THE FEED: Friday May 25th

Friday, May 25th

Today in THE FEED: Harvey Weinstein turning himself into authorities, an update on the search for a missing boy whose mother was murdered in Sodus, Morgan Freeman the latest to be accused of sexual misconduct and cockroach milk is a super food! 

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XY as what you need to know just start your day. This is CE. Berliners and ninety PX I disgrace movie mogul Harvey Weinstein will surrender to authorities and Manhattan Supreme Court today to face sexual assault charges actually just. I saw the live video on TV yeah reporters outside waiting for him make his appearance. New York Post reports that minimum Weinstein is expected to face charges related to be 2010 rape of an actress and also 2004 incidents. In which he forced another sexual acts on another actress yeah. Despite issuing an apology are. Originally for his behavior which. Includes the election in and mistreatment of scores a female victims over the course of his decades long career Weinstein has denied any criminal wrongdoing. Unbelievable what is it sixty women so coming into Sunday in saint like and and probably and counting serious question now agree milk options. Do we neat because there's a lot at this point in France a whole to percent of I don't know how to milk strawberry. On the Miller cashing milk soy milk there's a lot there's a canned milk OK so. When I was growing up Greg you like you where you were cultured if you had likes CM NT percent and yeah the nugget that. You really know your way around but there's a new milk in town this is being deemed us too perfect and I'm talking about cockroaches don't know. Cockroach knowledge is a big cockroaches Purdue snow and people. Actually consuming it according to a viral article by Marie Claire posted earlier this week roads milk. Well boasts four times as much protein as regular milk but also contains essential amino acids that produced earns a promote messing that up that promotes cell growth. Little bits they keep our bodies LB and sugars that fuel energy. So if you have an investigation you can profit off of it now. He thought on there you can milk there coaches how old hard. The residents. Know how this stuff is obtained because I can't imagine they have daughters and good like killing cockroaches for their milk because that's impossible. Okay why is eating healthy like fear factor what's the deal that's what I don't and why is everything that is good for you still would discuss it like where the line at what point is it like. How would you. Anything. But don't do that cockroaches no way not happening yet. Wake county sheriff's announced last night deputies located the body of a missing mother from sodas Selena had gone gold color elements. Eighteen year old and her fourteen month old son all have been missing since last week deputies are still searching for him by the way. According to in county sheriff's body was found in the woods. Wednesday morning. Near her home and enjoy road sheriffs say her boyfriend Alberto re as was seen on trail cameras near the joy wrote home carrier shovel food. He was taken into custody in Livingston county and charged with tampering. The physical evidence again deputy city still have not located on land full of hundred people are expected to help that he grid search. Of the joy wrote area this morning and with information on the case is asked to call the Wayne county sheriff's office. So sad. Morgan Freeman. A man so revered he was cast as god in a movie is the latest man in Hollywood to be accused. A sexual harassment and misconduct according to multiple reports in 2015. The then it well no the eighty year old with them what commitment. 77 at that point Academy Award winner allegedly subjected to young production assistant to quote unwanted touching and comments about her figure and clothing on a near daily basis. And would rest his hand on her lower back around her lower back according to CNN. I had one incident she continued involved Freeman attempting to lift up her skirt and asked if she was wearing underwear. In total sixteen people have come forward and spoken to CNN about Freeman sexual misconduct. Against them this one of the Sony you never expect after. And only ever 2000. I mean there's so it's like every time every day you wouldn't need showman last Friday we are talking about how it needs showman from cap as to who would like one of the people that I just I distinctly were called telling my friend Al. When you're one when you're making who's not gonna get you are. Sexual assault that's because it's comic it's like until this point because everyone. Is so many people that have these allegations at this point that it's like. Who wouldn't get a bucket wouldn't at least likely to do. If Tom Hanks gets bus unless all my god I would I that a guy that I'm leaving the plant that that that's the case.