THE FEED: Thursday September 13th

Thursday, September 13th

What you need to know to start your day...

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I the year again the finalists for this year's national toy hall of fame has been announced the strong national museum of play. This might. It shock. Makes it on the Western New York hall of fame shock shock. Or may be American girl I'll look to CNN and masters of the universe. We don't count out you know the magic eight ball which are also in the running along with us shoot the latter is the Fisher Price. Corn Popper pinball that's led. In the slightest burning guys ask tick tack telling tickle me Elmo. And tutor electric football committee of experts will choose which of the finalists should take their place alongside other. Toy box mainstays like Barbie and played out. Fans are invited to while lay in through last September 19 by the way the induction ceremony takes place November 8 that the strong museum in Rochester worthy national toy hall of fame is house. Not a bad dog leg like that shockwaves blew up. The American girl doll is not in apparently not and this quick just let Icahn and flatten. That you look like it's a tough decision there's a lot of great points out that it only somebody can be inducted in a thinly here. I don't know I don't know if this. Really. Really being that should be the go jurors in this slot and I just keep getting passed up more more things to release that. She has eaten a smile I told him I knew the story would make evils that it always makes people emotional. We're doing what. Hall of fame. Not hurricane Florence. Not a good time not a good time and all a Mike Tyson punch. Is how this hurricane is being described that's how it's going to feel for people on the Carolina coastline according to you'd Jeff buyer. Of FEMA. Florence one of the strongest storms on the eastern seaboard in decades. Is not a current trajectory that would have it all leading up to North Carolina coast and I mean crawl moving it just two to three miles per hour work. Then it is predicted to turn inward causing a life threatening storm surge up to thirteen feet disastrous wins in in Indy eating rain this is according to us CNN the National Hurricane Center is saying that up to forty inches of rain is possible. And that would spy on catastrophic flooding to parts of the Carolinas to that was with the that would last through early next week. So far more than one million people are under mandatory evacuation in the Carolinas and Virginia and it's usual they're people that plan view. Quite literally weathered the storm. And the worse you know I mean anything from the images. People and animals being rescued from their rooftops during heart beat last year. In Houston it's you know give yeah. Don't test a hurricanes mites. But this interesting this is something that I found in my research about the hurricane. Not uses the Waffle House the restaurant oh yeah. Look marvelous as they. Sort of barometer for how that. A storm is affecting the community really well in the south and is out because yes it's below the Mason Dixon line I believe that's where they. That the Waffle House begins. But this this is because the Waffle House. Restaurants are known to stay open kind of come hell or high water or literally. During a natural disasters so now officials use them to determine the severity of you know hurricane tornado whatever is going fine in an area. Because if the law disclosed. Yeah it's about. Don't tell the world that. Another that is the third and it's not. Serious federal agency fever luckily determine what house index. To measure the effect of a natural disaster here. Some of the Waffle House you know shut out or report it limits its menu. Items then it's. It's really seriously is gonna save this start to Kagan I agree it's like yeah. Is that like that yeah. Gaga yeah literally ugly blue Alec you called at -- Waffle House by the. Like it's a lot like Bob McDonnell it is the Los we'll have it's just compliment I lived in Florida. Rod hello. We talked earlier this week about the negative reactions. Over Mac Miller's death and that is specifically how are in a ground it was targeted not her brother Frankie ground today. Opening up and it scrimp post yesterday paying tribute to Mac Miller saying quote. I'm beyond heartbroken over Malcolm's dad his health mount. He was a good friend and was wonderful to my sister. He was the reason I would too rehabilitation oh wow where I was detox safely from all the drugs alcohol or medication I was taking what. And I couldn't imagine living without them he continued. Malcolm my friend you'd be dearly missed and I know you'll be looking down on me from my from haven't proud tea for every day a live Mike clean life. Sober 453. Days and counting thank you from the bottom of my heart from I had more layers to it. I know I differing keep Monday. Had had a drug or had a substance problem may ads are layers to it show where. Not Wheeler was the influence for him thinking yeah. Hole and it speaks to how devastating this really is yeah absolutely. Man well. I don't I don't think they're kind of you know. Calming down for Arianna ground yeah I haven't heard as much about patrolling her doing that because it was really bad for a couple of the most serious it was the in his response yeah and and this happens to a lot of people when they get upset or mad about sir greatest immediately lash out daily schedule is daily routine on his NC Graham. And we talk about this because. It's insane. And beaten like Princeton I beat anybody got. Up earlier that you and I really look TV people departure and that anyone who works jobs that we are well that's that's not not that. Wakes up every day of the abolition act 30 in the morning Luke. The line I. I have no idea and so he goes T byte by the you know times to 245. You listed rare time that followed by breakfast at 3:15 AM. Many works out for 340 to 5:15 AM. Followed by you know normal activities throughout the rest of the morning and day golfing the only time where emails meetings at Sadr. However this is also notable. That. It works for a second time where via and they used it every night X thirty. S move. I guess that's one way to. Accrue a network of 225 million dollars but. High 8230 in the morning I mean this immediately to humans on there's a lot of people. It get up super early yet yeah there's a lot do you like to go into work super early because I think is no distractions yes exactly and I can't and a and what committees I'm distracted immediately. Well we have never got a job but you know I don't know of it's it's much. The time that he gets up. It's it's the routine I think that's the true key right she terror does he need to be regimented and well anything when it comes to. In other to work out routinely get once you get into your flow. It gets so easy but it's so hard to get in out of that and let you know when I questioned is why. Lie get into routine where your getting up at 2:30 AM why. Doesn't make any sense Keon. Why can't get that occasionally you know what like if you OK so a lot of very successful people do you get up really freaked generally like this is this derelict. Early bird gets worse our the Fraser's shoulders I'm sure there was an article on the Huffington Post there and having to post this as I don't know few months ago. Like apple CEO Tim Cook wakes up everyday at 3:45 AM the Iraq wakes up every day and is at the gym by former AM. End because they that dread it. Again they are different level than the rest of bots right back. There different level of dry it is we can't I don't. I don't know if it's it's that thing you can get yourself to a point where you'd you'd think that way to push yourself to do that or I honestly I think you'll think a lot of it is just like it's genetics like you either have. Have been asked don't because that is a whole new level it is unbelievable. Yeah getting up early for like you know for workers something like that mean if you know viewed. Especially if your gosh fairly CEO like some of the people on that list but. YT. This is weird that will think about there's no reason I don't these Big Brother. Lives duke and it goes back again to the people that go into work early to avoid getting distracted yeah I think well. How many people are trying to reach out and contact them and then early in the morning is probably their own peaceful all the college peaceful time they know there's not. An assistant yelling out about them but something your friends wanted to reduce they'll movie or one and indeed he's got to the van are reaching about this it's possible product yet. So I did it make sense. Yeah if you if you were to open this up if you get up really really early. Why do you do at especially if it's not for work like if you're just doing it Qaeda again because you know like you could sleep until 730. Every day 8 o'clock but you choose to get up at 5434. Or whatever. Well loved and allied TGG 9800 I also threw this out on FaceBook. What is the absolute earliest you could get up every day for your dreamed Yahoo!. I got an accent curious of these results and that coming up next.