THE FEED: Friday May 18th

Friday, May 18th

Today in the feed: Two RPD officers are under investigation after getting into a fight, U.S. birth rates are at an all time low, Nev from Catfish is the latest celebrity to be accused of sexual misconduct, and a woman has a very crappy experience in a Tim Horton's in Canada!

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PXY has what you need to know to start your day it's. This this. Burgers in the next 1090. PX line. It's the most shocking videos to hit the Internet in recent history which is really saying something a video of a woman dropping your drawers and defecated on the floor of the tumor and. Just to compete you hope hope it's called the hope of keeping it going to quote. Hopefully these couple hope hope to be able to scope. Hope. Yeah so mature woman as the hurt these scenes with their bare hands throw at an employee behind the counter what it herself would napkins and then rolled in napkins at the employee the act crappy situation. Went down this week added Tim Morton's allegation in Canada. Apparently the woman was denied access to the restroom and decided to have her revenge right then and there. Plus frazzled Tim Morton's employee dialed up the cops the woman was arrested but authority users to Germany the charges. Can't wait for that world what time to be alive I seriously to our PD officers got into a fight with each other food while on duty earlier this week. Well until you. How is it possible that I'm the more mature went on the show you listen to the story we're just talking about it I understand the context. They are now investigating the fight. At the intersection of college avenue and avenue a our con con AM on Monday the officers involved had been on the force for eleven and nine hits respectively. And internal investigation is under way which involves determining what led the fight about the way the fight caught on camera on a streak camera. Solid is this morning and various forms of discipline can result in the investigation ranging from a letter of reprimand to termination and a statement he Rochester police chief said. The incident that occurred is unfortunate. And it's not a reflection on the rest of the men and women of the Rochester police department. And how they do their duty. I. I sat up I the birth rate has hit an all time low according to new data many of us party know that millennial women are delaying motherhood and having babies later in life. Then our mothers and her grandmothers did well yeah I. Well according to one expert many people quote feel uneasy about their economic situation and may be employed or working part time or going to school and working in south. She also noted that these days. It is it quote takes longer to feel like you're a grown up which Corey and I can certainly relate sales certainly after this yeah. You know there's a lot of duties when you're an adult. What are remarkable increase now in birth rates was found amongst women in their early forty. Dead bottle. MTV has suspended production of the show cat official investigates allegations of sexual misconduct. Against the show's host and creator. Mean shoulder. You mentioned when the need to have a kind of got rolling you would have Frederick talking about who is least likely end up being accused he sat there with the hi Cindy and all the people is that that would be the most surprising to me neat yeah a lot of people are what was it should get. Check it yeah people circuit now the allegations made bodily via a YouTube video by a woman who appeared on the show back in 2015. Named I U shot more again. Let out of the blue he goes so I don't think your life being. I'm just like you haven't met the right guy yet and keeping them attractive and had never had sex with a guy you know break now when he was I want to be easy Tryon. Christie and Chris Christie. And just kept saying right outside your lesbian. Act like you need to reevaluate and on the personal absolutely. And he has denied these allegations by the way saying behavior described in the video did not. Have been also that I am fortunate that there're a number of former colleagues who were present during this time period we're willing to speak up and tell the truth who's. So we shall see as. That continues to be investigated and it's it's interesting because he does come off on TV and again. What we see on TV what we see in the public eye can clearly from Bill Cosby or I can't ought to be very different what happens behind closed doors. And then in certain situation. Right and you know I will say I I've met Neve and his wife was present at that lets you you you many if yeah campaign. Not that. I tumbled brag Otto got I'd just like to know that I wanted us. I didn't mean I didn't meet me on the red carpet and you know at the DNA is when I was home. We'll which I was. I was a thicker than any. Of the bottom line and you know I I didn't know. Here in person or something. About him and I think so is it revive that we see in the yeah yeah he didn't have that like docile like. Nice guy just the nicest guy in the Libby is little tacky but that doesn't mean that doesn't mean that he. Committed sexual. Misconduct necessarily however. As we've seen with most of these cases they have ended up be enters outlook the truth well. Come to light trickle set you free ads has been built an odd for I've got a distant second did you say you met me if you met event and so I met on the red carpet at the DNA is in New York I was hosting. Record and a nanny government. Can be amazed smile on the red carpet YouTube I'm sure you're just so honored to be there. No they they were honored to have me I was I was in honor of gas I think I don't honor it is that Hubble practiced draft I'd expect there's nothing on.