THE FEED: Thursday August 9th

Thursday, August 9th

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PXY as what you need to know to start your day business is CE. To check in 98 PX life violating. That sounds that you can get behind easier. Call. Absolutely you know and well. Whose incomes are any and it turns 80888888. Days. Yes this Lil Barnes. It's a grim challenge I don't think you understand like it's a big I'm literally doing this. Before we get off the air that's and you spent any time lest any yardstick czar you certainly heard that. Very famous jingle. And on the singles taking over and Graham and I was actually Broadway son of a singing and a lot of Broadway stars and even some celebrities and Hollywood have jumped on board. Each person that the goal of the other ways to tag three other people to record their ultimate video. And complete the challenge as of yesterday morning there more than 200. You let a post their videos featuring themselves singing hit us or brown less than one that was Max Von Essen. Who is up abruptly star and also that number Catherine make being used to be on American Idol numbers girl group. It's Xena who. PX and Houston and JP. Wouldn't sell guns so there you're doing that we don't get it's going to be on his degree and just like everywhere on them it's gonna go viral and there. Great yes great yesterday. YA. I did not go into hard news I'm not serious enough. For the job fortunately and radio if we slipped and did with this news anchor expenses. Canteen PXY what MSNBC's. Stephanie and relay rule mud on the racing into a fairly messy and I can't be in news yeah I could imagine. I was like yeah. 'cause into. Lover screw it up clearly. She barely managed to keep a straight face in his sticky situation and when she accidentally flood and said that. This word instead of the word fighting which she was trying to say. Messiness you look at California is part of this isn't easy fighting and lies flat tire in state history prior. You see him there. Know you hate to see at times. Your credit. The news anchors soldier Don after the club but it was extremely. Unfortunate timing given that she was reporting on the death total variety I don't know I don't buyers it's one thing emits a high. He kicker story yes moral liars skiing I his reasoning identify exactly no not not the ideal time to crack well she actually broke a broadcasting ruler. What if you mess mess out responses not references. That's an up I learned that we eat and he did go on she said excuse me she called attention. A loan. It is no able that's not a word anyway you know leads you. I was an excuse me yeah well I. Layers the end you're in trouble putting your kids sleep check out this news leaked hotline. From Disney. Did he not had that hotline or Mickey in the gang give kids a special bedtime message actually a folded up Korea. Out to me mouth. Fool I sure am glad we call Scott yeah you can hope you're kind I'd bet find you he can you comment. So yeah there's other tactic for you if you need Selig can call. 8777. Mickey between now and August 31 to hear from either Mickey Minnie. Donald daisy or goofy. And continue doing this secretly. How do you think I got that recording. And I. Update well I kind gators. Tended to pursue people that are approximately 2.5 percent. More desirable clue then they are according to a new study published yesterday in the journal science advances. Someone being quote more desirable would seem subjective but here the findings. The Dow is based on the dating app behavior in interactions. Of just under 200000. Heterosexual users on a popular. Free online dating service that remained unnamed due to a non disclosure agreement. The people the the dating app users lived in New York Chicago Seattle and Boston in the study. People's quote desire ability was measured by how many messages a user received and how popular the centers. Of those messages work the algorithm here is similar to Google's search engine were the most popular relevant results show up first. The reason people tend pursuit users that are quote out of their league. Is because rejection stings much less on a dating app than say at a bar. So users will take the time to craft a thoughtful winning message to people who according to be out under them are again up to 25%. More desirable and if they don't get a response. There are literally thousands more fish. Indeed virtual seat there's no risk a public humiliation are being rejected anything I've called out you will be rejected hit but it won't be. In front and blunt lots off day.