THE FEED: Tuesday August 21st

Tuesday, August 21st

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PXY as what you need to know to start your day. This is CE. Remember when you share. 98 PX line. Well hi Lee disappointing news the New York Times. Is reporting that one of the founders. Of the meets your movement actress and filmmaker Asian arts and self. Paid off an X the loser of her own. Digging up to speed age Argentina was among the first women in Hollywood to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct last October. Now 42 year old. Our agenda not claimed that Weinstein who raped her and I'm a room in 1987 when she was just when he won. In a disturbing plot twist it's now come to light that 22 year old actor musician Jimmy Bennett. Accused are gentle of sexually assaulting him back into any thirteen when he was something that's blown out. I was only a month after agenda spoke out. About Weinstein that Bennett came forward and asked urgent perhaps in damages a sexual misconduct toward him. She later agreed to pay him 380000. Dollars as a down neither Bennett nor Tinto have commented. On the payoff deal however Rose McGowan. Who has been at the Helm of meet you movement alongside urgent tweeted yesterday quote. I definitely sergeant at ten months ago. Our commonality is the shared pain of being assaulted by Harvey Weinstein. My heart is broken I'll continue my work on behalf of victims everywhere. This is obviously very you know very unfortunate. Turn of events and home. I guess but doesn't damage the overall credibility of the need to movement because there's still so many people. Out there who are. Solely victims and not creditors like this woman. Reportedly is right and like I also possibly the silver lining of this situation is that it it brings attention to the fact that women. Absolutely do you prey on men especially young men. It it happens and I think that. It's important to. Because every select the fact that the meeting movement it's not a movement for wit and it's not manhunt. For you know men meetings which I'm really hate it's for any victim Italy's. Are spending you know several men have come up and come forward about how I work sexually assaulted by their. We know other men or women look Kevin Spacey. Noticed Kevin Spacey was one of the big ones Terry crews came forward about how he was assaulted raped right so I think it highlights that. And I feel like you know the meat she movement has allowed. And historical level of justice be served an it would be such a shame for this that this person's. Actions to jeopardize that you know I saw something this morning I think it was the New York Daily News saying that. Her actions they sergeant as action should not affect the credibility of the movement if anything to highlight the fact that men are victims of sugar and I don't think it's indeed nail it. It's a I don't let this little ironic twist in those who are detractors and yeah we'll only use that exact their advantage yes the biggest thing here. Gender equality doesn't matter whether it fit at the predator Miller team mount saint repercussions love also the fact that even though she was on that started it I mean you can't deny him on people that come forward. You know my sense that this just because the person who was behind it right. Apparently was also perpetrate yeah one of the people I mean she's one of a handful of or more. And in 606062. Women have come forward with Harvey Weinstein alone seven. Yes I think it's you know I I think it's a hundred steps forward one step back. But really very disappointing it's only ask like great. Now sonic feel good now if not hundreds of missing bikes in the city of Rochester spike sharing program. Have now been replaced and upgraded a good Zacks delivered more than 200 bikes over the weekend with GPS tracking devices is an idea apparently the previous spikes were up only Bluetooth enabled. Now which a lot for some of the bikes to go missing or be stolen sacks are also installed that tracking system in the remaining fleet. Plus more than thirty bikes are he'd be recovered ground company noticed nearly 250 went missing. Or were still back in July of the fleet now back up to capacity around 350. An upgraded with a slightly new look. This good again nice things worry because people find a way to root yes you know stop lights ever city bikes and then people steal them alone that's life. Outlook this story was just very very touching such as last night may feed a photo of a sue legal BD. In a rain those small bottle surrounded by hundreds and scandal weird at first but hundreds of syringe needles cotton farming. The shape of hearts. Around the baby's been shared more than 60000 times on FaceBook the story behind the photo. Is one of infertility. Heartbreak and hope leaking tens of thousands of couples can relate to to the baby in the photo is the daughter of two women named Patricia and Kimberly O'Neal for whom it took forty years during this scary it is for you. Three miscarriages and 1600. In sixteen IDF shot she successfully. Can see. After starting their idea journey with five embryos they had one left and they had to make it work to preview it hadn't worked out previously. After several failed