you know more security Marie sources less dragons user more control of the drug use I don't know I don't know I think it's accountability by. Google apps they said well you know it's the other guy that sees happening and says hey man what you do and stop. I guess that's that's a that's the only way I see it. Being sent to gossip more that's and that's the whole point of the meat movement is raising awareness. Ends making it so that people are held accountable for their actions and it's not just you know. Yeah I did and I got away with them probably didn't do it again I might you know if I do again nothing happened like that's not the reality any rap. I mean how many times do you even just talk about criminals and general Zia of regular summing up and it's pushing your center boundaries their net write it into. Exactly exactly.