THE FEED: Thursday May 24th

Thursday, May 24th

Today in THE FEED: Why Donald Trump can no longer block people on Twitter, another local student is arrested for making terroristic threats, the NFL has changed their policy when it comes to kneeling during The Anthem, and a power outage/zombie attack alert that went out! 

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PXY as what you need to know to start your day. This is a CE. Amber yeah and ninety PX line. Yesterday big news in the NFL owners have approved new rule that will. Find teams whose players Neil during the singing of the national and them. Players may however Kuester and in locker room during the end them but they take the field and take you need the teams we subject to fines and in turn teams could decide independently. But the defined their players as well this is the commission an NFL Roger Goodell. We made modifications oriented policy it was unanimously adopted by the club's clearly our objectives of the league said. We want people to be respectful to nationally as we want people to stand that's all personnel and make sure that they treat this moment. In a respectful fashion we want more. The assistant executive director of external affairs. That in quell B were not consulted ahead of this meeting on any potential changes to the end the policy if there are changes the policy that put players in the position. Where they could be disciplined or fine we are going to do what we always do. Play anything that encroach is on players' rights to the fairy and. And it's a federal judge ruled yesterday that president Donald Trump is violating the First Amendment when he blocks critics on Twitter because of their. Political views. The judge did not issue an order against drug and the plaintiffs did not ask for one but in cases like this plea to ski in theory go back and ask for such an order. And he did not obeyed the violator can be held in contempt. After hearing me cheered the judge had suggested that trump mute rather than block some of his critics. At the time a Justice Department attorney agreed commuting would enable trend to avoid it we didn't. Wanna read. I wonder how many he actually sees. He sees a lot of you think she goes there all of them and it complements. We've been seeing a lot of stories like this unfortunately a sixteen year old is facing charges for making a threat against a bond school districts. District officials say the threat was found in a bathroom in the high school on Friday the eighteenth. The student is now charged with making a terroristic threat isn't Livingston county jail. The district says another student made a similar threat found a middle school girls bathroom that case is being handled internally. And the suspects aides also Sonny west erotic or had something similar happen Indiana yeah. Nearly 8000 residents in the Lake Worth Florida received a very bizarre social media alert last week during a power outage and authorities are still searching for answers the only it. War up. Zombie activity. Yes yes you read that right and I dad eluded you AMC's hit show. The Walking Dead it read quote power outage and not be alert for the residents of Lake Worth and permanent switch if you watched the show you know what German says. There are now far less than 7380. Customers involved due to extreme zombie activity restoration time uncertain that the the power was restored to customers within a half hour but no seems to know where the mysterious zombie warning originated from. And officials have reportedly apologized to any residents who were frightened by this. On the alert the railing. Yes really but that's the world we live and Eleanor if this is a bad if someone is really full word if I'd say they were on their way out we got fired I like well. Here's a. I'm gonna do lest they have a job yeah Malone couldn't wait to go out. The bigger gonna I guess I guess look in the future for a plane known but not bad though isn't it immediately older people or something. Who didn't know. Because lobbies are real. The age problem.