THE FEED: Friday June 22nd

Friday, June 22nd

Today in THE FEED: Demi Lovato opens up about breaking her sobriety, a Rosanne spin off is now official, botox is becoming more accessible and mainstream, and an update on Brianna Scarpulla Scarpulla the Hilton High School senior who was involved in the car wreck that took the life of Paige Smith. 

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PXY as what you need to know to start your day. Is this. Ninety PXY all last week you began while he likes the pace Smith. They hope high school senior who lost her life and tragic car accident in Greece. As being celebrated the Hilton strategies are also praying for the driver of the vehicle Rihanna as her hula another held the high school senior. Who has remained in satisfactory condition at Strong Memorial Hospital. In an update on Aaron. Nolan while she has a long journey to recovery ahead of her to take a one big step is doctors have confirmed she's been released from the hospital. And is now back home. A hole. Certainly that's a big on Diaz. Thank goodness can't help but think though that the two were supposed to graduate. Tomorrow. You know it's gonna be very somber yeah somber affair I'm guessing. For the Hilton seniors. And that's got to them. In her emotional news singles over Demi Lovato confesses that she recently relapsed after six years of sobriety. Wake me when usually sit room. And the colts played systems can call me when its own thing myself speed. I don't know I don't know I don't I imagine doing that very ever and you examine song me. Loan yeah. The 25 year old singer's relapse sadly occurred right after celebrating sixty years of sobriety back on March 15. He never called about us public breakdown back in November of 2010 after famously punching a backup dancer while on tour and ultimately. Entering rehab for drug and alcohol addiction is well. As treatment for mental health issues. Since receiving professional help she's been open about her battles with. Alcohol and cocaine addiction and spoke candidly about it in her documentary simply complicated which came out last fall. Actually had anxiety around this. Interview room. Why is because the last time I did an interview this long is on cocaine. Output in her new single about a promises stand shall seek help again and posted a self be on Wednesday with this seemingly helpful caption happy and free. Two weeks after canceling Roseanne in the wake of a racially charged sweep from star Roseanne Barr ABC has picked up sped off of the comedy. Call the Connors I hope everyone but Barley result of the series. It's an episode series will premiere in the fall on Tuesdays at 8 PM. According to the network's press release Roseanne Barr will have no financial or create involvement in mini series. But herself issued a statement confirming. That Porter entertainment would be producing it's been up and outer saying I agreed to the settlement ordered that 200 jobs a beloved cast and crew could be saved. And I wish the best for everyone involved. We're getting Botox could soon be as easy and casual is getting me here or blow out. The trendy millennial pink alchemy 43 in LA is making headlines for being the quote drive bar of Botox. Complete with millennial pink walls and furniture neon electric signs and champagne this aesthetics bar. Is nothing more than a glamorized doctor's office where people can get run of the mill cosmetic injectable namely. Botox facial pillars and clumping agents but. The Sheikh instead grim gritty but of the place has people wondering if Botox sit beat as casually rendered as a petty here. After all Americans spend more than sixteen billion dollars on elective cosmetic surgeries and when he sixteen according city. American Society of Plastic Surgeons. As perhaps the side effect of Kardashian and culture here where and how. Of the vote expires clientele is under thirty side AKA millennial skidding injectable. The Botox Barkley is open at fifty locations across the US in 2019 making the service even more mainstream. Followed a backer of the quake two that's about them at the bottom I get it. Listed that is of the clip former song. Wake me initially it. And the coal plant systems can call me when its own thing that's so sweet. I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't I do it and very and very and you examine song means. Loan me. Yes it was six years and this goes to shelve that when it comes to addiction and it's not something you eat. Now it's something you live with a half an hour and and EU you know same thing for alcoholics in in in for your addicted to drugs right. I mean can you can be. A great place one minute and think that you've got control of everything right and then whatever triggers you we don't know what it was specifically for adamant about level whatever triggers you -- And so easy to fall back. Right looks disease rates snow with any disease you live with that and I I know I heard. And maybe a year ago I think I heard this that. Relapse. Is part of recovery and if you do relapse you don't throw in the towel you don't say oh I failed and I've done I you know I I lost I don't know. You relapse. And then you pick right back up a Knoll. Firsthand you know how much. Self discipline it takes in and how. EE emotional lead you know it's challenging it is and it cnet's Natali get sober but to stay sober I've watched her got a thread and she's going on five years and you know it's it's just. It if you if you're in a position like that where you know where you you relapsed or you relapse and and you feel lake. Just giving up because of that don't because that is that is part. Of America right I guess it unfortunately it happens. It's one of those things but there's also a lot of organizations that can they can help you out and talks about AA or. Or NA on there is a fantastic organization here that we have locally that were so lucky to have. Yeah I love these people recovery fitness then. And their main goal here. Think because when it comes to addiction. The loneliness you know Demi Lovato said it literally in her songs like she she does she did it because that she's always lonely and that's the reason why she she relapse right. No lol this is one of the toughest parts about it. And that's why if you don't know that this organization. So basically it's its fitness based input it's a community. And I just talked to Yana one of the the woman involved in it and they just went to you to dollar there was a thinks there was. 300 or 400 recovering addicts that are out there that artist hiking for a week Alex. Well in us is that it's is it's amazing it's this community and then it's also. Almost replacing. That that addiction. With drugs alcohol. With kind of focusing that high. In a different way yeah fitness. The same or similar trials and an are also living with. The disease that is addiction and so you're not you know. Yes dealing with counselors repair this or people who can't relate to what you're going through your you're dealing specifically with people who know exactly. Where you're going through it ends. You're getting sick you're being healthy you're doing all of that so and. People are going there you've gone through people who are completely open about sharing their stories and we had. We've had shot and Ghana on from recovery fitness a few times in the show. I had talked to her again recently. And just so incredibly open about about her story about their stories out. Because it's it's normalizing it right yeah it's it's it's a limited and evil and as of the Juan. No one understands it and go on no matter what you're going through there somebody out there understands her going. Already an end I think that she amended the guilt. Of addiction also is obviously very isolating but. You know that's why it's amazing to have groups like this or or organizations like this that provides you. With. Just feeling like you know about the the feeling that you're not alone and there are other people who are Mino. Know exactly we're going turner going through with humans. That's very important cell. You know sad news definitely to hear it out that after six years Demi Lovato is is no longer suburb but again. Relapse is part of recovery and it's. And she's back on its looks that we actually she said in the Sonja I think she says in the sun something you know I'm gonna get. That she's gonna get help then and she's on so that's that's great in now that's the attitude you definitely want to have absolute.