attempts to finally solved the mystery what was going on was that Patricia the one that was going to be bearing the child. Clouding mutation so once they figured that out it's on the board certified reproductive. My endocrinologist. No BGY and who specialized in this clotting mutation. In with the help of the specialized. Take shots at that embryo was a success their baby girl London host on August 3 healthy and adorable and again that photo has been shared. Over your over 60000 times that is certain. He is something a lot of couples can relate Jill how absolutely. And you know and for every story like that where you hear how much they've gone through and yeah. How much money they've dumped in new edge I mean it must be astronomical the cost is not talk about like all of Europe right you know when nearly one in all of I ever had problems does do I get. Knowing how much money so exactly yeah hey you talk to people throw that around they know when I was in five years ago say people at the at a news. Like those threes my bags idea ever well do you know what goes into that like as much money Campbell it's. It's a lot of costs and it's never guarantee that's the big tip now I mean again as as that story highlights but there's also some of the couples out there who all they want is this a baby now and they might. And be well off enough to certainly provides that shy but it's to provide. And go to the cost of of the ivy this is not to make and do so certainly. Heartbreaking Oakland and I thought or tougher than. Yeah it's crazy there really is not speaking of crazy there's a woman in New York City that pulled up a pretty insanely elaborate dating stuff over the weekend this is hilarious she convinced dozens of men she apparently spent weeks meeting on Tinder. Join her at a live event in Manhattan. Which turned out to be a mass tender date for amazing so a handful of the guy she had been talking TO. Have come forward their console themselves hurt targets. Some of them have come forward with similar stories. That test showed. Because their Natasha has been chatted them up on the up four weeks under the guise of wanting a normal one and one day. Sell the message a lot of them got was hey I'm finally freed you wanna meet me at union square my friends DJ sat. I would get a drink it we'll see what happens. That was the one guy said it was sent to him another guy. Summit when he got union square she gets on the stage she gets the Mike it is like thanks for coming up at that you're all wondering what this is about laughter. She says I've invited you here for a chance to golf on a date with me in person to get it Hunger Games speech about what it's gonna take to date her. I'll apparently several of the men did stay and participate in her dating challenges which included Sprint's push jobs. On the gist of what she wanted to do was basically live tender. Some folks printer for you and there was one man named Nicholas who told got a missed she did a live slight left line. So where others would like swipe right swipe left line is that that's an eyelash here. Another guy treated but the experience that I've generally amazed at the flow being afforded to the. Them all like god that's my new username I. There's a media markets are a lot of it it that's fantastic I mean is it fantastical reality. Gigantic ego all modern story itself is not fantastic I just like that term. No this issue started AO alive swipe line that's that's really grows silent. Again just because the only standard is a double standard can you imagine. What would have happened if the roles are reversed in this as a man who did this he. Would be. Running through the streets of New York being chased. By people what pitchforks. And flaming. Torch is. I mean it's cattle the the bachelor bachelorette candidacy I think that's a little different that's TV show that they know they're. Well are these people were free to go in anytime it's union square to big public park you know your big cities that Italy eat all this size and the go. All the cool is absolutely but they aren't forced to stay I don't know I think it's very so much it's similar to see you I am also that old MTV show on next I. Yes but it did David like. Yeah I am not really feeling in a Nat top. I didn't think I would. And an aunt so devastating. Ole yes that is not a novel concept but did the Tinder aspect certainly is trying to track downloaded which it looks like yeah. Almost I was wonder. Glory one ever really give personality. Loans also parts is that from the background can just keep. Wait we different picture and stir up put up against a fantastic canal could have their right now I'm speaking of dating have a little bit of a dating dilemma that a friend brought to me. That I wanted to bring up on the show he asked. If it's doing this on the second date would be appropriate. And I have never believed this. But I know there's a lot of people out there there's a lot of people listening right now who firmly believe doing this. On a first date isn't big no no he had a police show event. And on the second tour doesn't get a little more the realm of possibility. Would you be a little as judges some and try to pull this off on a second day. Bring it up commit acts.