THE FEED: Monday June 18th

Monday, June 18th

Today in THE FEED: A memorial was held last night for Paige Smith, Beyonce and JAY-Z dropped new music over the weekend, a woman from Georgia who strangled a bobcat to death, and we're not building homes with 3-D printers! 

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PXY as what you need to know to start your day the best business CE. When he's sixty and 98 PX line. Don't exactly understand how this is possible but when your first introduced pretty traders. And people started thinking delegate is for whatever it Fred. How I still don't get I don't get it and now you can't kind of actually sitting in the Netherlands is to host the world's first commercial housing project based. And three any concrete printing. The first of five planned houses due to start construction this year. Misrepresents the potential impact of three need for an concrete on construction industry the ability to construct almost any shape with a variety of qualities and colors in the same building element. Process also addresses the environmental impact of construction with reduction in cement resulting in a deep crease and CO2 emissions. The product so in the latest experiment and pretty printing following the construction of the world's first three shredded concrete bridge and 2017. The Netherlands also witnessing the construction of the world's first treaty printed metal bridge and. Amsterdam I just don't get it I just envisioned. Use printing house out of here inkjet than your bet that the the old school that had the the tabs on the side and it at. And that and I can't act and it. Well beyoncé and daisy draft a surprise album over the weekend of the joint effort everything is love. Was released Saturday evening after they're on the run tour which stopped in London as of now it's only available on the streaming service title of which. They NJ are part owners spreads album drafts have become beyoncé is ammo burst with their self titled album in 2013 it again with lemonade. In twenty sixteenths. The New York Times said the album quote in many ways completes that Knowles Carter conceptual trilogy. In an expert tactical showing. Of family oriented management but beyoncé and Jay-Z opened up about their marital problems on their individual EP's days lemonade and jays fort. 444. We're 44 yeah that's where we're graphic. I don't like rest day for party but I got. And now things here are of Gumbel circle on the joint lab the EP no doubt a symbol of solidarity for the couple on the album's lead single. Beyoncé says quote I can't believe we made it. Hundreds of people gathered last night at Ontario beach park to celebrate the life of Hilton high school senior paid Smith. Who died in a car crash in Greece last weekend just weeks before graduation. People from all over the area some who knew her and her family and some who didn't. Gathered lighting candles in her honor among the candles there was a single pink balloon. Pages Faber called a the crowd can be heard chanting cheers her page and at one point if you of the cheerleaders that a series of backhand springs across the beach. As foreign minister who the driver of the car she's still unsatisfactory condition at Strong Memorial Hospital as a committee praised for her recovery. He remembers page for page Stanley this is a big show of support and it shows that she was truly love. An absolutely in Spain story coming out of Georgia over the weekend a grandmother kill a rabid bobcat with your bare hands after it attacked her. In your own driveway. Well her five year old granddaughter was sleeping in the house 46 year old DD Phillips is taking a photo in daylight by the way and the bumper sticker she had just put under trapped when she spotted a bobcat walking toward her. This is different for us. I was in trouble and you went and got them politically from me I grabbed my shoulders and fish can Bakalar for me and I took it down right here. It big and broke fingers on both of her hands and cut and bruised her all over her body. And from that corner and it was just me trying to. Five for my life she managed to get her hands around the animals' throats and never let go and the last time with them. In the viability because it would have been many comments are never I never let it. This movement of funds machines and stone cold killer. And. I'd be dead and the start Debra yeah the Contras and used it. And what they are Florida it's a kiddie yeah. Are patting at its current. Post but like amazing are crazy as part of this whole story is that she didn't scream. Once because she didn't wanna we got her five year old granddaughter. For coming out that is every every parent can relate to that by the way like it's honestly I. Don't see adding I don't tell what's happening right we have a quietly I just got a Dodgers are now huge yeah. So this is it but again. As I'm listening to this audio I'm just thinking. Bogey in this situation. Me. Why is that my response now why they gigantic. I don't like empathy and yet obviously. Al Gore edges. Laughing it away. Exactly you're like right here everywhere it's just let's go bobcats eyes will be up really ever read any nature books now. And now haven't you imagine yourself in the situation is a lot. I did how did what would you do or die. Not worried about no Corey take me I.