THE FEED: Thursday July 19th

Thursday, July 19th

Today in THE FEED: An update on the youth soccer team and coach who were trapped in the cave, Thompson Health is once again at the center of an investigation to inappropriate conduct by employees, new numbers are out for how many calls the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is receiving, and Taylor Swift seemed to take a passive agressive jab at Kimye...

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DXY as what you need to know to start your day its. CE. Ninety TX high feet tall boys and a soccer coach who rescued from McCain in northern Thailand appeared at a news conference yesterday. Adding Joseph blogs and media classmates the boys funny quick demonstration of their ball handling skills and a special miniature soccer field. And hug all their friends before taking seats up front with doctors and others who help them during the entire ordeal now. Doctors feel the first couple questions. And said the thirteen were healthy in body and minds doctor said the boys gained around six to happen. Pounds on average since they were rescued from the cave last week. They were said to have lost an average of about nine pounds during the more than two weeks they were trapped in decades. According to the eight Peter groups that they had planned on only explore indicate for. But an hour when it flooded in the crowds like the reaction from some of the boys once and I felt scared. I was afraid I wouldn't get to go home and my mom would scold the ball. Viewers that it was. Other boys say they apologize to the prince is well meant to survivors said they wanted to become pro soccer players may grow up however at least four of them. Said they now want to become Navy SEALs went to help others and they also express the gratitude for the former navy still diver who died while attempting to help rescue them. An investigation has been launched at Thompson health and nursing home in candidate laughter several employees were accused of taking photos and videos of residents growth fund. Unbeknownst event in without permission and posting them to snap Jack. It's not known what the photos and videos captured. Naturally the family members of the violated residents are outraged. The employees in question have been fired from Thompson health but to state agencies are nevertheless investigating. According to news ten NBC. This is not first privacy related scandal for Thompson held either in January a worker at that Thompson hospital discovered. A hidden recording device inciting unisex restroom and the memory card was missing. Super sketchy. I in addition to firing employees the nursing home has issued an apology that rent that that reads in part quote your medicine Thompson help. Deeply regret this breach of privacy and lack of respect shown to any affected residents and their families we are reaching out to the families to personally offer our sincere. Apologies. The national suicide prevention lifeline sought calls doubled from 2013 between seventeen increase in volume that. Coincides with rising suicide rates across the country is the general. According to USA today the health plan answered over two million calls now in the hands when he seventeen which is up from approximately one million. And when he fourteenth. And when it fifteen and 2016 help when it's over one and a half million calls each year. Felt like consists of a nationwide network of over 150 local crisis centers as well as national backup centers to assist local lines now the increase. Of course could also have to do with the fact that. Mental health in this country has been a big focus out yeah lace and trying to end the stigma and trying to make people feel more comfortable about coming forward. And talking about it yeah yeah. Please think of even you know the song by that logic and Alessio Karajan is literally the suicide hotline as a people know that number. More than ever before they're more familiar with that every time. You know someone dies by suicide but most people tweet that hotline number so it's more I think it's more out there for one thing he and again if you know civil or maybe you're going through. Something that that's a don't hesitate to this call just call it's they could save your life yeah literally. We'll Taylor Swift seems to be perpetuating her feud with Kim Kardashian and and Kanye West. On Tuesday Taylor were spotted in east sneak it seemed outfit and Tuesday. So happened to be the two year anniversary of Kenya is social media takedown and Taylor you know. The whole thing already sleep deprived phone call between Taylor and Connie and it which led to it. Little chance of kidney able tailor social media accounts with a sneak him OG insinuating. She was. Some. A liar masquerading as a victim of time yank. Now it seems the tables have turned on the anniversary of the big blow up the hash tag to apologize to Taylor went viral on Twitter and sweep these. Taunted him on Twitter with sneak and a rat. In all over rattled a race car. The next Laguna. Herat the mask. Feel like. Dying and the rest in peace this because hey im so all sick of hearing about it and it's like. It city though he's a completely lost their power. And this is what I hear. Now is the snake magically it's not enough you have to find different animal again. Completely it's been done. It so talk to you. This amount per pin yes I absolutely think this was on purpose because Taylor has used this snake rhetoric for her you know her tumor on her outlined in her music videos. And on the two year anniversary she's wearing it sneaks skin. Hope so I think it isn't it keeping track of it don't. Ten year anniversary he just reminders cell phone. Stay rearing yeah I think he's keeping track. This word absurd that is out there I never understood cool grudges. Like desperate this long. All people scratches a lot this been going on for well. The thing with Tim and Haniyeh has been going on for two years but her and cut it to. Admit that started and it's been often not. So you know I think. You know I don't ever ever held a grudge or maintained. A feud with someone for a decade. Now it's. All law. Excessive amount of time it's it's nice. Even that like I don't know I I'm a big fan of this kind of live and let live and in in letting go and but the people we don't see I I went right I don't harbor like resentment towards them there's people that clashed with but. I don't think about them dead that it did obsessive and it says an independent radio ads at a garage formulated for me. It's mostly because. A lot of energy. Right. I know guys that I'd I'd be enough people out there who hold grudges for it. Yeah no I do to. You know Nelson Mandela once set and I've said this on the show before resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies can if you think about it like. This whole situation has been so toxic and I wonder. It's Taylor had released her album reputation. And not acknowledged. Him and Tonya at all like I feel like that would have been the more. The high Rhode Island. Yeah I mean I understand like. They're really damaged her reputation and they they sent through a major curve potter I don't mean no one really knows the truth. But I feel lake. To hold you know it's it's you. Have that much resentment and and hold that grudge becomes toxic for you you're you're actually doing yourself more harm then you're ever gonna do your enemy violate. Maintaining that could be seen Al. I'm at Syria. They're not yeah out from got stage for this ploy. You. Know I am the attention that they're getting the facts weren't talking about. Fact people are still talking about this time since 2009 error. Nine years later yeah. This made them a lot of money. Yeah it's out of the Hollywood they settle grudges. They don't hit bodies and the you know let's just completely. Fabricated. And her wallet thing and now don't want to do stinks out yeah like to do student. And under the U kidding he's a stake in which you more favorably before.