THE FEED: Monday June 11th

Monday, June 11th

Today in THE FEED: The comical location of Trump's meeting with Kim Jung Un, the big announcement about Game of Thrones, why millennials would rather just drink at home, and the tragedy that took place in Greece on Sunday evening. 

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That's why as what you need to know to start your day business is this. When he's sixty and 98 PX line. HBO's made it official over do we get a game of drones prequel series is how. Happening. And yes George RR Martin is helping to develop Ment here's the official synopsis taking place thousands of years before the events and gave up drones. The series chronicles the world's sent from the golden age of heroes into its darkest hour. But expect to be any time soon now and HBO suit recently said any spinoff wouldn't air until at least a year and a half. After the final season game of drones which says and even expected to start until next year. We're one step closer to the history making summit between president trump and North Korean leader Kim Jung on the two leaders arrived in Singapore on Sunday at separate times and were greeted. By Singapore's foreign minister highly anticipated meeting which will hopefully lead to the denuclearization. Of North Korea is set to put her on Tuesday. That's tomorrow and shockingly the super serious event is going down and us. Comically she'll venue will or resort island off the shores of Singapore completely Universal Studios they are. And man made beaches. So now I can picture is Trent and Kim Jung and like sitting side by side welcome is certain in the picture as he got on the hill and this is the best case scenario will want them to be hands absolutely. And it absolutely heartbreaking story out of Greece after a fatal car accident took place a lot of road yesterday evening. When police want passengers that after the two vehicle accident the driver of a silver sedan lost control traveling westbound. And went on coming traffic hitting a Chevy Traverse head on and the passenger sedan an eighteen year old female from Hilton was pronounced dead at the scene the driver. And also an eighteen year old from Hilton has been transported to Strong Memorial Hospital with injuries the driver of the Chevy was also transported strong. The eighteen year old passenger of the sedan was expected to graduate from high school. Just the coming weeks our hearts of everyone at the Hilton school district today this was the increased police chief on the scene. It's tough to say it is an indication that they may have been communicating with a leaving yourself that affected. But you. If you don't. Students who graduate. Awful yeah gut wrenching. Millennial. Are officially be a homebody generation Corey. Almost 13 of millennial age is 24 to 31 would rather drink at home than at a bar. Because it takes too much effort to go out according to a new. The study by mintel let heels also said cracking open a bottle at home is cheaper than going out partying at home allows you to actually catch up with your company without having to shout over loud music and you don't have to Wear restrictive. Uncomfortable clothing and shoes to meet any sort of dress code. A senior analyst yeah. But this. Real okay since the senior analyst at mintel said the I've been coming gen taxpayers will likely be even bigger home bodies as they are quote more frugal and pragmatic than millennial. The report also noted that Quinlan meals do you get off the couch and go out breweries have become the most popular destination. Wow are we. Lazy guests generation that's that speaks to me a dog. Loads on a whole lot of already. I don't think so much easier for you for totally. Relate to this. And this is why I stopped wearing light cocktail dresses like bandage dresses instantly out when I go out that it's. More about your idea. Yet. I. How that Stuckey or whatever makes you feel comfortable especially now 2018 I do you Cory will be below its mission is now something else. Mountain looming guy. That's about it I don't there was a time. You know when I. This is really when I lived in New York where it's almost like you know. You can't let out not dressed up you just can't you can't that you're gonna feel it yet because everyone else is completely. That's that's how you feel it's on you know that's that's making life and yes this study. For legal analyst Larry I'm perennials.